25 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

25 Weeks Baby is the size of Cabbage

Your 25 week baby bump is a depiction of how far you have come. We know that being pregnant can feel a little overwhelming at times. But hey! That’s where our role comes to play. We were, are, and will be with you on this journey in every step of the way. Keep scrolling for your weekly guide on the 25th week of pregnancy.

What trimester are 25 weeks?

You are in the last weeks of the second trimester. The sixth month is about to end and sooner you will be entering the third trimester. You did it. You have passed two-thirds of your pregnancy. And your 25 week baby bump is a proof of this. CONGRATULATIONS!

Your baby at the 25th week

24 week pregnancy ultrasound
25 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound

Your little one(s) is on its way to being in your arms after a period of just three months. But before this happens, many changes are occurring in your baby’s body. These changes are described as follows:

Baby size and weight- 25 week baby bump explained

You must be wondering that how big is the baby at 25 weeks? Well as for this week, your baby measures about thirteen and a half inches in length from head to toe. This equals to the size of a corn squash. That’s big, right? The length suggests that the baby is growing with every week and the internal organs are also increasing in size.

Another question that could cross your mind is that how big is the baby at 25 weeks? Your baby weighs about one and a half pound inside the 25 week baby bump. This weight is perfect for the 25th week as long as the baby remains inside the mother’s belly. But babies born at this week weighing just one a half pound are at the great risk of death.


By now your baby’s heart is beating very fast. It beats for approximately 140 times in a minute. That is way more than your own heartbeat. Why? Because the baby’s heart has to pump a lot faster and harder to deliver the blood to the placenta. The more blood reaches the placenta, the better transport of nutrients and oxygen can occur.

What is fetal heartbeat rate chart?

A normal baby heart rate usually ranges from 120 beats per minute to 160 beats per minute. Any variation within these limits is considered normal. The heart rate can be measured by a sonogram beginning from the sixth week till term.

Baby fat

The baby starts to deposit fat under the skin. It still looks leaner and skinnier as compared to when it is delivered, but it is a work in progress as of now. With the deposition of fat, the skin begins to get smooth and not as wrinkly as it was before. This process continues through the entire pregnancy from now onwards, making your baby chubbier day by day.

The Lungs

The baby’s lungs inside your 25 week baby bump have started to mature. Their strength is increasing week by week by the production of fluids inside the lungs. This fluid is going to keep the lungs expanded once the baby is born.

If this process fails to occur in these weeks, a piece of bad news is waiting for you. The baby can develop breathing problems once it is born. We know it sounds bad but there are some prenatal tests by which you can know the situation beforehand and can create a treatment plan.

The Nose

Your baby’s nostrils are moving towards becoming more functional. With the opening of nostrils, the baby’s respiratory system develops further. The baby begins the practice of breathing although no significant air enters the lungs or respiratory tree.

The hair color

Among many other changes occurring inside your 25 week baby bump, the hair color of your baby shows as well. The pigmentation of baby hair increases and hair become visible with a prominent color. Since we are discussing hair, it is better to start looking for a barber for your baby as well. Finding a good barber is rare. We can tell you that!

Changes in your body at the 25th week

You are going to experience many new symptoms this week. Some of these are described as follows:


This is, by far, one of the most uncomfortable experiences of pregnancy (labor pains still peak to number one). Hemorrhoids are swollen veins inside your rectum due to increased blood flow. Even though hemorrhoids are not very dangerous for you or your baby, but they hurt a lot.

You can also experience constipation and bleeding upon passing stools. The best way to prevent this from happening is to increase your fluid intake and take a fiber-rich diet. Also, consulting a doctor never hurts.

Tingling hands

Due to swelling in your hands during pregnancy, some wrist bones can get compressed. The compression of these bones leads to a condition called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Your hands begin to feel tingly and, sometimes, can even begin to hurt. We know you must be getting frustrated right now but you will forget all of these pains once you hold your baby with the same hands.

Restless leg syndrome

WHAT? Another place where it hurts? We know your pregnancy isn’t getting any easier with the passing weeks. With the 25 week baby bump, you might experience severe pains and restlessness in your legs. You feel fatigued and tired because of these pains.

Here are some tips to help

You can make your condition better with the help of the following techniques:

  • Cut out caffeine
  • Apply heat to your legs
  • Exercise your leg muscles
  • Increase your iron intake
  • Book yourself a massage
  • Maintain a proper sleep schedule

By following these tricks, you will be up and running!

Healthier hair

Among many other hormonal changes that occur to your body, your hair also begins to get healthier. The volume of your hair increases and they get a silkier look to them. We bet that you are already enjoying new confidence that comes with it. And if you have not experienced them yet, better hair days are about to come.

How to keep yourself emotionally healthy during pregnancy?

Spending Good Time during Pregnancy

Emotional health is something you must pay special attention to. Being pregnant in itself is a very big emotional event that changes a lot inside your health. So while you take care of your 25 week baby bump, here are some emotional tips for your 25 weeks pregnant mind:

Write an open letter to your baby

Pour your heart out in a letter. Write about the feelings you have experienced during pregnancy. Pen down your hopes and fears related to becoming a mother. You can later gift this letter to your kid when he/she will be old enough to understand.

Catch up with your friends

No matter how old we get, our friends always remain our go-to people. Discuss your pregnancy with your friends and talk your heart out. A good gossip session works like therapy.

Do something nice for yourself

If you feel like going shopping or watching a movie, do it. You want to buy a dress that makes you hay even though it won’t fit you in next month, buy it. Even if you want to take yourself out on a date to this cute restaurant you have always wanted to try, do it. You deserve it.

To do list for the 25th week

Following items must be checked off of your list in this week:

Join childbirth classes

Going into labor is hard and unexpected. This experience is one of its kind. In order to go through it successfully and easily, look for childbirth classes. Attending these classes is the best way to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

Create a birth plan

With the help of your doctor, create a birth plan. Having this discussion is important at this point of pregnancy. If you want to opt for homebirth, start looking for a midwife (doula).

Talk to your older kids

It’s the time where you sit down with your kids and talk to them about the addition of a new member into the family. Kids might take some time to digest this news but it is good if they get prepared before the arrival of the baby.

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