33 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

33 Weeks Baby is the size of Pineapple

33 weeks gestation

The time of 33 weeks gestation is very exciting for any mother to be. You must be feeling very anxious by now. You want this baby to come out already and move on with the next stage. But you still have 7 more weeks to go.

There is no hard and fast rule of pregnancy. Many women give birth a few days before their due date. It could happen any time now. You should be ready for the chances of premature birth at 33 weeks gestation stage.

This is the time you should pack a bag for your hospital visit. Keep all the important things in that. You don’t have to stress yourself out in the end. Also, make sure that you have all the supplies for the newborn baby. As time passes, it’s getting even more real.

33 weeks pregnant baby weight

You have that huge belly which makes you think that you have a big baby inside you, but this is not the case. The baby weighs around 4 to 5 pounds at 33 weeks gestation stage and its size varies from 17 to 18 inches.

If a baby is born at 33 weeks it might be underweight but the chances of survival are high. But at the same time, premature birth can be harmful as well. You do not want your child to go through that sensitive phase by giving birth at 33 weeks. That is why it is better to avoid the things that might contribute to premature labor and birth.

Most of the times, premature birth is triggered by stress and anxiety. Women who are doing a lot of physical work may also have to give birth earlier than the due date. Try to calm yourself down and relax a bit. It happens around the world, everything would be fine.

33-week old baby

33 weeks pregnant ultrasound
33 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

A baby at 33 weeks gestation stage is completely developed. It has all the five senses of hearing, listening, tasting, seeing and touching activated. This means that your baby can hear you now and your voice would be really soothing for it as well.  

The baby is still in the amniotic fluid. Its legs are not strong enough to breathe in the air. You must be wondering when are a baby’s lungs fully developed? Well, it depends but mostly they are developed around the 35th week. After that, it can breathe freely in the air.  

You baby’s eyes have fully developed and it is able to differentiate between light and dark. You will feel stronger kicks during the 33 weeks gestation stage because the baby has grown more powerful. From this week onwards, your baby will constantly gain weight until your due date is here.

Your 33 weeks pregnant body

You have this huge belly which must be making your everyday life very difficult. Sleeping at night would be very difficult for you and you need to know certain sleeping positions for this 33 weeks gestation phase as well.

Your normal weight gain during the 33 weeks gestation is 23 to 28 pounds. This could be way much more if you are pregnant with twin babies. Even if you have started feeling uncomfortable with that extra weight, you can always try to lose it. For some women, this weight and a curvy body are very sexy and they like the way they get after pregnancy.

When you are 33 weeks pregnant pressure on your lungs might make breathing very difficult for you. Try to stay in places where a lot of fresh air is available. Avoid activities that might make your breathing difficult.

If you want to know 33 weeks pregnant is how many months chart could be a good way to keep a track. You can track the monthly changes in your body because keeping a weekly check is difficult and unnoticeable.

Women should know the symptoms of early labor. You will get 5 to 6 contractions per hour. Pressure on your pelvis, unusual vaginal bleeding, and severe period like pain, all are symptoms of preterm labor. If anything like this happens, simply empty your labor and call your doctor. In the meantime, lie down on your left side as well.

33 weeks pregnant symptoms

Headache and Insomnia During Pregnancy

This is the most uncomfortable phase of your pregnancy. 33 weeks gestation brings a lot of exhaustion with it and there are a few very uncomfortable symptoms that you would have to face during this time. Being aware of the problems can be very helpful because you would know what could be done to decrease the discomfort of late pregnancy.


Feeling hot flashes is one thing but feeling hot all the time becomes even more uncomfortable. During the last trimester of your pregnancy, you will have a very high metabolic rate. This will make the temperature of your body very high. You should not be worried about it. But yes! It could be very uncomfortable and frustrating.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharges are very common during the whole pregnancy but 33 weeks gestation is the stage when you should be more vigilant and notice it as well. If you notice anything unusual you have to report it to your doctor soon. It could be a signal for your delivery at 33 weeks.

Braxton hicks during 33 weeks gestation

These are the very different type of contractions and you should not take them very seriously. You might feel a sudden tightness in your belly occasionally during 33 weeks gestation. These might start after doing a workout or having sex.

Braxton hicks at 33 weeks can be differentiated from normal labor contraction in a way that you would not feel these contractions after changing your position, labor contraction, however, happens continuously.


You have so many troubles and discomforts with you; it is obvious that sleeping would not be that easy. Many women face real trouble falling asleep during the last trimester of their pregnancy. If you are one of them, there are certain ways to stop this from happening.

You should rest often and sleep whenever you can so that you do not get exhausted. Also figuring out a good sleeping position for you can do wonders. Most of the times, women do not find a comfortable position to sleep at night which keeps them awake. A little research will be very helpful in this regard.


Your body has a lot of blood in it and the blood pressure can at times make you very dizzy and cause headaches. You cannot do much about it but do not let yourself suffer. Taking a painkiller according to your doctor’s advice is the best way to go through this time of your pregnancy.

Swelling in legs

Your growing uterus has put a lot of pressure on all the organs in your belly. This results in decreased blood flow in the lower part of the body because the major vein that takes the blood to the lower body is under pressure too. This can cause swelling in your legs and often make them numb as well.

To avoid the discomfort you can always try to relax your body. Do not stand for long periods of time. And make sure you do not sit in the same position for a long time.


Your body is stretching very fast. This can tear the layers of your skin on a smaller level. You will not feel the pain but the itching would be very difficult to deal with. This will happen mostly on your belly. You cannot avoid it but using a moisturizer can help you deal with the itching sensation.

Abdominal Pain

One of the most persistent symptoms of pregnancy is abdominal pain. It will get even worse with time. But a severe pain could be a signal of preterm labor. You should not let go of any of these symptoms unchecked. Being more careful can save you from many problems.

Consider your options for labor

For some people, labor is not something very special. They go to the hospital and consider pregnancy like a medical condition. But on the other hand, there are other people who have a lot of emotions attached to pregnancy and they want to do it in some ancient traditional ways. Whatever is your choice you should be very clear about it already.

Even if you want to deliver your baby at home you should not ignore the doctor at all. There could be certain complications that could be potentially dangerous for your baby. If your doctor alarms you about them, consider giving birth at the hospital.

This is the time when your doctors will give you an idea of whether you will normally deliver a baby or you will have to get a C section. C section is considered only when your baby is not in the right position or it is risky to normally deliver a baby because of its weight, etc.

Whatever option you choose, be ready for it because within a few more weeks you will have a little baby in your arms. Always be ready to welcome it.

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