19 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

19 Weeks Baby is the Size of Banana

The baby at 19 weeks in womb is growing by day and night. The baby’s body undergoes many changes this week and moves one week ahead towards completing the pregnancy. The nineteenth week is just as significant in the pregnancy as the other weeks and results in furthering the baby development.

How long are 19 weeks?

19 weeks pregnancy equals to four months and one week. In just seven more days, you will be halfway through it. Seems unbelievable, doesn’t it?

A normal pregnancy lasts for about 280 days or 40 weeks, out of which 18 weeks have passed already. Putting it like that might seem very long and pregnancy, in fact, is a very lengthy process. But you just have to keep moving forward.

How is your baby doing at 19 weeks in the womb?

19 week ultrasound 3d
19 Week Ultrasound

The development of the baby at 19 weeks in womb is a dynamic process. New events that had not occurred in the pregnancy before, begin to happen. The process of formation of a wholesome human being requires 280 days and week 19 certainly plays its part.

Differentiation of brain parts

The brain begins to differentiate into specific parts inside the uterus at 19 weeks. Brain parts begin to adopt certain functions. Sensory areas, areas for movement, areas of thinking, emotional centers, and many others begin to mature. Any abnormality in the baby at 19 weeks in womb can later cause brain damage.

Urine production

Even though the kidneys had formed already in the baby, urine production begins in week 19. The urine produced by the baby forms most of the fluid that is present inside your belly. The fluid cushions the baby and protects it from direct blows. This fluid also provides a medium for the transport of nutrients to the baby.

If urine production does not occur, a condition called oligohydramnios develops. This condition can arrest the baby’s growth and create permanent damage. A test, amnio, is usually done around this week to measure the levels of this fluid.

Skin protection

A layer of protective slimy layer called Vernix caseosa is formed around the baby at 19 weeks in womb for protection. It functions to protect the baby from irritants and toxins that could possibly reach the baby.

The skin of the baby is very sensitive at this point. This layer is a mechanism among many others to protect its skin.

Your body at 19th week

Are you worried about what might be happening to your body this week? All the questions must make you frustrated. But don’t worry because we are here to answer all of your questions.

Abdominal pain

Are you 19 weeks pregnant and feeling pressure in lower abdomen? This finding is very normal during this time of pregnancy. The baby at 19 weeks in womb puts pressure on your belly. This pressure and compression can lead to abdominal pain.

Abdominal pain can be very uncomfortable and unsettling. The good thing is that it can totally be relieved by over the counter medicines recommended by your doctor.

Leg cramps

Your blood thickens during pregnancy. The thick blood can be a cause of leg cramps during pregnancy. You can either feel diffused pain in legs or pain specified to one area.

Hip pain

This is another symptom you might experience during the nineteenth week. Pressure caused by the baby inside the uterus at 19 weeks is the reason for this pain. The weight bearing joint suffers the increase in your body weight and becomes tender.

What is Braxton hicks’ contraction?

Keep yourself hydrated during pregnancy

Braxton hicks at 19 weeks is another finding. These are false contractions that feel like period cramps. These contractions might feel to you as if it is time for labor but these contractions can cause nothing. They aren’t strong enough to induce labor of baby at 19 weeks in womb. They are not as painful as compared to true labor. Usually, they last about 15 to 20 seconds and subside upon changing positions.

Here is what you can do to treat Braxton hicks

Braxton hicks are totally normal and do not cause harm to your baby. However, the following techniques can be adapted to stop these contractions.

Change positions

It turns out that these contractions can die out if you change your posture and position. If you are lying on your back, switching to your side can help. Walking and mild sprinting is also helpful.

Keep yourself hydrated

Contractions can occur because of dehydration. Salt and water balance can induce Braxton hicks at 19 weeks. Drinking a glass of water helps in this condition.

Take a warm bath

Taking a bath with warm water can significantly reduce the intensity of these contractions as well. And who doesn’t love a warm nice bath, right?

What are the chances of miscarriage at 19 weeks?

A baby at 19 weeks in womb has very fewer chances of miscarriage. By this week, the baby has exited the period of threat and is relatively safer. In unfortunate cases, the following symptoms could be experienced.

  • Cramping pain in back and belly

  • Bleeding

  • The disappearance of pregnancy signs

  • Fever

  • Feelings of discomfort

These symptoms are mostly random and relative. But you must consult a doctor if they appear together. If the diagnosis of a miscarriage is confirmed, your doctor will suggest you with a couple of plans to proceed forward with.

19-week ultrasound findings

The characteristic findings of a 19-week ultrasound are as follows:

Size of the baby

Your baby measures about 6 inches in length and equals the size of an heirloom tomato. You can clearly see the movements of arms and legs on the ultrasound. The body parts are in proportion to each other in a baby at 19 weeks in womb. If any growth retardation is observed, construct a treatment plan with your doctor.

How often should you feel your baby move?

There is no particular answer to this question. The movements can be more on some days and less at the other. Baby can also move more at a particular time of the day. All that matters at this point is that you feel your baby moving. As long as the baby moves, everything is fine.

If you are facing troubling thoughts regarding the movement of your baby, discuss with your doctor. You can also do kick counts and report them to your doctor.

To do list for week 19

Every week we try to come up with new fun things for you to do. While these activities are fun, they are important for you and your baby as well. You must do these activities in the 19th week.

Sign up for infant CPR classes

Learning how to do CPR is very important as a parent. In cases where your child faces serious injury and needs medical help, you should know the basic first aid methods. Infant CPR is different from adult CPR and there are special classes where you and your partner can learn to do it.

Find a good pediatrician

It’s time that you begin to search for a pediatrician which is basically a childrens’ doctor. You will have quite a number of visits to your kid’s pediatrician once it is born. So it’s important that you find a competent doctor to trust your child’s health with.

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