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Week 7 Pregnancy: Baby is the size of Blueberry

Six weeks have flown by into your pregnancy and we already feel as a part of your pregnant journey. We are here again with our weekly guide for pregnant mothers, discussing the seventh week. If you have questions in your mind about the size of the uterus at seven weeks, your baby at 7 weeks pregnant stage and how should you feel at seven weeks pregnant, then look no further and keep reading.

How big is your baby in the seventh week?

The seventh week is one of the most important weeks for your baby’s growth. Do you often think about how big a baby is at seven weeks? Well, there are no specific measurements because the baby is still very small but it is almost equal to a blueberry in its size. The thing we can say with a hundred percent surety is that your baby is growing very fast so you need to be very careful this week.

The body of your baby at 7 weeks pregnant stage

7 weeks pregnant ultrasound
7 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

With the development of the brain, heart, and face in the sixth week, the seventh week is important to the formation of other organs and systems. This includes the growth of arms, elbows, shoulders, and legs.

Development of arms

Your baby at 7 weeks pregnant stage has just begun to form arms. This process occurs at the start of the seventh week and gets completed by the end. It means that your little one has completed one more step towards the formation of the whole body and will soon become a functioning tiny human being.

Development of shoulders and elbows

With the development of arms, it is a given that elbows and shoulders will also begin to form. Development of baby is a complex process and many systems form together. Their different parts interact with each other and create a human being which will be in your arms by ninth month.

Development of legs

Not only arms and shoulders but also other organs develop inside baby at 7 week pregnant phase. Now, this blueberry-shaped person also has arms and legs. It is the formation of legs in the seventh week that will later help your baby in kicking your belly.

Here’s how your baby will look on an ultrasound

As is for the baby at 7 weeks pregnant stage, you can see all the details of the baby on ultrasound just as we’ve mentioned. You can see its arms, legs and a beating heart. Though the details are very small and might require magnification, you can still see them.

By this time, you can also calculate your due date. With the help of your doctor, you can get to know your date of delivery or can have an estimate of your delivery week. We highly suggest that you regularly go for ultrasound checkups to your doctor in these weeks as many important systems are being formed. It is important that you and your doctor keep a keen eye on your baby’s development.

What changes are going to happen in your body in the seventh week?

Food Cravings in Pregnancy

If this week brings so many changes in your baby’s body then it also causes many changes in your own body as well. Your baby at 7 weeks pregnant phase will cause many other changes which are described below.

Dark nipples

The number of hormones in your body begins to rise and are present in very high quantities in this week. These hormones make your nipples dark brown. The area surrounding the nipples, the areola, also gets darker and is one of the earliest signs that you’ve entered the seventh week of pregnancy.

Food cravings

Though we’ve discussed in the previous articles about how you begin to crave for some particular food items, this is the week where those cravings increase. You might want to eat a watermelon in the morning and by evening you’ll be ordering a cheeseburger or a pizza. These cravings are a perfect excuse to eat whatever you want.

Just be cautious about what you eat and think twice before eating about how it can affect your baby.

Food Aversions

Along with food cravings, you might also get food aversions. Since your sense of smell is increased because of your baby at 7 weeks pregnant phase, you can have an aversion from some food just by their smell or how they look. You might have aversion to poultry or meat in general just because of a particular smell. You might also stop eating vegetables because of their color.

The purpose of mentioning this is to inform you that your behavior is normal and this is what most pregnant women experience.

Back pain

Now even though your baby is smaller in size as compared to how big it will be in nine months, your body isn’t used to having anything inside the uterus. Presence of anything, as tiny as your seven-week baby, can put your body in stress.

Back pain is one of the signs of those stresses. You don’t have to worry in particular about this symptom. You are fine and so is your baby. But for your satisfaction, a doctor’s opinion never hurts.

Increased saliva production

You’re probably thinking “What does my pregnancy have to do with drooling?” Well, to be honest, we don’t know that either. One of the theories that support this activity explains it by excess hormone levels in your body.

This might be annoying to you and to others around you but don’t shy away and embrace your pregnancy. We agree it’s weird but, still.

Are there any chances of miscarriage to your baby?

The answer is, yes. Hey, don’t be scared just yet. The risk of miscarriage is present throughout the nine months of your pregnancy and there are some weeks where this risk is more. The seventh month, thankfully, is not one of them. This is the week where the chances of miscarriage drop by 10%. Now that’s something, right?

As soon as your baby gets a beating heart, chances of miscarriage lessen as compared to what they were before. In the seventh week, not only does your baby have a beating heart but also arms, legs, shoulders, and a brain. Relax and sit back. Take rest as much as you can. The more you move, the greater the risk of harm to your baby. Besides, it’s the perfect excuse for you to avoid all that housework so cash it!

How often should you see your doctor?

You can never have too many visits to your doctor. If we put a number to it, it’ll exactly be like putting a number to your daily breaths. Nobody understands you and your baby at 7 weeks pregnant stage as much as your doctor. We strongly suggest that you see your doctor as much as you can.

At the same time, you can’t nag your doctor that much, can you? So, you should visit your doctor at least once a month or twice a month to get an update about your baby at 7 weeks pregnant stage. This will make you less anxious about your baby’s condition. The more you visit your doctor, the more understanding you will have about this whole journey.

You can create a birth plan such as if you want an epidural or not, if you want to do it in the hospital or not (we strongly suggest that you do), if you want to go for natural labor or a C- section and so many other things that should be properly planned out before the time of labor.

A few things to consider in the seventh week of pregnancy


Here are a few things that you should tick off of your checklist for your baby at 7 weeks stage.

Essential supplements

Make sure that you are taking enough vitamins, minerals, folic acid and other supplements prescribed by your doctor. These weeks are the ones in which your baby is growing very fast. You don’t want to risk messing it up by forgetting your daily supplements.

Work-life balance

It is very important that you begin to monitor your time and manage your work in the initial weeks of pregnancy. Soon you’re going to have a baby in your house. You will have to learn juggling between work and family. This is very hard to manage after your baby is born especially if it’s going to be your first child.

Joining support groups

This might seem a little extra to you right now but trust us you’ll be thanking us later on. Joining a support group with your partner will save you from a lot of stress. You will get to hear stories from couples who are on the same journey as yours. The feeling of not being alone on a path is a big stress reliever and we want you to have this feeling.

Avoid excessive weight gain

We wish if shedding weight were as easier as putting it on. MARK OUR WORDS! It is going to be a lot harder to shed all this pregnancy weight. Sometimes during pregnancy, you can get overweight and this is the perfect time to keep your weight in check.

Talk to your doctor about your daily nutritional requirements and try not to exceed them to keep your baby at 7 weeks stage safe and sound.

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