21 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

21 Weeks Baby is the size of Grapefruit

Pregnancy is a dynamic process. The way your body changes throughout this journey, your baby grows from a single cell to a complete human being. Among so many features of pregnancy, changes in the baby at 21 weeks pregnant duration are described here.

How many months equal 21 weeks?

Out of the 40 weeks of an average pregnancy, you have completed 20 weeks. That’s half of this whole process. Aren’t you happy that this process is going very fast? We know you are and so are we.

If you are in the 21st week of pregnancy, which means you’ve entered the last week of the fifth month. The speed of passing time is only going to increase from here. It’s all uphill!

Your baby at 21st week of pregnancy

21 week ultrasound
21 Week Wltrasound

The baby at 21 weeks pregnant duration starts to grow speedily. The organs that had previously formed, grow larger. So many other new changes also occur in your baby. They are described as follows:

Fingers and toes

Previously, the hands and the feet of your baby did not have well-formed fingers and toes, respectively. In the 21st week, baby surpasses this milestone as well. Cute little toes and fingers begin to appear in the ultrasound as well.

If this process fails, the baby might have a condition called webbed fingers/toes. These digits can be fused or their movement might be less.

Throbbing heartbeat

The baby’s heart begins to beat in the earlier weeks. But this week, it beats faster. The heartbeat of the baby reaches to 120-130 beats per minute. We know that’s a lot for an adult but for a baby at 21 weeks pregnant duration, it’s totally normal. Increased heart-beat helps in efficient transportation of the blood.

Meconium (baby poop)

As much as we tried to make it sound cute, poop in any form is always gross. But the process of formation of poop inside your baby’s belly is very important. It shows that the digestive system of your baby is working totally fine.

We are talking about the first poop after the baby’s delivery. It begins to form as early as the 21st week.

Reproductive system

In this week, the reproductive organs of your baby begin to mature. Your prospect of having future grandchildren depends on this week. Ding ding! We know this sounds so far ahead in time but we are just putting it out there for you. Your baby is developing many sex cells inside it.

Your body at 21st week

Pregnancy is such a dynamic process that everything changes from minute to minute. One day you might feel bloated and on the next day, hungry. But this is what makes pregnancy so exciting. Crazy, isn’t it?

Swollen and leaky boobs

Undoubtedly the size of your breasts increases throughout your pregnancy. Along with the increase in size, these weeks make your boobs leaky as well. Whitish fluids might begin to leak from your nipples. Are you thinking about the pain? Well, some women experience more pain as compared to others. This is another feature of having a baby at 21 weeks pregnant duration.


As the baby increases in size, it presses your internal organs. Your tummy is the only organ that bears the most burnt of it. The baby squeezes your belly causing acidity and bloating. All of the new moms-to-be deserve a salute for tolerating so much. You guys have our respect.

Dry skin

Hormonal changes inside your body make your skin dry and itchy. Beware of the intense itchy sensation that you’re about to experience. We strongly suggest you to not itch on the parts that irritate otherwise there is a very high probability of permanent marks. Now you don’t want those, do you?

Body aches

The baby at 21 weeks pregnant body puts a lot of pressure. As a result of this pressure, your body begins to get tired. The response to this exhaustion is body pains. Cramps at 21 weeks pregnancy can either be due to actual stress put on you by the baby or they can be psychological. We know keeping another human being inside your body is very stressful.

Try light, breezy exercises and best rest to avoid these pains.

21 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Medical check up and Ultrasound during pregnancy

21 weeks pregnant ultrasound reveals the changes occurring inside your baby. Ultrasound is the perfect diagnostic tool to keep an eye on your baby’s growth. Changes in size, shape and other features of the baby at 21 weeks pregnant time are described below:

Your baby size

On a 21 weeks pregnant ultrasound you will find the size of your baby roughly equal to the size of a banana. It will be around 9 inches in length. The growth of lower body becomes disproportionate as compared to the upper half. This is very important as it keeps the baby’s torso bigger than the rest of the body.

Probably the last ultrasound

If everything seems normal on the 21 weeks pregnant ultrasound, chances of having an uncomplicated pregnancy increase to 70%. Although we suggested you to get weekly ultrasounds before, but you don’t have to get a weekly ultrasound after 21st week.

Talk to your doctor and make a schedule of future ultrasounds. The more, the better.

Here’s why testing for Diabetes and increased Blood Pressure is necessary

There are some must-have tests that you should take in this week:

Blood sugar test

Blood sugar test or test for Diabetes is very important this week. Sometimes in the later weeks, the complication of diabetes develops. This complication can harm your baby in so many ways it goes undiagnosed. Therefore, it is very important for your health and your baby’s to take a glucose challenge test as advised by your doctor.

Blood pressure

Increased blood pressure or Hypertension is one of the most feared complications of pregnancy. This change in blood pressure mostly occurs after 20 weeks. Checking your blood pressure regularly is essential to ensure a healthy pregnancy. If undiagnosed, it can restrict the baby’s growth and can induce seizures.

You can buy a digital meter to check blood pressure or you can visit the nearest health facility to get it checked.

Is your increased weight doing any good to the baby?

The answer is, yes! Your weight gain is not just another problem that comes with pregnancy. This increase in weight is very important to the baby and yourself. It helps in the following ways:

  • Providing proper nutrition to the baby
  • Keeping your baby healthy
  • Preventing your baby from life-threatening deficiencies
  • Preventing your body from deficiencies
  • Making you stronger to keep the baby inside you for next months

We know that post-pregnancy weight loss is a very difficult journey. But with proper diet, guidance, and determination, you can easily shed the pregnancy fat.

To do list for the 21st week

Doing the following tasks is very important to keep the baby at 21 weeks pregnant duration, healthy.

Start taking Vitamin B and Choline

Taking these supplements is an excellent way to keep your baby away from many diseases. In the case of Vitamin B deficiency, your baby can have developmental defects, vision defects, and learning disabilities.

Similarly, in choline deficiency, the skeleton of your baby might become deformed. It is very wise, therefore, to take these supplements. These are available over-the-counter but you must take them as per the advice of your doctor.

Plan a shopping spree

Going on a shopping spree is never a bad idea. Shopping puts you in a fresh mood almost instantly. So we suggest that you hit the mall and have a look at the latest trends in maternity fashion. You can also shop for your baby, now that you know the gender of your baby.

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