31 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

31 Weeks Baby is the size of Pomelo

How long have you come with your 31 weeks pregnant baby?

Since the weeks are passing quickly, keeping the record of months can be tricky for you. That’s where we come. Besides just the record, knowing your months give you a huge satisfaction of a successful journey. Above all, there is the excitement of a cute baby coming in a few months now. Come on, you have in you a 31 weeks pregnant baby.

Before diving into months, hats off to you on making this far. You have just completed your 7 months and this will your first full week in the penultimate month of your pregnancy. Just two more to go. You are in your third trimester and things are going great! Contrary to a fragile fetus, your baby now is an independent individual.

Changes in your body at 31 weeks of pregnancy

31 weeks pregnant baby brings certain changes in your body as well. Firstly, there is the big bump which is becoming more and more visible. It is now becoming difficult to do chores with your bump now.

You will notice a change in your breasts in the 31st week of pregnancy. Your breasts will enlarge and will become soft and tender. This matures breasts for breastfeeding in future. And you will be needing a larger bra too!

While the breasts are developing, you may notice a little yellowish fluid leaking from them as well. It doesn’t happen to all pregnant ladies, but if it happens, it is completely normal. However, you might wanna use pads as it may stain and cause embarrassment.

Lastly, your 31 weeks pregnant baby is now stretching your belly tissue beyond its limits. As a result, you will see your stretch marks and pigmentations growing further.

How big is your baby at 31 weeks?

31 weeks fetus
31 Weeks Fetus

The most popular question mothers want to know during this period is “how big is my baby at 31 weeks”? The answer will amaze you with the progress of your baby and will make you proud of him/her.

Your baby is well over 3 pounds and measures over 16 inches in the extended pose. The size big enough to compress your lungs and make you pee a lot.

Position of your 31 weeks pregnant baby

With the baby head down at 31 weeks, a more vertical position is achieved in contrast to the previous transverse position. This position is the most suitable position for normal vaginal delivery.

In some case, the baby rotates in such a way that its head comes to lie upwards. You can feel the head by pressing gently on the upper side of the bump. Since the buttocks lie downwards, this position presents a 4 percent risk of cesarean section.

Development of your 31 week old fetus

Right now your baby is comfortably sleeping in your womb. This perhaps is the safest place for him in the whole world. He is surrounded by your love and growing rapidly.

The most noteworthy aspect of this period is that your 31 weeks pregnant baby will fully develop all his 5 senses. So after 31 weeks, he can listen and respond to your voice. He can respond to light and is smarter than ever.

Symptoms you face with a 31 weeks pregnant baby

Your 31 week pregnant baby is growing rapidly in your womb. As a consequence, you will be facing certain symptoms. Sometimes, mild and sometimes unbearable. But that’s the beauty of nature. You have to make some sacrifices for a bigger reward. And trust me, it will be the biggest of all!

Frequent urination

Immediately after hitting 31 weeks, the urinary problem becomes unbearable for most of the mothers to be. Some also ask, “is frequent urination a sign of labor”?  Well, the answer is very simple.

From 31 weeks onwards, your baby will be putting on 300 grams weekly. Seems like a lot of growth, right? As a consequence, you need to pee a lot.

However, frequent urination has also been linked to the early onset of the labor. What happens in labor is that the baby’s head moves downwards pressing against the urinary bladder. It makes you want to pee.

Luckily, for you, here are a few tips which will help you distinguish if your frequent urination is a sign of labor.

  • As the labor begins, your baby descends downwards in your pelvis. It moves your bump slightly lower and makes breathing easier.
  • Just before labor, you are most likely to notice a bloodstained or brownish ball of mucus released from your cervix.
  • Your water breaks.
  • Contractions become more regular, frequent, and moves your baby downward.

False contraction

In contrast to labor, most of the contractions you will be feeling would be false. You can tell by noticing the rhythm, frequency, and movement of the baby. These false contractions are short, less frequent, irregular, and don’t cause the baby to head down at 31 weeks.

No need to panic. You need to stay calm and breathe normally. Drink plenty of water and change your position to make these contractions go.

Pains and cramps

Being pregnant is a tough job and you need full appreciation for that. Despite all the pains and cramps, you are taking good care of your baby. But never forget yourself. Drink plenty of water and avail every chance of slacking off.

Can you have contractions at 31 weeks?

Most of the pregnant mothers complete their course without any trouble. Although having false contractions during the third trimester is pretty common. Sometimes, one can have actual contractions at 31 weeks, leading to delivery. This is termed as preterm labor.

Here are some tips which can help if you have contractions at 31 weeks:

  • Make regular visits to your OBs doctor to anticipate any risk of preterm labor.
  • Avoid tea and coffee, as these are known to cause preterm labor.
  • Immediately visit your OBs doctor when you are in preterm labor.
  • Don’t panic! Your baby can survive without any morbidity.

Birth at 31 weeks

One of the hot questions in the minds of most pregnant mothers is, “Can my baby survive if I give birth at 31 weeks? The answer is, Yes. Your 31 weeks pregnant baby can survive on its own if given birth at this time.

All his senses are fully developed and all the organ-systems are maturing rapidly. He has a strong heart and lungs are mature enough to breathe on its own.

31 week ultrasound

We know you are curious to see your baby, but you have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately, this week hospital visit will also be without any ultrasound. However, later in pregnancy, you can go for a 3D/4D ultrasound for a high-quality picture of your baby.

31 weeks pregnant baby and mood swings

The whole of pregnancy is a roller coaster with respect to emotions and mood. However, these mood swings are more marked in the 3rd trimester. Firstly, there is apprehension, fear, and anxiety of delivery. And then there are pregnancy hormones.

At times, you are fresh and feel strongly attached to your baby. And other times, exhaustion and stress overcome all the excitement.

At times you are depressed and even find yourself uncomfortable while having sex. And even the stuff you hated before pregnancy may become interesting.

You are not alone. It happens to all the mothers to be with a 31 weeks pregnant baby in their womb. But for you, we have some amazing tips which will help you cope with your emotions.

Find the company to share your pregnancy details

Keep yourself happy during pregnancy

The best way to share your emotions is by joining different classes specific for pregnant ladies. Being in a group of similar people gives you motivation and you can easily share your emotions.

Stay positive

Your emotional state is highly influenced by your state of mind. Try to stay positive and cheerful.

Plan your happiness

The best way to avoid depression is to make your self busy in planning your happiness. Buy cute little dresses for your baby. Plan an amazing baby nursery. Go on a date or hang out with your friends.

Write a diary

Writing your daily emotions in a diary gives you an option to go through them later. You can cherish your beautiful moment whenever you are depressed or exhausted and recollect your energy. And this can be the favorite book of your child later in his life.

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