3 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

Week 3 Pregnancy: Welcome to Belly, Baby

Pregnancy is something that takes time to sink in the mind once you have made your trip to the doctor. Self-diagnosis is something that every woman does, once she skips her period, but the reality only kicks in when the doctor confirms that yes, you are pregnant.

So, you have conceived and if you have made your trip to the doctor by now, you must be sure of it. The first trimester of pregnancy is very intimidating to be fairly honest. There are so many changes that your body goes through that you don’t even begin to understand your own body for a moment.

Highlights of 3rd week of pregnancy

Your tummy won’t be the same as ever before, you have swollen breasts, your shoulders are gaining skin, there is bloating on your feet and what not. You have mood swings already, you are puking every morning you wake up, you have this craving of ice-cream that just doesn’t go away, and you feel hungry all the time.

All these symptoms are entirely common, and you know what is one more thing that is common? Your curiosity. It is okay to be curious about your body and the changes it is going to go through. We all want to be kept in the light because unknown is daunting, but you need to remember not to stuff your head with things you cannot possibly understand.

It is okay to be scared. It is the third week of pregnancy and it is a very gradual process that is going to take its due course of time but what you can do is sit tight and read this article to satisfy that curious little mind. We are here to tell you everything you want to know about the third week of pregnancy and all you need to know about yourself and your little munchkin.

What is your baby doing at 3 weeks of pregnancy?

Three weeks is still a very early time to say anything when it comes to your baby’s growth but nevertheless, the growth is there. Your baby is the size of a small pin head by now, that is how big your baby is at 3 weeks. You little munchkin is still a cluster of cells that is growing to become an embryo real soon.

The first trimester is the time when baby is formed completely and then the later progress begins. These are some crucial months and you need to be very careful regarding your health in these weeks. You will not know the gender of your baby until 14 weeks from now so do not be impatient in that regard.

However, the gender is determined at the time of fertilization so as your baby will grow, you will come to know soon through a sonography report from your ultrasound specialist.

3 weeks pregnant? Here are a few symptoms

Nausea and Lower Abdominal Pressure

In the third week of pregnancy, your baby also makes its way through your fallopian tube to your uterus where it attaches itself to your womb, so you may feel a few or more symptoms because of that.

Following are a few symptoms that you are going to go through during your third week of pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding

Your baby is going to travel its way through your fallopian tube to your uterus where it is going to attach itself to your womb. During this process, you may feel some bleeding or pinkish discharge. That is known as implantation bleeding.

There is nothing to worry about in that regard. If you bleed, rest assure that your baby has made its way up to your womb and now the further process shall begin.


Nausea is something that is not going to leave you along for a few weeks now. Early morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms faced by pregnant women during the early weeks of pregnancy but in case it gets out of hands or is too much to bare, you must talk to your gynecologist.

Breast changes

Your breast is going to start feeling little to a few changes in the third week. There is nothing very evident, but you will feel your breast to be a lot tender than before. By the third week of pregnancy, your blood has begun to increase.

You may feel soreness and discomfort in your breasts along with prickling and tingling sensation. You will notice your veins to be more prominent and your older bras may not fit anymore.

Heightened sense of smell

Another symptom that you’re going to feel is the heightened sense of smell. Your nostril will smell anything and everything in even a block’s radius away. This is another reason why your nausea will be at its peak because you will literally smell anything and everything in your surroundings.

Positive home pregnancy test

As mentioned before, by the third week of pregnancy, you must have gone through to the doctor by now because it definitely has been two weeks since you didn’t get your period. But in case you haven’t, doing a home pregnancy test will also now result positive for sure.

Most of the home pregnancy tests do not work in early 2 weeks but by the third week, they do show the accurate results, so you can rely on them, but it is always better to get a doctor’s opinion.

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Metallic taste

Another thing that you may not like but experience is the metallic taste in your mouth. This is due to the overworked hormones and the fact that you have a heightened smell for everything. This is going to last for only a few days and soon you will be able to enjoy your feed like before.

Lower abdominal pressure

Lower abdominal pain during the third week of pregnancy is common due to the implantation. As mentioned before, you may experience a little pinkish discharge and it will cause you to have an abdominal pain.

It isn’t like cramps and is nothing that you cannot bear. Just rest as much as you can.

About your belly

At this point, your baby-to-be is too small to add any profile to your belly — enjoy it while it lasts!

3 weeks pregnant belly size isn’t something that is going to be noticed by anyone let alone you. Your body is hardly changing physically that can be evident. You belly is still the same and may have only increased an inch. Not more than that.

The belly is usually more prominent by the end of 5th month so there is time for you to enjoy your old clothes. But, some women, however, lose weight during the early weeks of pregnancy. That is mainly because of the hormones and the changing diet.

In case you want to avoid weakness and be on your strength, adopt rich protein diets and take as much fiber as you can. Eat fruits, exercise and take rest. Stay active but be moderate. Do not overwork yourself.

These first few weeks are very crucial, and you do not want to lose your baby just because you weren’t paying proper attention to your routine.

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Recommended exercises for 3rd week of pregnancy


Meditation is very necessary during the entire course of pregnancy. Yoga is something that helps you keep mind off of things and focus on yourself. Meditate regularly and do it in the early morning so you can avoid morning sickness the best you can.


Jogging is another exercise that you should do in the early days of pregnancy. Do not prolong it. You can go for a jog of 15 minutes everyday to keep your momentum and to stay active. Many pregnant women find it hard to jog but it helps maintain your stamina and strength.

Weight Training

Women who are weak or do not have enough strength to carry a baby in their womb should definitely opt for weight training. There are trainers available who will work on your weak points. They shall make sure you do not overwork yourself in the process.

Stationary Cycling

If you do not wish to go out to the gym, stationary cycling can help you . It will build your stamina and strength accurately. You can do it in your free time and maintain your health easily at home with the help of cycling.


The best and the most recommended workout to do is walking. Walk early in the morning and before going to bed. It will help boost your metabolism and digestion process, relieving you from stress and other unhealthy elements. Walking is best if you’re pregnant and do not want to lose your activeness.

So, these were a few things we wanted to share regarding 3rd week of pregnancy. We hope this article helps put things in perspective for you. If you have any questions or suggestions in this regard, we would appreciate your feedback.


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