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27 Weeks Baby is the size of Coconut

How big is your baby at 27 weeks in womb?

27 weeks pregnant ultrasound
27 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Your baby at 27 weeks in womb is as big as the head of the cauliflower (measuring about 37 cm in extended posture). Although your baby is still very small at 27 weeks and has immature lungs, but you will be happy to know your baby is independent now and can live on its own if separated from the womb.

What trimester is 27 weeks?

This week will be a turning point in your pregnancy. Not only you will be entering your 3rd trimester, but things will also be becoming a little troublesome. On the brighter side, you have successfully completed your 2nd trimester i.e. two-thirds of your pregnancy is done.

27 weeks pregnant is how many months chart?

If you are tired of keeping the count and want to know that 27 weeks pregnant is how many months chart, well, you are 6 month in your pregnancy and it’s just 3 more months before you will be holding your baby in your arms.

How often should baby move at 27 weeks?

The baby at 27 weeks in womb is quite active and kicks a lot. At times kicking can be annoying for the mother but it’s actually the natures way of telling the well being of your baby. Which raise the question “how often should the baby move at 27 weeks”? American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) answers the question that at 27 weeks you should be able to feel 10 movements (kicks, flutters, rolls, etc.).

What is the position of a 27 weeks fetus?

Your womb is spacious enough to accommodate your baby in more than one position until 27 weeks. Among many other things that change at 27 weeks, the position of 27 weeks fetus is one of them as it defines the engagement of head and delivery of the baby.

Before 27 weeks horizontal position is normal but the baby at 27 weeks in womb comes to lie in a longitudinal position with head downwards. This 27 week fetus position is most suitable for normal vaginal delivery.

27 weeks pregnant symptoms

3rd trimester is the period of rapid growth and development and most of the symptoms you will be facing in this trimester are related to the size of your baby. These symptoms include:

Pelvic pressure and pain

You are 27 weeks pregnant and feeling pressure down there is quite expected as you are carrying a two pounds baby every second of your life. The constant strain on your pelvic joints causes loosening of the ligaments and messes with the natural curve of the spine causing lower back pain.

Difficult catching breath

At 27 weeks, you start having difficulty breathing. The reason is that your baby at 27 weeks in womb covers all the space in your belly and even pushes your diaphragm. Your lungs don’t expand to their fullest size which leaves you short of breath.

Braxton-Hicks contractions (false labor)

With the beginning of the 27th week, you may feel irregular contractions in your uterus. These are Braxton-Hicks contractions and occur before 37 weeks of the pregnancy. But nothing to worry, these contractions may feel like labor except for thr fact that these are irregular, painless, and not able to push the baby down.

Vaginal Discharge

During the 27th week of the pregnancy, you may feel slight whitish discharge from the vagina and it may itch. You don’t need to worry unless the discharge is large, frequent or it changes the color or odor. These features indicate genital tract infection and need a doctor’s attention.


With the start of the 3rd trimester, cramping becomes more frequent. The key is to drink plenty of water, avoid dehydration, and flex your legs and feet time to time to avoid cramping.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

During the 3rd trimester, swelling of hands often become pretty severe. The swelling compresses the median nerve against the wrist bones causing numbness, tingling, pain, and throbbing. Treatment is conservative. Apply cold, give your hand rest and try physiotherapy.

Is it constipation or diarrhea that a 27 weeks pregnant lady experiences?

Your baby at 27 weeks in the womb takes up most of the space in the abdomen compressing other organs. Since intestine is fragile these can be obstructed temporarily. This makes you constipated.

Besides, progesterone (pregnancy hormone) is at its peak as well exerting a maximum effect on slowing the process of digestion. It all ends up making you constipated. You can easily avoid constipation by increasing fiber diet and drinking plenty of water.

But when it is diarrhea that a 27 weeks pregnant experiences, it means an upset stomach or gut infection. You should keep your self hydrated and consult a doctor if it prolongs.

Hospital visit at 27 weeks of pregnancy

Routine Check up to your Doctor during 27 week

When your baby is 27 weeks in your womb, it is time for another hospital visit. It is important and you can’t skip it. Here is why visiting the hospital at 27 weeks is necessary:

  • Your doctor checks the status of Rh-antigen and gives you the necessary shot if required.
  • Although you have had multiple ultrasounds in the past, 27 week ultrasound is a must. It is the best picture of your baby and it explains every detail missed so far. Fun fact, you can find striking similarities between your and your baby’s facial features. You don’t want to skip it!
  • Your baby is 27 weeks in womb and is ready to give some cord blood for doubts in the past ultrasounds.
  • Your doctor analyses you completely for risks of preterm labor and decides whether to deliver normally or by a cesarean.
  • Above all, it is time for you to decide on a comfortable place for you to deliver. Having all your check-ups done in the hospital you picked for delivery makes it easier and comfortable.

With your baby at 27 weeks in womb, is it the time to apply for maternity leave?

Your baby at 27 weeks in womb weighs more than 2 pounds and carrying him all the time is a super woman’s job. He kicks more often now and requires more nutrition from you. Sleep becomes all messed up and you feel tried almost all the time. Bladder control becomes bad and it cramps frequently. These all are signs of the healthy growth of your baby.

With all these troubles of the baby at 27 weeks in womb, it is impossible to continue a normal job. With a baby at 27 weeks in the womb, your only job is your baby. Step back from your job, enjoy the leave by taking care of your baby. This time will never come back (until your next pregnancy, duh) and you don’t want to miss out on it.

Insomnia and vivid dreams become troublesome in the 27 weeks pregnant lady

When you have a baby at 27 weeks in womb, it is a big belly bump. Carrying a 2 pounds baby every second of the day is tiring itself. Besides the all-day struggle when you go to sleep all exhausted, it becomes difficult rolling on the bed. Your sleep disappears and even if you sleep for a while you have vivid dreams.

Some tips to use with your baby at 27 weeks in womb

Here are some tips which will make your third trimester comfortable and joyful.

  • Instead of lying straight, you should sleep on the side to avoid the compression.
  • Do light physical and breathing exercises to keep you active.
  • Before going to bed, try watching TV or read a book.
  • Keep yourself well rested and well hydrated.
  • Don’t miss on your 27th week hospital visit.
  • Talk, read or sing to your baby as it helps in bonding.
  • Spend more time planning for your baby.
  • If you aren’t doing it yet, start pelvic exercise.

Besides all these troubles, the happiness of ending the 2nd trimester and anticipation of delivering a baby gives you courage. You are now picturing your time with your baby and imagining his smile. You are carrying a whole new life in your belly which is a full-time job. He respires, he urinates and he swallows. And you are the sole person he depends on.

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