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Week 6 Pregnancy: 6 Weeks Baby is the Size of Peas

6th week of pregnancy

It has been 6 weeks already, time flies when you are too excited. But you still have a long way to go. You are almost in the middle of your first trimester and going to experience six weeks pregnant symptoms. The baby has started growing very fast now. This week would be very important for your baby’s growth.

This week might be a little difficult too. Six weeks pregnant symptoms include morning sickness and fatigue that would make you weak and irritated all the time. But don’t get tired yet; you have to take care of yourself and your baby for quite a long time.

What does your baby look like by 6th week?

6 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

This one thought keeps on haunting the mind of a newly pregnant mother, “what must be happening now? Which parts of the body of my baby have developed by now?” It is the time you get interesting answers to questions like these.

The baby at 6 weeks is almost the size of a pea. Different body parts like head, eyes, and ears have started taking shape. The size of the baby would increase at a very fast rate from now onwards. Within the next week, it will double in size. The organs inside its body will start developing soon too.

Following are some of the developments that your baby is going through this week.

The brain

The tissues that would develop the brain, spinal cord and nerves of the baby have started developing very fast now. The brain has started taking its shape. Little bumps of ears are also becoming prominent on its face.

The heart

The biggest milestone of fetal development at 6 weeks is the beginning of the formation of the baby’s heart. The heart would start beating by the 6th week too. The rate of the heartbeat would, however, be very slow. It will beat only 105-110 times in a minute.

The face

The folds of the ball of cells that was to develop the face of your baby have now started taking shape. The jaws, eyes and ears formation have started already. Soon these features will become more prominent and your little one would have a complete face.

Knowing these facts is so heartwarming for a mother to be. It’s inside you and you are going to hold it in your hands just after a few more weeks. It is one of the best feelings in a woman’s life.

How much the 6th week of pregnancy has changed you?

Cramps and Pain in lower Abdomen during Pregnancy First Trimester

It’s been 6 whole weeks already; you might have started showing some very prominent six weeks pregnant symptoms by now. You might want to know what does 6 weeks pregnant look like under normal conditions.

Well, it is not something that has a very clear cut answer because every woman has her own way of developing the symptoms of pregnancy. But some things are common to all women.

Following are some of the things that will give you an idea about what to expect at 6 weeks pregnant.

Your belly

Yes, this is the time! You have to get ready to lose that figure of yours for some time now. Size of your belly would start increasing at a faster rate from now onwards. The size of your baby at six weeks might be small but other growths in your body to support the baby will increase the size of your belly.

There is no need to stress over it right now. You will get your figure back if you keep a healthy routine and eat healthy foods. Right now, just try to live in the moment.


Here is the bad news; heartburns are going to be your partner for the next 34 weeks. This is because the muscles in your stomach that keep the stomach acids from flowing back are going to be pushed by the baby inside you.

But there is always a way out. You can prevent the severe symptoms of these heartburns by having proper intervals between your meals and wearing loose clothes. You do not want to put any more pressure on your stomach, not even by clothes.


You are going to get a lot of restlessness too. This is because pregnancy gets a little bit exhausting with time, especially these six weeks pregnant symptoms. You will have fatigue but it could be dealt with if you take a lot of rest. Also, exercise will help your body to have a healthier working system.


Waking up in the morning and feeling nauseous? Well, this is how the morning sickness works. But you are not the only one to feel this way. Almost 85% of pregnant women feel the signs and symptoms of morning sickness.

Try to stay in an airy place where you have plenty of oxygen to breath. Eating something sour might also help some women. These feelings are not going to last for longer than a few more weeks; you have to stay brave by then.


Pregnancy changes the microflora of your gut. This means that six weeks pregnant symptoms include a lot of trouble in digestion. You are most likely going to develop stomach gas and it could be smelly too.

Try to eat healthier foods and lesser dairy if this problem persists for a long time. Consult your doctor if the discomfort starts bothering you a lot.


Pregnancy does not get painful only at the end; you have to bear a lot of troubles in between as well. These include tiredness and cramps. Cramps are very normal during pregnancy, but if you start feeling more pain than that of your normal periods, you can consult a doctor immediately.

You can sooth the cramping by using a hot press or a painkiller as well. After some time, the symptoms will start getting under control as well.

Frequent urination

Do you feel like going to pee after every hour or so? Well, there is no need to worry, this is completely normal for pregnant women to have frequent urination. You might notice that you are 6 weeks pregnant and bleeding. If the bleeding is just like spotting, you can get away with it. But if you are feeling uncomfortable about it, you should consult your doctor about these six weeks pregnant symptoms.

Besides, light brown discharge at 6 weeks pregnant is also common, you can see it while you are peeing. These are all just little symptoms that are normal to every pregnant woman. If you are one of those women who gets scared easily, this is not the time to worry yet.

Healthy eating during pregnancy

Many women get stressed during pregnancy and start eating a lot of junk food. This is why it becomes difficult for them to lose weight later on.

Follow a healthy routine and eat more fibers, fruits, vegetables, and proteins to make sure that you do not have any problem both during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy as well.

For a complete food guide during pregnancy also read: A Complete Guide To The Best Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

Work out during the 6th week of pregnancy

Working out is so important that no matter what happens you are not supposed to skip this? This might be your 6th week and you think that it is too early but this is the time.

Start a routine and work out daily to keep your muscles working; you do not want your baby or yourself to get unhealthy because of your laziness.

It’s time for the first prenatal visit to the doctor

When you experience the 6 weeks pregnant symptoms, this is finally the time you should be seeing your doctor. Book an appointment and get yourself thoroughly checked. Listen to the instructions that your doctor has for you. Follow them religiously and keep the checkups regular too.

This first visit will be your confirmation about your pregnancy. This might sound very weird to you, isn’t this the 6th week already? Yes, it is. The six weeks pregnant symptoms speak all about it. But you have to get your tests done in any case. After your doctor tells you that you are 6 weeks pregnant, you can finally be sure that this is happening.

6th weeks pregnant ultrasound

You can get your first ultrasound six weeks after you got to know that you are pregnant. Your baby would be visible now and you can have your very first glimpse on your sweet little baby. This is a very emotional moment. You would want to take your partner with you for this ultrasound to enjoy this special moment.

Are you ready to share the news with the world?

If you are waiting to share this special news with the word and announce your pregnancy, maybe now you can do it. Some people want to keep this secret to themselves for a longer time. But this is not a rule. You can share it whenever you want.

Maybe you can through a party and tell all your friends, or you can call only the special people and your relatives to share the news, it is totally up to you. But one thing is for sure, your happiness is going to multiply when you will share it with the ones who matter in your life. Enjoy this time with your loved ones and try to stay happy and positive as much as you can.

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