2 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

Week 2 Pregnancy: Baby I'm fully ready for your arrival

Have you just gotten to know about your pregnancy and you are undergoing a wave of psychological change? Those two strips on the pregnancy test can and will revolutionize your life. Don’t lose your calm or be anxious yet because we’re here with our weekly guide on your pregnancy, the 2nd week pregnancy symptoms to be exact.

Your baby and belly at two-week pregnancy

With those maternal feelings birthing inside you probably want to know first about your baby, right? How big your baby is at two weeks is the most asked question. It is in the earliest stages of its development and is just a ball of cells. And there is no way in seven hells (read heaven) that you can see your baby even on ultrasound.

As far as you and your belly is concerned, its size won’t get bigger either in the second week of pregnancy. In the 2nd week pregnancy symptoms, the two weeks pregnant belly size is not even noticeable. Speaking of now, your uterus is just adjusting itself to make the perfect home for your little prince or princess or maybe both!

2nd week pregnancy symptoms

Does your mind constantly worry about what symptoms to expect at two weeks of pregnancy? It’s totally normal to have these fears. To be honest it would be in fact abnormal if you didn’t have those fears.

Sore breasts

Ealy Pregnancy Symptoms: Sore Breast

This is one of the first 2nd week pregnancy symptoms. Your breasts will feel swollen and painful. Even wearing your regular undergarment will hurt. This is totally normal. It is rather a good sign that your body is modifying itself according to the baby.

Increased sense of smell

Changed sense of smell is among the earliest signs of pregnancy. Your nose can become more sensitive to the smell of food, drinks, animals and even other people. This is the period where you will begin to avoid certain things that you didn’t in the past.

Morning sickness and gassy stomach

You will feel like throwing up for an awful lot of time in the second week of pregnancy, especially in the morning. Stomach upset is another symptom experienced by pregnant mothers. But there is a lot you can do to handle morning sickness in pregnancy.

Back pain

2nd week pregnancy symptoms include back pain as well. This just means that your baby is now safely attached inside your belly and is there is nothing you should worry about.

What to expect from the second week of pregnancy

Every week of pregnancy is different. We want our mothers to be fully informed about what’s lying ahead of them. In addition to knowing the 2nd week pregnancy symptoms, it is important to know some other details as well.

Mood swings

In early pregnancy, you will experience a blend of happiness and confusion. The excitement of welcoming a newborn into this world along with fears of lifelong commitment can be a source of anxiety for you.

It’s okay. Breathe through it day by day. By the end of this article, you will know that it is totally normal to have these feelings. We’ve all been there and trust us when we tell you that it will get better the moment you see your child’s heart beating in the first ultrasound.

A panic visit to the doctor’s office

Confirming your pregnancy by a home test can put you into doubts. You might get a panic attack and rush to the doctor’s office. In fact, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Really, you don’t want to stay in doubts for long now, do you?

Picky eating

With your increased sense of smell, it’s totally okay if you don’t like certain food that you used to. Pregnancy changes a lot of things and your food preferences are one of them. So if you suddenly crave for chocolate ice cream at 4 in the morning, no one is going to judge you, honey. Eat away! ☺

Reconfirmation tests might not always be positive

This all paralyzing thought might stay inside your head for days. Reconfirmation tests in the second week of pregnancy might not always be positive. Home pregnancy tests  to confirm 2nd week pregnancy symptoms often show false positive if taken too early after having sex.

We know it’s depressing and we know you’re hurting. But this doesn’t mean you cannot get pregnant ever. Don’t keep your sadness inside yourself. Seek help if needed and keep trying.

Common thoughts you might have in the second week

The mind of a pregnant woman wanders a lot. You will begin to think about all those things that you never even cared about before. Suddenly the town you live in will not feel safe anymore or your web history might have tens of pages searching for baby names. We are here to tell you where your mind could possibly take you during the second week.

Am I ready to become a mother?

If you have been asking this question from yourself, then we have the answer for you. YES! You are. You are totally ready to become a mother. These thoughts might put you in a bad mood or even keep you sad for days but the sooner you forget about them, the better.

Am I financially capable of raising a child?

When it comes to managing finances we all get anxious. In early pregnancy, you will think of all the aspects where you could fail as a parent. And not all of us are good with managing money.

The best solution is to talk to your partner and make a plan. With distributing the financial burden and keeping a check on your money, you can create a beautiful life for yourself and your baby.

Fear of miscarriage

With every step you take, every time you vomit and every time you feel tired, the fear of miscarriage will stay inside your head. This is especially common in the second week of pregnancy because you have absolutely no idea what to do.

If you feel or sense something wrong, see your doctor immediately. And your baby will be fine. The key is to remain calm.

How will you balance family and career?

If you are a working woman then maybe it is a given that you are thinking a lot about balancing your work and family. And to be honest, it’s fair. Bringing a baby into this world will move your life in the opposite direction but it is you who is going to decide for yourself.

You can manage your career along with raising your baby by getting help in the forms of maternity leaves, babysitters, day care centers and what not. Your work will get done easily and the faster you finish your work, the faster you can get back to your baby.

Tips for the second week of pregnancy

2 weeks pregnancy

Following are few tips to help you through the second week of pregnancy. If you follow them, then eventually you will be able to pass the pregnancy phase happy.

Bed rest

First of all, it is important that you take proper rest in this week to stop symptoms during the second week of pregnancy. Don’t do work that involves lifting a weight. Get into your PJs and take care of yourself.  

Make a birth plan

Making a birth plan in the second week that you are eventually going to follow is really helpful. It helps you plan your whole pregnancy accordingly and stops you from taking any wrong decision that can come in the way of your plan.

Have discussions with your partner

You and your partner are on this journey together. If you have any fears about pregnancy, it is important that you communicate them with your partner in the second week so that he  knows about your issues. Eventually, he can take care of you better and be there for you throughout this process.

Start taking multivitamins

Initial week symptoms like 2nd week pregnancy symptoms are to be cautiously observed. This is because it is very important for your baby. The development of your baby at two weeks pregnancy depends upon your health. Therefore, it is really healthy that you start taking supplements of multivitamins, because that way, your baby will come out all pink and healthy.

Read self-help books/articles

2nd week pregnancy symptoms can bother you. But. honestly speaking, you should stop worrying and panicking because you have nothing else to do. In fact, try and read articles like the one you’re reading. Our website has a complete guide for your pregnancy and we’ll hold your hand throughout this process. Reading books or articles gives you reassurances that you really want in these nine months. Believe us you’ll feel a lot better.


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