29 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

29 Weeks Baby is the size of butternut Squash

29th week of pregnancy

This is the most exciting part of pregnancy when you know that your 29 week old fetus is now a complete human being. It has a brain of its own and it has developed senses of touch and hearing as well. You can talk to your little one and maybe sing to it as well.

It is thought that during this time of pregnancy, your baby starts picking up things. If the 29 week old fetus hears loud noises and bad words, it will come out as an aggressive individual. If you are concerned about the personality and character building of your child, this is the time you start taking notes.

A good way to deal with such a situation is to sit down and relax most of the times. Do not let the stress take over you. Listen to some good music and let your child listen to it too. So, no headphones mommy! Let the sound be heard.

29 weeks pregnant how many months left?

29 weeks sound like a lot of time, but you still have 11 weeks to go until you complete your normal gestation period. And after this week you will be just one week away from completing the 7th month. After the next two months, you will have your baby in your arms.

But exceptions do exist. At times, mothers give birth earlier than the scheduled date. Even if something like this is expected to happen with you, no worries, your 29 week old fetus can survive in the outer world as well.

29 week old fetus

29 weeks pregnant
29 Weeks Pregnant

Baby at 29 weeks in womb has gotten as big as butternut squash. A 29 week old fetus is almost 15 to 16 inches long and weighs around 2.5 pounds. This seems a lot but within the next 11 weeks your baby will grow very fast and its weight would be 3 times more than what it is right now.  

At this point, all the organs in your child’s body are almost near completion. For example, the lungs of your baby are nearly complete but they are not strong enough to help it in breathing outside the mother’s body. That is why premature birth of a 29 week old fetus could be very complicated to deal with.

If you are worried about why my baby at 29 weeks kicks more often than ever, this is very normal and healthy behavior. As the baby grows, it changes its position quite often during the day and you feel all those kicks. Your doctor would ask you to keep a track of your baby’s movement because it could tell us a lot about a healthy growing baby.

Things would be even more difficult if you are having twin babies. Twins at 29 weeks get short of space and they would kick you more than one baby. Your belly would be more stretched because of it too.

Your 29 weeks pregnant body

You have completed more than half of your journey of pregnancy. Although 29 weeks pregnant baby weight is not more than 2.5 to 3 pounds, you must have gained around 20 to 25 pounds if you are going normally.  

Women who are pregnant with twins gain more weight than others. They could gain around 25 to 38 pounds by the 29th week of pregnancy.

Your uterus has considerably risen up due to the 29 week old fetus. You can feel it by touching your belly. The top of the uterus must be 3 to 4 inches above your belly button.

29 weeks pregnant symptoms

We know! You have finally gotten used to all those uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. Things would seem more like a routine to you by now. This does not mean that things have gotten easier too. In fact, as time passes your ability to withstand the uncomfortable symptoms will decrease and you will feel more exhausted and tired.

But there are certain 29 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore. If you feel anything getting worse than what you could handle, do not hesitate to contact a doctor.


Headaches must have become a routine by now. But, no matter what, you never get used to having one every day. The amount of blood in your body has increased a lot more and this will make you dizzy at times and give you headaches as well.

This might be happening because of the lack of sugar in your blood. Try eating at regular intervals and drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Do not overthink anything. We know it is getting stressful but you have to keep calm.


Pregnancy must be going hard on you because sleeping is a blessing these days. Many women find it difficult to fall asleep during pregnancy. This is partly because 29 week old fetus is taking a lot of space in your body and pressing against your organs making it difficult for you to get comfortable.

The other reason could be that your baby moves a lot and wakes you up. Whatever the reason is, sleep deprivation is very harmful to you these days. Try to sleep whenever you feel like even if it is not at night.


Are you one of those people who think that their baby might fall out if they try to push during the bowel movements? Well, this is scary indeed and although the chances are minimal you do not want to get constipated during this time at all. But unfortunately, this can happen quite often, making you very uncomfortable.

Try to take laxatives regularly; your digestive system can behave very weirdly during pregnancy. One day you will have diarrhea and the next day you might have constipation. You should eat a lot of dietary fiber to help you in both cases.


It has been 29 weeks now but you still feel tired and exhausted a lot. Cramps don’t go away that easily, especially when you have so much on your plate already. Many women do not drink enough water that can prevent these cramps from happening. Regular exercise and keeping your body hydrated can help you with decreasing the cramps and abdominal pain during pregnancy.

But don’t go too hard on yourself. Exercise that can make you feel traumatized should be avoided. You should prevent your body from any shock at all. Premature birth at 29 weeks is a real probability, so keep yourself safe from complications now.


Your kid is putting a lot of pressure on your digestive system and the likelihood of you developing hemorrhoids increases a lot. These could be very problematic and painful at the same time. You are already in so much agony these days; another one is just a big no.

Try to keep your diet full of dietary fibers. They will make your bowel movements easier. Try to avoid constipation as much as you can. They can make the hemorrhoids even worse.


Carrying a baby is not an easy job at all. This will put a lot of strain on your body. Feeling pain in your back is common and very uncomfortable. You should avoid stressful conditions. Do not stand for too long. Take your rest and keep yourself calm.

Getting some good massage during pregnancy can be very helpful. It is not only good for relieving the pain but also it makes your pregnancy and delivery very easy. Find a good massager and hire her for yourself. Resting could also be very helpful in this regard.

Itchy belly

Pregnancy gives you a lot of uncomfortable symptoms from pains to dizziness and nausea, but nothing could be worse than a creeping itching sensation on your body, especially if it is mixed with pain as well. This could happen around your body but the belly is the most susceptible part.

As your belly is growing very fast, the skin is being stretched and torn as well. This will create itching pain. At times, you would want to scratch yourself very hard. But don’t let that happen. You can end up with lifelong marks.

A good way to reduce this feeling is to use a good moisturizer. Avoid products with a lot of chemicals. Use natural products that are not harmful to you and your baby. Essential oils might help as well. And try not to think about it a lot.

29 week pregnancy diet

At this stage, you should be very careful about your diet, because your digestive system is under a lot of stress. You should not overeat at all otherwise the heartburn would be worse than ever. Try to eat smaller and healthier meals.

Stay away from spicy things. Eat a lot of dietary fibers. Eating fruits and vegetables can provide you with instant energy and you will feel energized as well. Besides vitamins and minerals are still very important because your child is still growing. A healthy diet can reduce your discomfort a lot. Keep a check on whatever you eat.

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