17 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

17 Weeks Baby is the Size of Pear

You have entered the next week of pregnancy and are now going to experience the symptoms of a seventeen weeks pregnant lady. You are going to experience an entire set of new symptoms. In this article, we will tell you about baby movement at 17 weeks, the baby position at 17 weeks and so many other aspects that are unique to this week. Happy Reading!

How far along are you?

Around this week, time might seem to be crawling right now. You must be thinking that you’ve been pregnant for so long now and yet you have months to go.

Time will definitely look slower but as of this week, you’re in the second month of the second trimester. You are now just a few weeks away before you complete one half of your pregnancy. If you are seventeen weeks pregnant, you are almost there to finishing the first half of pregnancy.

What is happening to your baby when you are 17 weeks pregnant?

Your baby goes through many changes in this week. From the increase in its size to the formation of new body parts, some of the changes are described as follows:


Fingerprints form in the seventeenth week. Do you want to know an interesting fact about fingerprints? No two people in this world have the same fingerprints. Cool, right?

This is the week where your child gets its own identity with respect to fingerprints. The lines and creases on its palm and soles and little fingers and toes, all are different. Not only do these fingerprints create a separate identity for your kid, but also they help in creating grip in its palms.

Fat storage

This process begins to happen in the baby’s around the seventeenth week. Fat storage is a way of preparing the body for the outer world. The baby can later burn the fat whenever needed. Fat storage also makes the baby skin thicker.

This mechanism is going to help your baby a lot in the later life in the cases where it’ll be dependent on stored reserves for energy.

Thickening of the placenta

The placenta is the only source through which the baby gets its nutrition from the mother. When you are seventeen weeks pregnant, the placenta begins to grow longer and thicker. This event occurs to maintain the necessary supply of oxygen and nutrients to your baby.

Baby position at 17 weeks

If you want to know about your baby position at 17 weeks then the answer can never be definitive. Basically, your baby can be present anywhere from below the belly button inside your pelvis. By this time uterus gets roomier and baby can be present in any position.

Baby movement at 17 weeks

Your baby moves a lot when you’re seventeen weeks pregnant. By the seventeenth week, the baby gets plenty of space to move around. Even while observing your baby on an ultrasound, it constantly moves. Baby movement at 17 weeks can sometimes make it very difficult to have an ultrasound.

Your body at week 17

Your body experiences a new set of symptoms in this week. It is important to have an understanding of these symptoms.

Round ligament pain at 17 weeks

Round ligament pain at 17 weeks is the most distinct symptom of this week. With the increasing weight of your baby, the pressure on the surrounding ligaments increases.

This can be lowered by sleeping on your left side rather than on your back. You can also opt for a maternity belt to support your belly weight.

Skin pigmentation

You might experience a condition called “melasma”. 50-70 percent of women with their 17 weeks belly get brownish or blackish spots on their face. Melasma is often referred to as the mask of pregnancy.

Hormonal changes that occur when you are seventeen weeks pregnant are believed to be responsible for these spots. The best way to save yourself from pigmentation is to avoid sunlight.

Sciatic nerve pain

Women can get pain radiating from one hip throughout the length of the leg. This happens when a nerve called the sciatic nerve gets pressed. This is an abnormal symptom and is believed to occur due to compression of this nerve by your large uterus.

Hunger, sweats, and cramps

These symptoms are going to remain consistent throughout your pregnancy and also marked in this week. Your daily calorie requirements increase and so does your hunger. Try to keep your weight in check during this duration.

Increased sweating and abdominal cramps are also prominent when you’re pregnant with a 17 weeks belly. All of these symptoms are totally normal and can be kept in check with proper discussions with your doctor.

Ultrasound findings when you are seventeen weeks pregnant

17 Week Pregnancy Baby Movement
17 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound

“Where is my baby at 17 weeks in my belly?” is a question that is often asked from us. You can know the baby position through an ultrasound. But doing an ultrasound can be tricky on your seventeen weeks pregnant belly.

Your baby moves a lot inside your uterus so it often becomes difficult for the doctor to know the exact location. Hence, the doctor tries for many points on your belly to get a clear image of your baby.

Size of the baby

The baby equals to the size of a turnip inside your seventeen weeks pregnant uterus. This size can be clearly seen on an ultrasound and roughly equals five inches long from head to bottom. An ultrasound is a very helpful tool to monitor your baby’s growth. We suggest you go for an ultrasound for at least once or twice a month.

Sex of your baby

Yes! You heard it right! You can FINALLY know the sex of your baby. Although the reproductive organs form way before the seventeenth week but they are too small to be seen on an ultrasound. Starting from the week seventeen, you can ask your doctor if you are having a boy or a girl! We bet that now you really like being pregnant, right?

You can also read our other articles for the gender reveal ideas!

Your 17th-week checklist

Parental Massage during Pregnancy

Being pregnant can put you in some stresses. It is, therefore, necessary that you prepare beforehand and cross the following things off your checklist:

Book for a prenatal massage

There’s nothing a good massage can’t fix. Book a massage for yourself and try to relax. Always choose a well-known masseuse who you trust. Tell your masseuse that you’re pregnant (if he/she is silly enough to not have guessed it already). The masseuse will adjust the pressure points accordingly and you will have a great time.

Splitting duties

It is very necessary for the early pregnancy that you begin to split duties. Having a discussion with your partner is very healthy. You must split your duties before the arrival of the baby to stop any inconvenience.

Start learning how to cook

We’re equally as feminists as you are but learning how to cook never hurts. This is going to help you a lot on the arrival of your baby. You and your partner can take cooking classes together. It can be another fun activity you can do with your spouse during pregnancy.

Start searching for baby names

Now that you can know the gender of your baby, your search for baby names can get narrower. There are many websites and books through which you can learn exciting and unique fun baby names.

Have a happy seventeenth week.

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