24 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

24 Weeks Baby is the size of Corn

24 weeks gestation

This is the best time to relax because 24 weeks gestation stage is here already. Your baby is in a viable state now. This means that after this week if your baby is born premature, the chances of its survival are high. So keep calm and get ready for the new member of your family to arrive soon.

On the other hand, this is the time when you are going to face certain discomforts of late pregnancy. Because of things like lower back pain 24 weeks pregnant, mothers feel very tired and fatigued all the time. But the discomfort is worth the excitement that would grow every day now.

24 weeks is how many months pregnant?

24 week pregnancy ultrasound
24 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound

When you hear that your 24 weeks gestation stage is here you might consider that you are six months pregnant already. But that is not the case. Every month except February has a few days more than 28. This means that you are five months and a week pregnant. Your second trimester is about to be over soon.

24-week old fetus

Looking at the tummy might make you feel a little bit worried now. The size of your belly could be much bigger as compared to the baby inside it. In fact, your baby at 24 weeks gestation is just as big as a melon by now. Its body is completely developed and it will move inside your belly all the time.

The size of a baby during 24 weeks gestation could be between 11 to 12 inches. You will see an outie on your belly which is a little weird thing to notice if you haven’t seen it before. You might be feeling tired a lot because you are carrying around a baby who weighs around 1.3 pounds.

Your baby has a fully developed ear now. Not only it can hear everything that you say but also the sense of balance is developed by its body. This is the time when it can feel all of its movements in a better way.

Lungs of the baby are also developed by now. In order to work efficiently and absorb oxygen from the air, lungs need a substance called surfactant. As soon as the body starts producing it, the lungs would be able to help your child in breathing. It will happen in the upcoming weeks.


Your baby has developed a proper routine by now. It sleeps and wakes up at a specific time and you can feel it by noticing its movement. At times mothers feel the movement of the baby when they are about to sleep. That is why things get a little bit difficult after 24 weeks gestation.

Due to certain reasons, your health care provider might ask you to record the movement of the baby. If you want to sleep in peace without getting disturbed by that little munchkin inside you, you can record the movements yourself too. The baby sleeps almost 14 hours a day. It is a good idea for you to sleep when it is sleeping as well.

Your 24 weeks pregnant body

24 Weeks Belly Bump

Your body will go bigger faster than ever after the 24 weeks gestation stage. You must have gained around 15 pounds or 7 to 8 kilograms during these 24 weeks. Now your weight will increase very fast too. Get used to the extra pressure on your stomach and lungs.

The 24 weeks pregnant baby position is very important to know for the doctors to predict the type of delivery for you. Your belly button now has a very weird shape. It is just like a small belly on the top of your belly. This is also called an outie. The growing uterus is taking its space and every organ has to adjust accordingly.

Keeping yourself healthy during the 24 weeks gestation stage is also very important. You should keep a check on your diet. After gaining so much weight, many moms become careless and start eating more food than needed.

Also, start exercising regularly. It is recommended to wear a belly belt while working out. You do not want to put a lot of pressure on your belly and need some support while working out as well.

Twenty-four weeks pregnant symptoms

The tiresome part of your pregnancy is just here. From now onwards, you will face some of your worst fears of pregnancy. You have a big belly; you feel tired all the time and have a lot of other uncomfortable symptoms.

24 weeks gestation is a crucial time and you should not be ignoring your health at all. You should understand all the symptoms that your body is facing and try to eliminate the discomfort as much as you can. This can prevent un-asked-for anxiety as well.

Following are some of the symptoms that are very common during this time.

Pain in the Abdomen

This is very obvious, your body is carrying a lot of extra weight and it is going to cause pain as well. But there is a special type of pain that comes with pregnancy. It is called the round ligament pain. Round ligament is one of the longest ligaments in your body. The pain caused by its stretching could be very strong and pinching as well.

Some people recommend taking good massage regularly during this time. Find some good massage place around you and get a permanent package, you need to take these massages even after pregnancy as well.


Do you feel like it is very difficult for you to fall asleep? It is very common for 24 weeks pregnant mothers to feel this way. This happens partly because of the movement of your baby and a large belly. It makes sleeping a very uncomfortable task for you.

A good solution for sleeping problems during pregnancy is to know the best sleeping positions for you. At times, using pillows can help as well. Find out what’s best for you and stick to it. Because rest and sleep are very important for you. If you will not sleep well, the fatigue will increase even more, making you exhausted.

Changes in skin

Your skin is going to change a lot during pregnancy. Some women find pregnancy as a great time for their sin as well. This is because the changes in diet and hormonal changes make your skin glow like it never did before.

Some women also face a problem of hyperpigmentation. Changes in the chemicals of your body make your skin to produce a lot of pigment making it hyperpigmented or dark at some places. You do not have to worry about it at all. This will go away soon.

Lastly, you might find the increasing stretch marks on your body very uncomfortable as well. They are also called the tiger strips and they are forming because your skin tissues are tearing due to your growing belly. The mothers pregnant with twins will face this problem in a worse way. But don’t worry, there is always a way out of everything.

Leg cramps

No matter how active you are, carrying such a big weight around your belly is going to be difficult and you will get cramps in your body quite often during these days. Cramping at 24 weeks can be dealt with if you drink a lot of water.

Also, stretching in the morning can be very helpful. It will make your muscles stronger and less likely to get cramped during the day. Do not forget to do your work out regularly.


Higher blood pressure at times makes the mother very dizzy and tired. There are chances that you might lose your balance at times too. Make sure that you are always accompanied by someone when you are walking. Do not try to go out by yourself.


Who would think that these extra pounds will not cause a very bad backache? You are having another human being inside you, this is going to hurt and you will feel the stretch in your body. Try to take rest whenever you start feeling tired or fatigued. This is your time. Work can wait; your health should be a priority.

Itchy palms

This is one of the weirdest symptoms of pregnancy. Do you feel like you want to scratch your palms all the time? Once again, your hormones are messing things up again. Feeling mild itchiness and redness is a common symptom, but if you feel like this is going out of your hands, inform your doctor about it.

24 weeks pregnant ultrasound

You must have had your mid-pregnancy ultrasound already, only if you are not super late. Who wants to miss a chance to know the gender of their baby? Keep a track of all the tests that you must do during this time. These prenatal tests could be lifesavers. They could help you in preventing a lot of complications of later pregnancy and delivery as well.

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