5 Week Pregnant – Your Week-By-Week Pregnancy

5 Weeks Baby is the Size of Apple Seed

Pregnancy is never an easy journey, especially when you are taking about the 5th week of pregnancy. It is a roller coaster ride of health issues and emotional problems. And going through pregnancy without help is very hard which is exactly why we’re here to help you week by week.

How far along are you in your pregnancy?

Technically, your pregnancy starts after your baby in conceived i.e. after a combination of egg and sperm. Counting from then, 5th week of pregnancy comes in the middle of the first trimester somewhere along the second month. We know this sounds confusing but all you need to know is that you still have a long way to go.

We know this path is tough. Given the 5th week of pregnancy, it’s only just the start. But you have to keep going because the end is truly amazing. Your entire life will be sparkled with joy.

How does your baby look like at 5th week of pregnancy?

This week is very important for your baby’s growth. One of the most important body parts will be formed in the baby during the fifth week in the womb.

So what happens at fifth week of pregnancy to your baby? A bulge is going to be formed which shows the formation of the heart. YAY! Your baby is a tiny human with an actual pumping heart. Doesn’t this fill you with joy? We know it does.

Formation of heart

What does a baby look like at five weeks? Well, in the 5th week of pregnancy, your baby will probably look like a ball with a prominent bulge on it. The bulge is where the heart forms. It begins to beat by the end of this week. This prominence is very important for the further development of the baby.

Formation of blood vessels

With the development and pumping of the heart, blood vessels are also formed. This is how every part of your baby will get oxygen and other nutrients. So five-week fetus size might be small but your baby is going to grow very fast.

You can finally see your baby on an ultrasound!

5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Your baby is still very little but big enough for you to see on ultrasound. For those who don’t know what an ultrasound is, it is a mechanism through which you can see what is happening inside your belly.

You’re probably wondering what a baby looks like at 5 weeks. Well, to put it into simple words, a baby at 5th week of pregnancy will look like a grain of rice or a small seed. But hey that counts too, doesn’t it? While you are at your doctor’s clinic, you can even take a picture of ultrasound to your home and can see your little angel feel happy whenever you get pregnancy blues.

Symptoms you might experience in the fifth week

Every week comes with its own specific symptoms. Likewise, you will experience a set of symptoms during the fifth week. Some of them are mentioned below.


One question that frequently revolves in the minds of pregnant women is that are cramps normal at five weeks of pregnancy? The answer is yes. They are totally normal. It’s just your body adjusting to the presence of a baby and sometimes you can feel strong contractions.

These cramps are not harmful to your baby at all; but if you suddenly feel more pain than usual, better hurry to the emergency room.

Vaginal bleeding

Just like cramps, you sometimes might see bleeding. It is better that you don’t confuse this bleeding with menstruation and think that you might not actually be pregnant. Hence, go and discuss this issue with your doctor if you’re worried.

Morning sickness and breast changes

These symptoms will stick with you throughout your pregnancy. To feel nauseous is normal in pregnancy and is something that you shouldn’t be worried about. If vomiting doesn’t stop, you can always take a safe medicine.

Same is the case with your breasts. They will swell and remain swollen throughout your pregnancy. This is just a preparation for milk production. Both of these symptoms will remain consistent for the next nine months.

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Frequent urination

Your increased trips to the washroom are exactly what we’re talking about. If you’re thinking that something is wrong with you or your baby then you’re wrong. Both of you are fine. Increased peeing happens when your baby puts pressure on your bladder.

Take all the peeing time you want because after the baby comes, you will have trouble finding time to even use the bathroom.

These symptoms are experienced by most pregnant ladies but if you don’t have these signs or are experiencing other symptoms, it’s better that you talk to your doctor.

Will your belly look like you’re pregnant?

Fortunately or unfortunately, you won’t look pregnant in the fifth week. Your baby bump begins to show around the third month or by the end of the second month. We suggest you wear and show off all the new clothes that you bought before finding out about your pregnancy. After that, you will have to buy bigger clothes and your old clothes will not fit anymore.

While your belly might not look like you are pregnant, there are some changes in your skin, breasts, the way you walk and, of course, the pregnancy glow might hint towards your pregnancy.

Things to ask your doctor in the fifth week

Pregnancy Doctor Visits

Most of the things that you need to know about your pregnancy are available on our website. But we still suggest you schedule monthly appointments with your gynecologist to ask these questions.

What can I do to stop morning sickness?

We know constant vomiting and nausea are driving you crazy and you should definitely ask for an opinion on how to stop it. But here are some remedies that you can try to ease your situation.

Avoid smells and foods that increase your nausea

By this time in your pregnancy you already know what food or smells make you nauseous. We strongly suggest that you stay away from them and not ruin your mood by constantly puking.

Get plenty of rest

Sometimes, motion sickness can make you vomit more. In these situations, it is better that you stay home and lie comfortably in your bed to avoid vomiting.

Drink a lot of water between meals

Experts suggest that you should drink a lot of water between the meals and relatively lesser amount while you are eating, because it can stop you from feeling gassy and nauseous.

Sniff or lick lemons

This home remedy has been going on since ages and is very helpful to feel better in this case. Lemon can make your nausea go away and give a tangy flavor to your mouth.

What supplements should I start taking?

The growth of your baby at five weeks in pregnancy is largely dependent on what supplements you take. Along with your doctor’s opinion, it’s better that you start taking following supplements from this week.

  1. Iron.
  2. Folic acid.
  3. Iodine.
  4. Vitamin D.
  5. Calcium.
  6. Vitamin B12.
  7. Omega 3 fatty acids.
  8. Vitamin A.

You should ask about the dosage of these supplements from your doctor.

Is my baby safe and are there any risks to my baby?

The 5th week of pregnancy is very crucial. What happens at 5-week pregnancy decides the fate of your baby. Therefore, you should be extra cautious but, at the same time, don’t fret a lot. Nothing much can happen to your baby if you are following our guidelines and are in contact with your doctor.

But if you are deficient in any important nutrient, there can be some risks such as abnormal growth, small organs or a weaker baby. You should consider all these aspects in your mind and make a prescription chart with your doctor.

Should you start maternity shopping already?

Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes. There can never be enough time for preparation. Truly speaking, these nine months will pass in the blink of an eye. Given the fact that the health of a pregnant woman never remains the same, you should spend your time shopping while you can. Therefore, from your own maternity clothes to your child’s blankets, diapers, feeders and so many other countless things, you should hit the mall and shop your heart out while staying in your credit card limit.

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