23 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

23 Weeks Baby is the size of Eggplant

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. It gives you someone that you are going to love and cherish more than yourself. And no matter how tough it gets to keep a baby inside you, we know that you enjoy every bit of it. In this article, we will tell you about 23 weeks belly, your baby’s growth in this week and some symptoms that you might experience. Happy reading!

How many months pregnant are 23 weeks?

You might often find yourself wondering how long are 23 weeks? Well, you’re in the last week of the fifth month of your pregnancy. We bet you read it right! Five full months. Five, pee-countless-times and not-fixing-in-your-old-clothes, months!

Boy! Time flies really fast, doesn’t it? It is just a matter of a few days before you will enter the sixth month of your pregnancy. As soon as you will enter the last month of the second trimester, time will fly faster.

Your baby inside your 23 weeks belly

23 week ultrasound
23 Week Ultrasound

We know you guys have always been eager to know about your baby week by week. Here we are with the weekly dose of information about your baby, discussing the 23rd week.

Size of your baby

A baby inside your 23 weeks belly is as big as a grapefruit. It measures almost 11.4 inches from head to toe. This means that your baby is about one foot tall. That’s a big achievement for your baby. Yay!

The weight of your baby

In this week, your baby is going to weigh almost one pound. This increase in weight occurs due to the growth of so many organs inside your little one. The body parts, although little, are big enough to keep your baby healthy and functioning.

Is that a cute face you just saw?

On an ultrasound in a 23rd week, you will be able to appreciate a well-formed baby face. Are you shedding a few tears right now because we absolutely are? Actually, the face of your baby is skinny at this moment but will soon turn into a plump tomato with fat deposition. This is completely visible on a 23 weeks belly ultrasound.

Your baby can hear you!

Your baby is probably hearing to your words right now, as you speak. Along with other senses, your baby has developed a sense of hearing. It can now listen to the sounds in its environment.

A theory suggests that your baby recognizes these voices inside the womb and can detect familiar voices after its birth. Keep singing lullabies to your baby and make it fall in love with its mommy’s voice.

Powerful placenta

In these weeks, the baby’s growth is occurring by days and nights. The only way by which nutrients can reach the baby is through the placenta. Therefore at the moment, the placenta is becoming thicker and tougher. This ensures the maximum supply of oxygen and nutrients from your 23 weeks belly to the baby.

Making fists

As the development of palms and fingers has already occurred before, the baby is curling its fingers into a punch. Don’t worry, it will not punch you in the 23 weeks belly (apart from the usual kicks lol). You can even feel the fists from the surface of your belly.

Your body at 23 weeks

Even though you have kissed first-trimester nausea and fatigue goodbye, this week comes with a new set of symptoms and signs. You might not feel a significant change but the overall state of aches and sore boobs remains the same.

Swollen feet and ankles

You are going to experience this symptom right about from this week. Your shoe size might increase and the bangles or watches won’t fit anymore. This happens due to increased blood inside your body so as to supply maximum nutrients to your baby. With an increase in blood volume, complications of swollen feet and ankles arise.

Remedies for swollen feet

Here’s what you can do to avoid having swollen ankles and feet:

  • Avoid long periods of standing or sitting
  • Sleep on your side
  • Kick up your feet
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Avoid tight socks

These simple remedies help to make you feel a lot better than before.

23-week pregnant pains

There are two types of pains that you can experience this week.

Generalized body aches

This complication is going to stay with you throughout your pregnancy, unfortunately. Your legs and back hurt and everything feels achy. Consult your doctor and ask for a suitable painkiller to treat this condition.

Braxton hicks contractions

These are another type of pains that you might experience. This is a very weird sensation and in some cases often feel like you’re going into labor. Well, you’re not. Not just yet. Your muscles just tighten up in order to prepare you for the original delivery.

Bleeding gums

What the heck, right? Pregnancy puts every sort of pressure and makes weird changes in your body. This symptom is one of them. Hormones increase the blood flow to your gums. This increase in blood flow often ends up in bleeding and you can have sore gums for days.

How to prevent having bleeding gums?

The following simple remedies can be adopted:

  • Use a soft toothbrush
  • Be sure to use a toothpaste made for sensitive gums
  • Use mouth wash
  • Visit your nearby dentist

Sleep difficulties

Sadly, pregnancy causes insomnia (inability to sleep at night) in many pregnant women. We are very sad to be the bearer of this sad news. We know how dear sleep is to all of us. But hey! You might be among the lucky few who sleep like a baby even in their pregnancy. But if you are not, you can use the following bits of help.

  • Use a softer pillow
  • Keep your legs well rested
  • Avoid sleeping on your back

For further information on sleeping comfortably, read our article on sleeping positions during pregnancy.

How does a twin pregnancy show at 23 weeks?

This week is very crucial in case of a twin pregnancy. The mother and the baby both gain a considerable amount of weight. The growth of the babies in the previous weeks have been very interesting but this week is relatively smooth. The main focus of this week is going to be at the growth of already developed organs.

Heartbeat of twins

If you try listening to the heartbeat of your twins from 23 weeks belly, you are going to be very happy. In this week, the hearts of your triplets are going to be stronger than they were before. By taking guidance from your doctor, you can even listen to the heartbeats yourself through a stethoscope (the thing that your doctor hangs around his neck).

To do list for the 23rd week

Following things must be ticked off from your to-do-list chart in the 23rd week:

Start applying for maternity and paternity leaves

Start the process of getting leaves from this week. This is a long process and takes a lot of time. Better start working on it before your baby pops out.

Start looking for insurances

23rd week is probably a good time to begin to look for insurances. As a matter of fact, having good insurance is going to help you a lot financially in later life. Start looking!

Start practicing breathing exercises

Doing breathing exercises generally puts you in a better mood. Not only do these exercises increase the depths of your breaths but also help you during labor.

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