18 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

18 Weeks Baby is the Size of Mango

18th week of pregnancy

You have probably gotten used to the fact that you do not exist alone any more. There is another human being who is constantly with you, your very own 18 week old fetus. Feeling that weight on your abdomen is normal for you now.

At times having extra weight in the belly can put pressure on the veins in your abdomen causing you to have a dizzy feeling and at times you might feel nauseous as well. This happens as the blood flow and pressure is affected by the pressure on your abdominal veins.

But the reason to be cautious is not just an uncomfortable feeling. You might experience lowered blood pressure because of this. Sleeping on the side can be very helpful in that case.

How many months pregnant is 18 weeks?

18 week pregnancy ultrasound
18 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound

Being 18 weeks pregnant means you are now four months pregnant. It’s just a matter of five more months and you will have that cute little baby in your hands. You have already come half way through it and you are doing really well.

18 week old fetus

18 week old fetus is as big as an artichoke. Its length is about 5-6 inches and it weighs around 6.5 to 7 ounces. The size increasing faster and it will make you hungrier. You need more energy to fulfil the needs of a growing baby. In the calendar of baby development, 18 weeks is the most crucial time when it needs most energy.

Right now your baby is just like a small human being who is completely functional. The 18 week old fetus is now moving inside your body, flexing his muscles even hiccupping, yawning, sucking, etc. You can easily feel him moving and kicking inside your body.

The fundal height at 18 weeks is around 18 to 20 centimeter. It is basically the distance between your pubic bone and the top of your uterus. The fundal height decides what shape your belly would look like.

The baby is big enough that his movement would be easily noticeable for you. If you are having 18 weeks twins ultrasound will be much excitement for you. They would make your belly larger and the second-trimester ultrasound would confirm their gender as well. 18 week old fetus is almost completely developed and from now onwards he or she would only grow in size.

Your 18 weeks pregnant belly

Are you worried about the stretchy skin that you have around your belly? This is how fast your little one is growing. When you are 18 weeks pregnant movement of the baby could be seen on your skin. You will watch a tiny bump appear on your belly as the baby kicks inside you.

At this time your belly might get a little itchy. This is because of the stretch in your skin. Excessive itching can make your skin damaged. We would recommend using some good moisturizer regularly to reduce the itchy feeling.  

This is a very important time to take steps if you do not want your belly to have a lot of stretch marks after pregnancy. Moisturizing and using some stretch marks cream can be very helpful too. But consider consulting your doctor before you use any chemical products on your skin.

Weight gain during the 18th week

Getting used to pregnancy is one thing but losing control of what you eat is something that you should always keep in mind. Some women crave so much fast food that they couldn’t keep a check on their weight. If your 18 week old fetus is overweight, you should realize that something is going wrong.

Note that you are going to gain 1 to 2 pounds almost every week from now onwards. Keep your diet healthier and natural. By the time you are 18 weeks pregnant weight gain is not the prime focus. You must have lost all the motivation to work out by now. But if you plan these few months carefully, you would not have to become one of those very obese moms out there.

Workout routine for this week

Workout and Exercise during Pregnancy

How Kylie Jenner did give birth to a baby, and then posted her bikini pictures after a few weeks? That is not difficult for anyone if you are really determined. Make these little changes when you have a little weight inside you as an 18 week old fetus.

Your body is stretching and gaining weight. You can either let those fats develop and make your body all sloppy, or you can build a little bit of muscle so that getting back to normal weight becomes easier. Walking every day is recommended but do not forget to lift a few weights as well. Eat proteins and the job is done.

Getting back in shape could be a very hectic task; many mothers give up on it after a few days. But a planned pregnancy can save you from all the extra effort.

18 weeks pregnant symptoms

You are almost half way through now. Things were easier for some time but the growing baby is putting a lot of pressure on your organs. This pressure along with the hormonal imbalances is creating certain uncomfortable conditions for you. The good news is, knowing about the symptoms can help you in reducing their effect as well.

Swelling in hands and feet

Have you ever wondered why pregnant women have those swollen feet? Well, that is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Some women become too conscious about this swelling but it is completely normal to have it.

You should not be worried about a little and gradual puffiness in hands and feet. But if it happens instantly, you might want to consult your doctor too. Most of the times, swelling is accompanied by little pain as well. But severe pain could be a problematic symptom. Tell your doctor about all these things if they make you uncomfortable.

Cramping in legs

Are you forgetting to drink enough water again? We understand how everyone tells you that it is important to drink a lot of water daily, but to be honest it is a difficult task to remember doing it every day. Due to the persistent lower back pain 18 weeks pregnant women do not like getting up and working at all, even to get some water for them.

If you do not drink enough water during pregnancy, you are more likely to get leg cramps. It is one of the most reported symptoms of the second trimester. As a matter of fact, it is completely avoidable and curable too. Whenever you feel cramps in your legs, it’s a signal to get up and have a glass or two of water.

Bleeding Nose

This might sound new, but in fact, it is very common among the pregnant ladies. Pressure on your veins makes your nose bleed. It happens with many people during summers as well, if you are one of them you won’t be scared at the sight of blood.

If you have not ever experienced a nosebleed, no need to get worried. All you have to do is to apply an icepack and pinch your nose for a few minutes. If the problem persists, consult your doctor and get it checked too.


Sitting on the toilet seat and calculating whether you should pressure your poop out or not, would it be safe for the baby? Well, it’s a sign that you have constipation. It would happen again and again due to the changes in your digestive system.

Keep some good laxatives with you and take them regularly to avoid the inconvenience. Ask your doctor to recommend something helpful. The best way is to have Psyllium Husk every night; the fibers in it will not let your constipation return.

Varicose vein

Do you see purple colored veins popping out of your skin? They are uncomfortable at times and look very bad as well. A lot of pregnant women develop this condition called the varicose vein and no one is particularly happy about it.

This happens because of the pressure on your blood vessels due to increased blood volume. Avoid tight clothes to prevent this condition. Also, start changing postures daily and do not let the pressure on your body develop more than a certain limit.

Your sex life during the second trimester

An 18 week old fetus shouldn’t stop you from living your time. This is the best time to enjoy the last few baby-free weeks with your partner. Taking care of the newborn baby is a complete 24/7 job to do. You will feel so exhausted all the time that your partner might start feeling very distant and depressed because of it.

The best idea is to enjoy this time. Have sex and stay close to each other. There is no such thing as unsafe sex during the second trimester unless it hurts. Actually, it is highly unlikely that pregnancy will change your comfort level towards sex. Stay high on life, it’s a roller coaster ride and the next turn is going to blow away your mind.

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