32 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

32 Weeks Baby is the size of Jicama

How long are 32 weeks in month?

Having a baby at 32 weeks in your womb means you are now starting your eighth month. Three cheers for this huge success! However, you still can’t drink for another 2 months. You are now comfortable and well in your third trimester. And you are working your way quite nicely.

Baby weight at 32 weeks in kg

Having a baby at 32 weeks in your womb is just like having a big squash in your belly. The big difference is that you will be kicked a lot. Your 32 weeks baby weighs just above 1.8 kg and is 40 cm long with his legs fully extended.   

Where does the baby come out?

Seems like you are ready to know some details about delivery. Firstly, it’s not your belly which is carrying your baby. You baby lies in the womb (uterus) and it grows to cover most of the space in your belly.

Secondly, your body is beautifully designed to give birth. Your pelvis expands, joints become loose, and birth canal opens up. Birth canal means your vagina and your baby comes out through cervix after traversing through the birth canal.

How long do babies sleep in the womb?

You may be concerned about what will your baby be doing right now? Well, he is taking maximum rest for his first date with you. At 32 weeks, babies spend 20 to 22 hours of the day sleeping.

Fun fact, he may be dreaming about you right now. Your baby is taking care of you and you should too.

The position of 32 weeks baby

31 weeks fetus
32 Weeks Fetus

The position of the baby becomes important when you are having a baby at 32 weeks. Because by 32nd week, your baby has comfortably settled into a certain position. And this position is going to define your delivery.

How to feel the position of 32 weeks baby?

First of all, you don’t need to worry at all about the position of the baby. It only defines how the baby is going to come out. Secondly, here are some features which will help you know the position of your baby on your own.

  • When you have the baby head down, you will feel your bump more prominent on the lower side.
  • By gently palpating the upper portion of your bump you can feel the part of the baby. If it’s hard as a ball, it is head. However, a soft feeling usually means that the buttocks are upwards.
  • When you have the baby head down, you would feel butterflies in your pelvic area. And since the legs are upwards, you will feel the kicks of the baby high up in your belly.
  • Try to feel your baby just above the pubic bone (pelvic bone in the midline). When the baby’s head is downwards, you will have a hard ball like feeling. That’s your baby’s head.
  • Most noteworthy in figuring the baby’s position at 32 weeks is listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Ask your partner to listen for the heartbeat. With the baby head down, your partner will locate the heartbeat on the lower half of your belly.

Cephalic vs Breech position

Probably, like other 32 weeks pregnant mothers, you too are confused with these fancy terms as well. Well, you won’t be anymore.

When you are having a baby at 32 weeks in your belly and you feel his head downwards, the doctors call it cephalic position. Contrary to this, when your baby has his buttocks downwards, it is called breech position. Simple, isn’t it?

Both the positions are normal and pose no danger to your baby at all. However, breech has a slightly higher risk for cesarean section. If you have your baby in breech position, you need to figure out a comprehensive plan of delivery with your doctor.

Twins at 32 weeks

Twin Banies Ultrasound

You sure were excited at first on hearing about your twins, but not so much anymore. Right? Twice the baby mean twice the trouble.

Your bump is not twice but surely much larger than it should be at 32 weeks. And you will be experiencing twice as many symptoms as if it was a single baby. Contrary to having a baby at 32 weeks, you are having two, which means more contraction and pain at 32 weeks.

However, sharing the same womb has made them besties. And it will be going to last forever. They are developing side by side as if taking care of each other. Each baby at 32 weeks weighs 1.7kg and measures around 40 cm.

Third trimester symptoms not to ignore

It is critical for you to know at this point of your pregnancy which symptoms are normal in the third trimester and which symptoms you can’t afford to overlook. Here is a brief detail of third-trimester symptoms you must not ignore:

Vaginal Bleeding or Spotting

The scariest thing for a mother while having a baby at 32 weeks in her womb is blood oozing out from the vagina. Since bleeding is almost always an indication of a serious condition like placenta previa, placental separation/abruption, and fetal miscarriage.

However, a lot of it depends upon the amount and color of the bleeding. Besides, bleeding can be caused by intercourse with your partner. So, consult your doctor immediately and don’t panic unless you have to.

Abdominal Pain

A little back pain is part and parcel of the pregnancy. However, a sudden onset of severe abdominal pain at 32 weeks indicates that something wrong happened just now. It may mean an ectopic pregnancy or a ruptured cyst.

And when accompanied by bloody discharge from your cervix, it may indicate miscarriage or placenta previa. These conditions are life-threatening to your baby. So, rush to your doctor as it is wise having a baby at 32 weeks than waiting.

Your baby is fully developed by now and having a baby at 32 weeks means an almost guaranteed survival. So, why wait?


You have suddenly started to feel intense itching sensation throughout your skin. In the third trimester, most of the time, mild itching is attributed to dehydration and stretching.

However, intense itching may indicate some underlying condition like cholestasis of pregnancy. Your doctor needs to run some tests and evaluate the real cause.


A healthy mother may feel slight feverish during pregnancy. But if your fever lasts longer than 2 days or is greater than 101 degrees Fahrenheit, visit your doctor asap.

A high fever in pregnancy indicates infection. While having a baby at 32 weeks in your womb, you don’t want anything bad to happen. As it may lead to pre-term delivery or fetal complications.

Fluid discharge/ water break

Not exactly a symptom, fluid discharge is more likely a sign that you are going into labor within a day or two. Having a baby at 32 weeks is completely safe with no risks at all. So, as soon as your water breaks, visit your doctor and plan out your delivery.

Decreased Fetal Movement

A 32 weeks fetus is a pretty active one. He is kicking and rolling a lot. It may make you uncomfortable. But trust me, once you know the worth of it, you are going to love it.

Decreased fetal movements at any stage of pregnancy is a dangerous sign. Especially at 32 weeks of pregnancy, it could mean pre-term labor, growth restriction, hemorrhage, and stillbirth.

Decreased fetal movement is the most common presentation of a pregnant mother visiting the hospital. Fortunately, most of the times, it means nothing. However, better safe than sorry!

Are hot tubs safe when you are having a baby at 32 weeks in your womb?

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, hot tubs seems like a great idea to ease your sore muscles and relax. However, is rapid fluctuation in your body temperature safe for your baby?

It’s true that only a 15 to 20 minutes of a hot tub can raise your temperature to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. And the mother’s body temperature above 102 degrees Fahrenheit is strongly associated with bad fetal outcome. So why take the risk?

If you really feel the need for a hot bath, here are some tips for you to use it safely.

  • Make sure that the water is not overheated or scalding.
  • The maximum limit of taking a hot bath should be 10 minutes when you are having a baby at 32 weeks in your womb.
  • Try a hot shower instead of a hot tub.
  • Record your body temperature and make sure it never goes above 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Quit bathing as soon as you feel too sweaty.

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