38 Week pregnant. Your Week-By-Week Pregnancy

38 Weeks Baby is the size of Swiss Chard

38 weeks are how many months?

You are midway through your 9th month and just like you, your 38 week fetus is desperate to meet you. The third trimester is closing and your fetus is fully developed to come out.

How big is your 38 week fetus?

Your 38 weeks fetus is growing rapidly in your womb. He is over 3 kgs in weight now and measures around 19.2 inches from head to toe. Furthermore, at 38 weeks the baby’s head is equal to the baby’s abdomen in circumference. Carrying a smart one, right?

Baby position at 38 weeks

38 weeks pregnant
38 Weeks Pregnant

With 38 week fetus in your womb, it is probably the best time for you to have an antenatal examination done. Your doctor evaluates the wellbeing of you and your baby and makes sure everything is perfect for delivery.

One of the most important things in this examination is the baby position at 38 weeks. If the baby is head down at 38 weeks, you are all set for the delivery. However, when the baby has buttocks downwards, your doctor can plan the manual rotation to get the baby’s head down. This is called external cephalic version and is certainly worth giving a shot at 38 weeks.

Development of 38 week fetus

Your baby is loving the comfort and cares you are providing and is developing completely now. His body hair have almost gone and he has a definite eye color. With every passing day, he is looking more and more like you.

You may be scared that what will happen if your 38 week fetus comes out today? His organs are almost developed fully and lungs are quite mature. So if he comes out today, he will be going to be just fine!

What do contractions feel like at 38 weeks?

For every woman, the experience of labor is personal and dear to her. However, one thing is common, it is quite painful. But once you hold your baby in your arms, all the exhaustion and pain immediately vanishes.

At the beginning of the labor, the contractions are going to be weak. You will feel something squeezing your lower part of the belly. But with time, contractions become stronger and last longer too. If you place your hand on your lower belly, you will notice your belly hard like a stone due to contractions.

Are you curious to know how painful it is going to be? Well, to be honest, it is the worst thing you would ever experience. But all this pain means your body is doing what it is supposed to. The moment will be over soon and you will have a cute baby in your arms for the rest of your life.

How dilated should you be at 38 weeks?

If you are noticing some dilation down there, it is a sign that your labor is near. At times it is a little uncomfortable but the pain is minimum if you are not in labor. On average, you should be dilated 1 to 2 cm by 38 weeks to deliver at 40 weeks. But if you are not dilated, don’t worry you will be soon.

Baby movements at 38 weeks

Well, he is a baby and what are babies good at? You are right, kicking and rolling. By 38 weeks your womb is almost completely full of the baby size and you can feel every little movement. Even a little hiccup doesn’t go unnoticed. And you can feel up to 10 kicks per hour.

However, once the labor sets in, the baby’s movement becomes slower. This probably is due to contraction of the muscles of your womb making it hard to feel baby’s movements.

38 weeks pregnant with twins

Besides the belly size and intense symptoms, you are doing great with your twins till now. As 38 weeks are considered full term for twins. You shouldn’t take your labor signs lightly thinking that you have time.

Planning a 38 weeks visit to the hospital with twins is even more important. Your doctor will evaluate the position of both the babies and the time of labor. As a treat, you can hear the heartbeat of both your babies.

Symptoms vs signs of labor with 38 week fetus

38 weeks symptoms are going to be pretty similar as before except for the labor can set in at any time. So be very careful and don’t mix your symptoms with labor.

Swollen feet during pregnancy 38 weeks

It carries from the previous weeks of the pregnancy. However, swollen feet during 38 weeks of pregnancy is no excuse to sit back at all times.

You should take regular walks and keep your body moving after regular intervals. It helps your circulation going and reduces the swelling too.

White discharge at 38 weeks of pregnancy

Among the earliest signs of labor, thick white discharge at 38 weeks of pregnancy means your mucus plug just dislodged. You are ready to go into labor. And you may also feel an intense need for itching. However, avoid itching and apply some oil.

38 weeks pregnant feeling constipated

38 weeks fetus is about 19.2 inches and covers almost all the space in your belly. It can make you constipated especially at this stage of pregnancy. However, having diarrhea at 38 weeks may mean labor is near.

Drink plenty of water and eat food rich in fiber to avoid constipation. Besides, if you think straining is going to push your baby out, it’s nothing more than a myth.

38 week fetus causing gas and pressure

With the beginning of 38 weeks, your baby moves down and you can feel it happening. First of all, it is a good sign that you are going into labor. However, it creates a lot of discomfort too. You will feel a lot of gas gathering in your belly.

There is suddenly an increased pressure in your pelvis and it makes you pee more frequently than before. But your breathing suddenly becomes solid. It is the beginning of your labor.

38 weeks pregnant constant cramping

Cramping at 38 weeks can be pretty confusing for you. Are you in labor or it’s just pre-labor contraction? Here are some tips to know whether your contractions are actually labor or not:

  • Labor contractions are strong, painful, and frequent. Contrary to this, Braxton hicks contractions are weak, painless, and less frequent.
  • With labor, you feel like your body is pushing the baby out of your body.
  • You can feel your belly stone hard with labor contractions by placing your hand on it.
  • With labor contractions getting stronger and stronger you will have other signs of labor as well.

38 week ultrasound

Your doctor will advise you to do an ultrasound at 38 weeks. It may be your last ultrasound before you actually going to meet your baby. So enjoy your self!

At 38 week ultrasound, you are able to clearly outline the distinct features of your baby. His/her eyes, ears, and cheeks are the most prominent on the face. Besides, your doctor will confirm the position of the baby and the placenta. To make sure everything is good for delivery.

Things to do before going into labor

With the labor approaching closer and closer here are some tips to make your experience a little better:

  • Practice breathing deep. It will be going to help in the stress situation.
  • Don’t have big meals. You may vomit and make a mess of yourself.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to ease things while in labor.
  • Enroll yourself in the childbirth classes and learn your stuff better. Since going into labor for the first time can be terrifying.
  • Getting full knowledge of breastfeeding is really going to help you out. As there will be no time once you are in labor.
  • Install a baby seat in your car. Your little baby loves to ride with mommy.
  • Postpartum depression is a real thing. If you feel stressed out you will be needing help. So make sure you have a backup.
  • Selecting a pediatrician at this stage is not a bad shot. You want to have everything covered for your baby.
  • Plan a gathering or a babymoon for the blessings.
  • Ready up with your partner! It is about time now.

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