22 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

22 Weeks Baby is the size of Squash

22 weeks pregnant

You can now clearly see that 22 weeks pregnant bump on your belly. It is large enough that you can schedule a maternity photoshoot as well. During this week you would start seeing stretch marks on your belly. It is a heartbreaking site but if you take care of your skin properly, these stretch marks will go away in no time.  

This week you will notice an outie on your belly button. You would start feeling more tired because of the increased weight of your body. Catching breath after a walk would be difficult as well. Most women choose to stay in bed during this time but we would suggest otherwise. Your 22 weeks pregnant bump should not stop you from enjoying your time.

22 weeks is how many months pregnant?

22 week pregnant ultrasound
22 Week Pregnant Ultrasound

Twenty-two weeks seems a lot of time. But when you give it a thought, it’s only four months and almost three and a half weeks. By the end of this week, you would be exactly 5 months pregnant, only 4 more months to go.

This is the time when things would be more like a routine. Watching your 22 weeks pregnant bump and accepting the changes in your body. The excitement of the early pregnancy is lost already and there are still 18 weeks left for your baby to finally meet you.

Your 22 weeks pregnant bump explains how big your baby has gotten by now. The development is in the final stages. The baby is growing and currently, it is as big as a coconut.  

The average size of a baby during the 22nd week of pregnancy is between 10 to 11 inches. This gives you an idea about the speed at which the fetus is growing. The weight of the baby depends upon the pregnancy phase of the mother. On average, a baby is almost 15-16 ounces when a woman is 22 weeks pregnant.


Your baby’s face is going to develop well during this week. It has closed its eyelids still  but it might start moving its eyes. Tiny fine hair will grow on eyebrows and from time to time your baby can frown as well.

Inside the womb, your baby will be keeping itself warm by forming layers of brown colored fat. This is the time when it is building up this fat and this fat will make sure your little one is comfortable inside you. When it comes out the little child would survive in the harsh outside environment because of this brown fat.


A moving baby inside your 22 weeks pregnant bump is certainly the best feeling you could have. You will feel its movement quite often now. But many women get scared if their baby does not move a lot inside their body. If you also have the question of “how often should I feel baby move at 22 weeks” in mind, we are here to help.

A baby sleeps almost 14 hours a day. This is the time when you would not feel it moving inside you. But as soon as the baby is up, get ready for the kicks and other movements. This means that not feeling the movement of the baby for 12 to 14 hours a day is completely normal.

Baby movement at 22 weeks

Most of the time baby will kick you and flex its legs. This is the most commonly observed movement in babies. You can also observe the little movements on your 22 weeks pregnant bump. These are due to the movement of the baby as well. Inside the body, the baby has started sucking his thumb and flexing the arm muscles as well.

Your 22 weeks pregnant body

If you are having a healthy pregnancy your 22 weeks pregnant bump would be very clear and big by this time. Some of the changes in your body might upset you as well. Some women are very uncomfortable with their pregnant body while some are completely fine with it and enjoy it as well.

You can always reverse a few unwanted bodily changes later on. That is why stressing out would not be of any help at all. Just keep your diet healthy and take vitamin C supplements along with other vitamins for your skin.

22 weeks pregnant bump

Your 22 weeks pregnant bump would be measured by doctors using the fundal height. By this time the distance between your pubic bone and the top of your uterus is around 22 inches. But this does not happen when you are pregnant with the twins. The 22 weeks pregnant bump of mothers pregnant with twins is completely different and does not follow the normal rules.

Twenty-two weeks pregnant symptoms

If you want to know about the symptoms of this week and what to expect 22 weeks is the time of relative ease. There are certain uncomfortable things that would happen to you as well, but they would be a routine by now already.

Increased body hair

Pregnancy disturbes the level of hormones in your body. In some women, the level of androgens might get very high. This makes your body hairy. You will notice thicker hair growing on your body. At times you might notice some hair around your chin as well.

Getting waxed is very difficult during pregnancy. Who wants to feel some pain when you know a lot more is to come your way? That is why using a razor becomes normal. But make sure to not use it around your face, you really don’t want those thick hair and a beard.

Increased fingernail growth

Pregnancy can be very exciting for all women but not as much as the ones who love longer nails. For some women, their fingernails might get soft while for the others, they will get brittle. But at the same time, they will grow very fast.

If you love your nails, try using rubber gloves while working. You can also use moisturizer on your nails to make them look better and stay healthy.

Stretch marks

This is probably the saddest thing about pregnancy. For a fact, some women are so scared of getting pregnant because of the expected stretch marks. Although they are scary, they do not last long if you take care and might fade away soon too.

These stretch marks happen because your baby is taking a lot of space inside your 22 weeks pregnant bump and is growing faster than your skin. This is why the tissues inside your skin break and cause discoloration in the skin. Using moisturizers can help in curing the stretch marks after pregnancy as well.

Larger feet

During pregnancy, your feet will swell quite often. You would probably find it difficult to fit in your shoes. It is recommended to buy some softer shoes that are not too hard on your feet. Wearing tight shoes can add more pain to your misery.

Sex drive

Do you feel sexually aroused quite often these days? No wonder because your libido is very high these days. Your sex drive would be heightened and this is not a bad time to start enjoying with your partner. Try going on a babymoon and feel free and relaxed for some time.


Many women complain that when they are 22 weeks pregnant back pain makes everyday life very difficult for them. No surprises, your body is already holding a lot of extra weight now, so it is natural if you get tired. Make sure to take the required amount of rest and drink plenty of water. Not taking enough water can make your fatigue worse.

22 weeks pregnant ultrasound

If your mid-pregnancy ultrasound is not done yet, this is the time you go for it. Most of the times, your ultrasound is due around 18th to 22nd week of pregnancy. This is the time when the doctors can clearly look at the organs of your baby.

This one ultrasound is especially important because this is the time you will get to know the gender of your baby. It could also detect some abnormalities that your child might have. And if you are not told already that you have twins, this is the time!

Maternity Photoshoot appointment

Are you of those moms who love celebrating everything? Then you must be planning for a perfect maternity photoshoot. But it is difficult to decide at what time you want to get the appointment. You need to consider a lot of things at this time. 

You want your belly to be fully grown while you do not want to risk the photoshoot because of the early birth of your baby. Here is an idea, try getting a photoshoot done within this month. You will have good pictures and you know this is not the time for the baby to be out already. Look for a good photographer and get ready for a perfect photo shoot.

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