4 week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

4 Weeks Baby is the Size of Poppy Seed

What is the 4th week of pregnancy?

It has been four weeks now since you do not have your periods. If you know that this is your 4th week of pregnancy then you got to know about it very early as compared to many women. Most women do not know they are pregnant until the 8th week of pregnancy.

This is a completely blissful time for you. Enjoy it with your partner and get ready to host one of the loveliest guests in your life. This time is meant to be enjoyed and cherished to its fullest.

Curious what does a baby look like at 4 weeks? By this time your baby is smaller than the size of an apple seed, so small that you can barely see it directly in ultrasound. Right now it is just a ball of some cells almost 3 millimetres in size and is preparing to adjust in your uterus. If you are too eager to watch it, maybe it is not the time yet.

Which parts of the body of the baby have started developing?

Most Amazing Feeling becoming Mom

There is no feeling comparable to the one of having a human being forming inside your body. By 4th week of pregnancy, your baby has started developing its brain and heart. These would be followed by the formation of lungs and intestines.

It has already started, just a few more weeks and you will have this fully developed human living inside your belly. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing feelings in a woman’s life. Make sure you enjoy every bit of it.

Changes in your body

It is your 4th week of pregnancy and you must have started feeling something different about yourself. Your body has started to change now and it will keep on changing for the next 36 weeks. Here are some of the changes that you might have started feeling in your body.

Growing belly

Your baby is not that large to make your belly grow a lot, but there are other reasons that might have made your belly a little puffed up, this may be because of the hormone progesterone that is produced by the body during pregnancy.

Progesterone will make your body bloated. There would be water stored inside your body that will make you a little puffy. But it’s completely fine. There is no need to get worried about the bloating as it won’t harm your health at all.

It is recommended to drink a lot of water when you are pregnant. This will help you reduce the effects of bloating and have a good metabolism.

Changes in the skin

Many women start facing some skin problems by the 4th week of pregnancy. These include issues of hyperpigmentation. Your skin will start showing a few dark spots. This is because of the hormonal changes in the body.

However, some women can save themselves from these skin changes by taking proper care and eating healthy foods and vitamins. It is the time when you should start taking care of your skin; there is a lot more to come and you don’t want to give up already.

Uncomfortable symptoms after 4 weeks

Pregnancy is not just a phase of happiness and excitement. There are a lot of problems that you would have to face during this time. First four weeks of pregnancy are relatively easier than the rest of it. But there are some uncomfortable symptoms that you still have to face.


Many women report severe and persistent headaches during the early weeks of pregnancy. When you are 4 weeks pregnant headache might become a routine. This is because your body is going through a lot of sudden changes and your head is unable to take it.

During pregnancy, the volume of blood in your body will increase. This much blood will make you a little queasy and dizzy as well. In worst cases, you can get a migraine too. It is advised to have your pain medication ready, you never know when you need it.


Mild cramping at four weeks of pregnancy is a very common and uncomfortable symptom. But you should not worry about it at all. Cramping is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. During the 4th week of pregnancy, you will only face mild cramps and they would be easier for you to bear.

It is still advised to consult your doctor if the pain gets worse. Some painkillers might help in decreasing the effects of cramps but you should not make yourself dependent on them for a long time. Take your rest and eat all the healthy foods and vitamins to reduce all the unwanted symptoms of pregnancy.

Back pain

During pregnancy, the workload of your body has increased, you not only have to work for yourself but also for that new life forming inside you. This might cause fatigue and you will start feeling exhausted most of the times.

When you are 4 weeks pregnant back pain will make you tired all the time. It is good to keep yourself active during pregnancy but taking proper rest is also very important. It is very important to take care of yourself during this time.


You know that there would not be any vaginal bleeding during the 9 months of pregnancy, but this belief makes many women quite worried when they see some vaginal spotting during pregnancy. Calm down ladies, because this is very normal.

In fact, spotting at 4 weeks is a sign of healthy pregnancy and successful implantation. You must not be bothered by a little spotting and implantation bleeding at 4 weeks, but if the bleeding is more than that, you can consider consulting a doctor as well.

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Things you need to start doing by 4th week

Take Multivitamins and Eat Healthy Food

By the 4th week of pregnancy, you should find some rituals that you have to follow for the next 36 weeks. These include a healthy lifestyle and a good diet. If everything goes as planned, you would not have to face any complications later if you follow your routine properly.

Take multivitamins

The needs of your body have increased a lot more than they were before pregnancy. And this time you cannot afford any deficiency in the workings of your body. These deficiencies might result in permanent harms to your child. But these harms can be avoided very easily.

As soon as your 4th week of pregnancy starts, you should regularly start taking prenatal vitamins. The most important supplement that can affect the growth and development of your baby is folic acid. You should include all these important vitamins in your diet and follow it religiously.

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Stay hydrated

Water is very important for your body to function properly. Every mother-to-be should be very vigilant about hydration. You should drink a lot of water to cleanse your body and keep it working in a healthy way.

If this is your 4th week of pregnancy and you find too many uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, it is a good idea to start drinking a lot of water to get rid of them as well.

Start regular exercise

Pregnancy is normal and you are not ill. This is such an important point that most women forget. You must take care of yourself but this does not mean that you should stop all the activity in your life.

Women who regularly exercise during pregnancy do not have to face many complications in the end. If you haven’t started regular exercise during the first four weeks of pregnancy, maybe this is the time. Keep yourself fit and active to keep your blood flowing and your body healthy.

Quit unhealthy habits

If you are a smoker or an alcohol consumer, you have to stop for your baby. Alcohol and smoking can have very bad effects on the development of a baby. You might not want to do this for yourself, but quit these habits for at least these 9 months to come.

Is it the time to announce the pregnancy?

This is just the beginning, and announcing your pregnancy is not the thing that you should be doing by now. You must tell your partner and both of you can enjoy this time by yourselves.

Announcing pregnancy can be stressful at times and any complication can make you disheartened as well, now that you have to tell all those people too. Keep yourself from this extra stress and wait for a few more weeks until you announce the good news.

Booking an appointment with the doctor

If you haven’t consulted a doctor by now or you just got to know that you are pregnant, the first thing that you should be doing is to get an appointment for yourself. Although it is just the beginning but your appointment must be to confirm your successful conception and understand if everything is going well or not. You cannot watch your baby by now. You still have to wait a few more weeks and this wait is worth it.

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