30 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

30 Weeks Baby is the size of Melon

How does it feel like carrying a 30 week old fetus inside your belly and knowing that in a few weeks, it will be in your arms? We bet it feels surreal, right? Mothers-to-be spend most of their time imagining how their lives would look like after the arrival of the baby. And like literally every mom in the world, everything in your head is going to be centered around your child.

What do 30 weeks pregnancy mean?

If you are 30 weeks pregnant, this means that this week, you will complete your seventh month. This week marks the later weeks of the seventh month. It means that you are now only two months away from delivering your baby. That’s exciting, isn’t it? You better prepare yourself because that baby is coming very soon.

Your baby at 30 weeks

30 weeks fetus
30 Weeks Fetus

In this article, we are going to discuss the changes that happen inside 30 week old fetus. The following developmental events occur:

Size of your baby

A 30 week old fetus is almost equal to the size of a zucchini. The length of your baby is 15.7 inches. Your baby continues to grow half an inch with every week until the end of your pregnancy.

The weight of your baby

The weight of a 30-week baby is about 2.9 pounds. This weight consists of all the organs that are present inside your baby plus some fluid that your baby inhales or swallows.

A question that we are frequently asked is what are the chances of baby survival at 30 weeks? The answer is yes. It very much can survive. The chances of survival of a 30 week old fetus are almost 90%. Although babies born at 30th week will need to stay in the neonatal ICU for a long period of time. The weight of the babies is adequate enough to keep them alive. Moreover, almost all the organs develop completely by this week. And those who are not developed can be treated outside the uterus.

Baby position at 30 weeks

By the 30th week, the babies are mostly found with their head down towards the pelvis of the mother. If not, then the babies are often found in a breech position.

What is a breech presentation?

This is an unusual position of the baby inside the uterus. When a baby presents with breech, the legs or buttocks are directed towards the cervix of the mother. In breech presentation, the buttocks are delivered first. The rest of the body is delivered with the help of some special techniques.

Baby dropping at 30 weeks

Dropping means that your baby’s head moves down into your pelvis. This is a normal mechanism and occurs when the baby is preparing itself to go into labor. Dropping occurs usually at the end of the third trimester but it can also occur in the 30th week. This early dropping might be a sign of going into pre-term labor or it can be a normal movement as well. Better keep yourself checked by your doctor.

Wrinkly brain

The brain of a 30 week old fetus begins to get wrinkly. These wrinkles are called convolutions and are meant to increase the surface area of the baby’s brain. The significance of wrinkles is to accommodate more brain cells inside the head. Your baby’s brain is developing very fast at this time and is nearing to completion.

Fully formed hands

In a 30 weeks old fetus, you can clearly see well-formed hands, fingers, and nails on an ultrasound. If your timing is lucky, you can also catch your baby holding its foot with its hands while doing an ultrasound scan. The fingerprinting of every baby is unique and your baby also has different sets of fingerprints.


Although the growth of the baby makes the belly less roomy for it to kick, you can still feel the kicks. One of the musts in the 30th week is to keep a kick count. Take a piece of paper and tear it from edges every time the baby kicks. This is one of the simplest ways to keep a kick count. Keeping a track of kicks makes it easier for the doctor to assess and monitor the growth of your baby.

Increased production of blood cells

The process of formation of blood cells in a 30 week old fetus shifts to the baby’s bone marrow. Before the marrow, they were being produced by the spleen. This is a big achievement for your baby because now the baby’s blood cell production is under the control of bones as the adults do.

Your body at 30 weeks

Consulting doctor during 30th week

Now that you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, various non-specific symptoms will develop. Some of these are described below:

Generalized body pains

Let us count the number of places your body is probably hurting at right now. Your legs, your back, your ankles, your wrists, your feet and literally every other body part. No wonder you are going to feel tired and achy with a 30 week old fetus in your belly.

Shortness of breath

If your baby has dropped already into your pelvis, you might not feel this complication anymore. But if the baby is still hanging somewhere up, breathing normally will be tough for a few more weeks. Trying some breathing exercises can help.

Pelvic pains

Pelvic pains are common when you are carrying a 30 week old fetus inside your belly. These pains become more marked once the baby drops lower into your pelvis. Pain around this time is your body’s response towards the baby’s new location in your body. This process also prepares you for actual labor.

Weight gain

The total weight gain by 30 weeks should be around 16 to 25 pounds with a single baby. In case of a twin pregnancy, weight gain can rise up to 25 to 40 pounds. Hey! Are you freaking about your weight gain right now? Don’t. This extra weight is going to act as a reserve for energy once you start breastfeeding your baby. Calm down and enjoy these moments as much as you can.

Worried about preparing yourself for labor? Here are a few tips

Being pregnant with a 30 week old fetus is not an easy game. The anxiety of anticipation is going to revolve around your head. But don’t worry at all. We’ve got you covered. Follow these tips to prepare yourself for labor.

Practice a hospital run

Time your run to the hospital to see how long will it take for you to reach the hospital. Try doing this once or twice and it will immediately make you feel better. Also, send your vehicle to a workshop and make sure that everything is fine. Who knows when you might need it.

Find a labor class

Book yourself for a labor class and learn the essentials you must know for labor. This is a very good stress relieving technique as it gives you a sense of knowing.

Look for a baby sitter

We know that you still have months to go before you need an actual baby sitter. But finding a good baby sitter is never easy. You want someone friendly and responsible, both qualities very rare to find.

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