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15 Weeks Baby is the Size of Orange

Fifteen weeks! 105 days! 9,072,000 seconds! Can you believe this much time has passed already? And this is the number of seconds for which you’ve kept a baby inside your belly? Can you believe that the little one is going through 15-week baby development? We cannot believe it either!

How many months equal fifteen weeks of pregnancy?

Fifteen weeks of pregnancy means that you are into the second week of the second trimester. 15 weeks pregnant in months equal to three months and two weeks. You are slowly moving towards completing the first month of the second trimester. Time is moving fast, isn’t it?

But the faster it moves, the better. Pregnancy surely has its ups and downs but you have to stay focused and keep moving forward.

15-week baby development

It is in these weeks that the growth of your baby occurs very fast. Many important organs and systems begin to form or the organs that have formed already, begin the process of maturation. 15-week baby development undergoes as follows:

Development of skeleton

Formation of a human skeleton is a complex process and requires days to weeks in order to develop. This week involves the formation of the skeleton. If you were to take an x-ray of your baby right now, you could see cute little bones or shadows. Imagine your baby running with those tiny legs. We know you’re getting a little teary and so are we.

Thin skin

Even though the skin is formed by the fifteenth week, it is still pretty thin. The blood vessels are visible beneath the thin skin and you can clearly see the red lines. It takes time for the skin to thicken but by the fifteenth week of pregnancy, the whole body is covered by skin.

Preparation for the outer world

15-week baby development also involves the preparation of your baby for the outer world. Baby kicking at 15 weeks is one of the signs. Your baby also practices gulping, sucking and other reflexes necessary for its survival in the outer world.

If you feel something striking your belly, it’s a good sign. Baby kicking at 15 weeks is very healthy. It is an indication that your baby’s brain and limbs are working perfectly fine. You can also keep a “kick count” and tell your doctor at the next appointment.

Sucking reflex is another milestone in 15-week baby development. That way, your baby will already know how to suck milk when you breastfeed it. Are you surprised over this detailed process of baby development? We can’t say much about you guys but we sure as hell are really surprised.

A full grown (but tiny) human

15-week baby development marks its presence by converting your baby into a complete human form. Now, the baby’s body is in proportion. The legs, arms, and head are in sync with each other. The head is no longer bigger than the rest of the body. Upon doing a scan, all of these details become visible and you can clearly see your baby’s body.

What to expect from your body at 15 weeks?

Increased sex drive during first trimester

Everything is uphill from here onwards; and by everything we specifically mean your weight. Oops!

Along with 15-week baby development, your body grows in order to fulfill your baby’s needs. There are many changes happening in the fifteenth week. Some of them are described below:

Increased sex drive

Do you feel horny and want to go at it all the time? Does your husband look super-hot to you these days? That’s totally normal. Apart from the fact that he might be putting extra efforts into looking good for you, your sex drive is increased in the fifteenth week of pregnancy.

This happens because of high levels of certain hormones in your body. You might be thinking if there is any harm to the baby if you have sex? The answer is no. We have a complete guide on sex positions you could use during pregnancy. So, there’s no harm in having sex during pregnancy.


15-week baby development brings a pile of headaches for you as well. You will feel dizzy for a lot of time. It is in this week that the blood supply to your baby is increased which causes less blood to reach your brain. This leads to headaches and feelings of light-headedness. Try lying down for some while when this happens and consult your doctor if you sense something wrong.

Heartburn and gassy stomach

These are one of the most frequent issues you will face in the upcoming months of pregnancy. With 15-week baby development, your baby grows, enough to put pressure on your stomach. This gives you heartburn and gassy sensation and might make you uncomfortable especially in your sleep.

Try avoiding oily and spicy food in this period and drink milk as much as you can to prevent acidity.

Pregnant belly

“How big is uterus at 15 weeks?” is a question often asked by pregnant women. To be honest, there is no particular scale as to how big your uterus actually is. But when 15-week baby development happens, your belly definitely begins to grow. This is when you REALLY begin to look pregnant.

There are some cases where fifteen-week pregnant bump doesn’t show. The growth of your baby bump depends upon many factors such as your original weight and height. Go see your doctor if you feel any abnormality in your bump as soon as possible.

Ultrasound at the 15th week of pregnancy

15 weeks ultrasound
15 Weeks Ultrasound

Your baby equals the size of an apple by now. It is about 4 inches long on an ultrasound. You can clearly see its legs bigger than the arms and head smaller than the rest of the body.

Not only can you see the size of your baby, but you can also see its movements. The baby shows movements at hip joints, knee joints, shoulders, and elbows.

Why is having an ultrasound necessary?

Having regular ultrasounds is very important throughout the course of pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and create a schedule for regular ultrasounds. This is the only way by which you can keep a visual record of your baby’s progress. It is especially important after the first trimester in which the details of your baby are relatively clearer.

Your doctor can diagnose any abnormality beforehand and you can proceed accordingly. We know you just lost your breath for a minute but calm down. Your baby is going to be fine.

Must have tests in the 15th week of pregnancy

Following are the tests you and your doctor must consider to monitor 15-week baby development:


Amniocentesis is a procedure through which the level of fluid inside your uterus (amniotic fluid) is measured. It is a very reliable marker of 15-week baby development and must be done in this week.


The recommended tests for any sort of infection must be done so that you know that your baby is safe. Catching an infection in pregnancy can be life-threatening for you as well as the baby. So it’s better to steer clear of any UTIs, STDs, etc.

Blood pressure

15-week baby development can bring with itself the complication of high blood pressure. This usually begins to show around the twentieth week but it is safe to monitor blood pressure from the fifteenth week.

If your doctor detects any problem then you must make a plan immediately. High blood pressure can cause many serious complications later on.

To do list for the 15th week of pregnancy

There are many important things that you should take care of in the fifteenth week of pregnancy. They are described as follows:

Rest frequently

Try to take as much rest as you can. It can prevent the development of many complications later on.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is the key to sound development of baby.

Sign up for group support/community programs

Try to engage yourself in groups made up of people going through the same journey as you are. Developing a sense of community can be a big stress reliever.

Light exercises

Always start with meditation and yoga. Stay away from the positions that can suppress 15-week baby development.

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