20 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

20 Weeks Baby is the Size of Artichoke

How long is 20 weeks?

It’s a milestone. You are half way through your pregnancy. This week marks the mid of your pregnancy. Your baby at 20 weeks pregnant is almost four and a half months old. But 20 weeks pregnant in months is not the concern of the doctor. Pregnancy is mostly measured in weeks only. You might have just got to know about the gender of your baby and we know from here onwards the journey becomes even more exciting.

You don’t have to be confused any more. Now you can start deciding the baby names for real. You would know the type of clothes that you should be buying. Shopping and preparing for the baby would be easier. Just 20 more weeks and it is coming. Brace yourself, mommy!

What will my baby look like at 20 weeks pregnant?

Your little one has finally started looking like a baby. Its sucking reflexes have started developing. During this time your baby is almost as big as a bell pepper. Normally the 20 weeks pregnant baby size is around 6 to 7 inches and it would weigh around 9 to 11 ounces.

Appearance of baby at 20 weeks pregnant

You must be excited to know this but baby at 20 weeks pregnant already has its facial features taken shape. Now it has a face of its own with a nose and lips well formed. During this time its sucking reflex is also getting better. As a matter of fact, many babies start sucking their thumb by the mid of pregnancy.  

There is a very interesting fact related to thumb sucking. It is believed that the thumb that the baby at 20 weeks pregnant will put in its mouth during pregnancy would decide his left or right-handedness. It is important to know that the brain of the baby keeps on growing even by now. You should care about the nutrition you are taking to make sure everything happens normally.

Baby has a very thin skin at the beginning of pregnancy but during this week its skin has begun developing layers and has started getting thicker as well. Until the skin is fully strong, the baby is protected inside the mother by the amniotic fluid around its body.

Sleep-wake responses

Do you know that your baby has started sleeping inside you as well? It has also developed a specific sleep-wake cycle and it depends upon your daily routine as well. Moreover, this is the time you can finally talk to your little one and be sure that it is listening to you as well. Baby at 20 weeks pregnant can hear sounds and wake up as a response to these sounds too.

It is a matter of belief but some people consider this time very important in terms of developing a child’s personality. The type of things that it hears becomes a part of his behavior as well. That is why try to keep yourself calm and peaceful to impart good effects on your child’s personality.

Your 20 weeks pregnant body

Your body must be growing normally by now. Average weight gain at 20 weeks pregnant is almost around 1 to 2 pounds per week. If you notice a rapid weight gain you should contact your doctor soon. Your appetite might have increased by this time. Keep a check on your food intake as well. You should not let yourself overheat. This might lead to many harmful conditions during pregnancy, including diabetes, etc.

This week your doctor will examine the height of your uterus. From the edge of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus and this is called fundal height. It is around 18 to 20 centimeters during the 20th week of pregnancy. Measurement of the fundal height can help a doctor in assuring that the baby at 20 weeks pregnant is growing normally. And an increase or decrease in fundal height might be a screening test for many harmful conditions.

Twenty weeks pregnant symptoms

Healthy Appetite during pregnancy

Your baby at 20 weeks pregnant might have started moving inside you regularly by now. You would be able to feel its hiccups and kicks easily. This happens at a different time for different women. But it is common. There are certain other symptoms that will surface during this week.

Growing appetite

Have you started feeling hungry a lot lately? Cheers, you are not the only one to feel this way. Your nutritional requirements have increased now because of the baby inside you. Feeling hungry is not a bad thing. But it is very important to manage your hunger.

Some women choose fast food and other unhealthy options to deal with the increased appetite. This could lead to many complications in your pregnancy. Eat more but healthy. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat healthier snacks like dry fruits. Drink a lot of water so that you do not feel hungry without any reason too.

Vaginal discharges

You must have noticed that vaginal discharge is increasing with the passing weeks of pregnancy. There is nothing to be worried about. This discharge will continue to increase by the end of your pregnancy.

If it intrigues you as to why this is happening, it is just a way of your body to cleanse itself and keep the bad bacteria away from you and your little one. It is happening for your safety so it is not that bad. But if the color of the discharge is yellow or green and it has a foul smell, you should talk about it to your doctor.

A lot of energy

You are almost 4 and a half months pregnant but you feel energized and sexually more active. Well, this is a perk of the second trimester of pregnancy. The baby at 20 weeks pregnant is not that difficult to carry.  Enjoy this time and utilize your energies to have fun. Go on a leisure trip with your partner and get ready for the coming 3rd trimester. It would be more difficult than this one.


Swelling is a normal symptom of pregnancy. You must have noticed weirdly swollen ankles in other pregnant ladies as well. This swelling is harmless unless it is sudden or painful. Due to the lower back pain 20 weeks, pregnant women do not feel like getting up from their beds and walking. But keep your activity going. It can help in preventing and soothing the swellings.

Breathing problems

Your uterus is growing and it is pushing against all organs of your body. Lungs are also pushed by your uterus and you might feel shortness of breath. There is no need to panic if this happens. Just sit down and relax. Do not exert pressure. Keep yourself in places where a lot of oxygen is present.


You have been feeling acidity in your stomach quite a lot by now. Getting constipated or having diarrhea is common as well. Because of diarrhea 20 weeks pregnant women feel uncomfortable when they have to leave the house for a long time. You have to make sure that you keep a check on your diet and consult your doctor regularly to avoid such situations.


Trouble sleeping at night? The baby at 20 weeks pregnant is not as much difficult as the lack of sleep during this time. This might keep you awake and tired the whole day as well. If you are unable to sleep at night, ask your doctor to give you some medicines that could help. Persistent lack of sleep can be harmful to you and your baby as well.  

20 weeks pregnant ultrasound

20 week ultrasound 3d
20 Week Ultrasound 3d

Mid-pregnancy ultrasound is here. You will get to know the gender of your baby finally. But most importantly, this ultrasound can help you in detecting any possible abnormalities in the child. In the 20 weeks pregnant ultrasound abnormalities like Down’s syndrome, etc. become very clear.

It is a very controversial idea to terminate such pregnancies. That is why many doctors do not tell the parents about such conditions. But you have a right to know so you can ask your doctor to explain everything clearly. If the problem is extremely life-threatening for the baby, termination could be considered as well.

Room decoration ideas for the newborn

Now, this is getting very exciting. You have a baby coming in your house; you must be shopping for it as well. But room decoration is the most fun part. You should get some toys, cots and other decorative ideas are available too.

Some parents get so much excited about the baby that they get the rooms painted as well. You can have any neutral and light color on the walls of the room. It is now a very clichéd idea to choose the color of the room on the basis of the gender of the baby. Pink and blue are not so interesting anymore. Go for yellow, green or purple colored decorations.

Stuffed toys are evergreen. Not only are they reliable and unbreakable, but they can also be a good decorative things. Another important thing to buy could be a hanging bed. It is easier to put a baby to sleep if the bed could move. This is your time, choose whatever you like and get ready to welcome your sweetheart.

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