16 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

16 Weeks Baby is the Size of Avocado

How much is 16 weeks?

Time is flying so fast, you are sixteen weeks pregnant which means almost three months and three weeks have gone already. You must be feeling your baby inside you by now. But the energy levels are still at the top. This is the time when the little one is going to grow fastest.

The most exciting part about being pregnant at 16 weeks is that you are likely to feel your baby kick for the very first time. This would be a sign of a healthy movement of your child. Sit back and notice carefully because you do not want to miss this special first kick at all.  

What does your baby look like by 16th week?

16 weeks pregnant ultrasound

16 weeks old fetus is almost a complete human but much smaller in size. At this time, your baby is as big as an avocado. He is four and a half inches in size and weight around three and a half ounces.

During this week your baby has his limbs developed almost completely. Baby’s heartbeat at 16 weeks is clearer and faster. His heart is able to pump 25 quarts of blood daily. As time passes, the heart of the baby will start growing stronger and pump better.  

For a baby at 16 weeks ultrasound, can make you listen to its heartbeat. Its toenails are growing and the muscles have made its activity even more noticeable. And the best part is that your baby can hear you from now onwards. This is the time you start chatting up and bonding with the tiny human inside you.

Your sixteen weeks pregnant body

If you are one of those lucky moms who could look just normally fat by the 16th week of pregnancy, your time must be up already. Now people can easily guess that you are pregnant and some time has passed already. Your uterus has risen up and reached almost below your navel. That bump is more prominent than ever now.

At this point, the fear of getting out of shape might jump right in. But you should not get stressed at all. You have a legitimate reason to get fat. And trying to control weight can harm your baby’s development too. Eat as much as your body needs. Enjoy this time to the fullest.

Weight gain during the second trimester

Okay, we understand! You have been eating normally but you have noticed a sudden weight gain that cannot be explained by the amount of food you eat. The start of your second trimester is almost the beginning of getting those extra pounds on your body.

Unnecessary weight gain could be because of some hormonal imbalance too. If you find something weird happening to you, consulting a doctor is the best option. But how would you know that the weight that you are gaining is normal or not?

How much weight gain is healthy when you are sixteen weeks pregnant?

If you are a normally overweight woman, your baby weight would distribute evenly around your body. Any extra energy that you get is being stored in your body. It is important to watch out your weight in this case.

An increase in body fat might make you intolerant to insulin for some time. This would create a whole new set of problems and you would have to watch your diet even more vigilantly. That is to say, it is a better way to exercise and keep a check on yourself rather than getting ill in order to realize.  

A healthy way to watch your weight

Now let us come to the point. If you are facing a problem of weight gain, how are you supposed to fix it? Keep these simple tips in mind to avoid any problem.

  • Stop eating processed food and junk food. This does not mean that you have to eat tasteless food. Try to make small changes. Substitute roasted meat instead of fried one. Try to cook at home and stop eating food from restaurants.
  • Try to control your cravings by finding some healthy alternatives. There are a lot of hygienic food services that can deliver ready-made healthy food at your doorstep. Consider all your options to find out the best solution.  
  • Eat a lot of vegetables to make you feel fuller with lesser calories consumed. They have all the required vitamins with lesser sugars and calories. You can eat them raw or make a salad. Start getting creative to satisfy your taste buds and stay healthy at the same time.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. This will reduce the effects of bloating and you will start feeling slimmer within a few days.
  • Exercise religiously. This one you can’t miss no matter what.

Sixteen weeks pregnant symptoms

Breast Growth during Pregnancy

Mid of your pregnancy is approaching soon. The symptoms might change every once in a while. When you are in your second trimester of pregnany the harsh and uncomfortable symptoms are at their lowest. Some of the things that would still bother you are easily controllable. But most importantly, there are certain perks of pregnancy too, like shiny hair and beautiful skin.

Breast growth

Some women love their breasts a bit heavier, if you are one of them then it would be like a dream come true. By the end of the second trimester, your breasts would be almost ready to feed your baby. Even when you are sixteen weeks pregnant, your breast size has increased a few cup sizes already.


Have you noticed that you have started forgetting things a lot lately? You carefully put something important in a safe place but now you do not remember where that safe place is? Well, nothing to be worried about. This is one of the symptoms that you will notice when you are sixteen weeks pregnant.

This is called pregnancy brain and many women face this condition. The exact cause of this forgetfulness is not known but it could be linked to your genetics.

Discomfort in eyes

There are so many things in your life that have changed just because of your hormones. Having dry and itchy eyes in yet another sixteen weeks pregnant symptom and it is caused by hormonal changes too.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you get itchy eyes. You should not be scratching them as it could lead to damage of sensitive layers in the eyes. The best way to deal with it is to use eye drops. Consult your doctor to get the best solution for your eyes.


When your uterus is taking a lot of space in your belly, things are likely to get messed up. In the sixteen weeks pregnant belly, bowel movement is affected because of the pressure on the digestive system. To deal with resulting constipation, you should eat a lot of dietary fibers and keep your water requirements fulfilled.

At times, taking some laxatives could be very helpful as well. Some doctors recommend taking laxatives regularly. Constipation during pregnancy can be very painful and it is better to prevent it before it happens.

Beautiful glowing skin

You must have heard about glowing pregnancy skin. But it didn’t turn out well during the first trimester. Those pigmented patches must have been bothering you. But as you are sixteen weeks pregnant now, the hormones will start working in your favor. You will get that beautiful glow on your skin that would make this time even more enjoyable.

Back pain

Experiencing back pains when during this time is quite normal. But it is very uncomfortable to live with it. You would feel constantly exhausted because of this pain. This is another reason why you should hate your hormonal changes during pregnancy.

To deal with the constant back pain 16 weeks pregnant mothers should start exercising regularly. Keep your muscles moving and stretch them daily. Taking painkillers might help too but do not overuse them.  

Are you preparing for a gender reveal party?

Let us accept this, you no longer care much about where is the baby located at 16 weeks. Instead, your new curiosity is to know the gender of the baby. Most probably your next ultrasound is going to reveal the gender. But should you keep this exciting news revealed in such a low key way?

This is the time you should be preparing for a gender reveal party. Go and get some new dresses. Invite all the family and friends and make this evening worth remembering. You can plan different fun activities for the party. It is not necessary to always use pink or blue frosting in the cake. Get creative and look out for ideas on the internet.

We understand that this time is a little bit stressful and arranging a party becomes a burden at times, but you should not miss these little moments of enjoyment that you would remember for the lifetime. Enjoy whenever you can.

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