14 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

14 Weeks Baby is the Size of Apple

How long is 14 weeks?

Here you are, fourteen weeks pregnant; it’s been almost 3 months now. First trimester and the morning sickness is finally over. Things will get easier for the next few months now. This is a very important time in your pregnancy because you are most active and productive during the second trimester of pregnancy.

It is the best time to give vent to your excitement and start shopping for the baby. Within a week or two you will also know the gender of the baby and this is a very exciting time.

Also, this is the best time to get started with regular exercise classes if you haven’t started yet. Take advantage of this smoother time and do all the things that you planned to do.

What does your baby look like by 14th week?

14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

By the time you are fourteen weeks pregnant, your baby is as big as a peach. It is almost double the size that he was still the last week. He weighs 1.5 ounces and 3.5 inches in size. The speed of its growth is very fast already.

You must have noticed that your 14 weeks old fetus has started moving a lot inside you, although you might not be able to feel it quite often. Its neck is growing and it stretches its body inside you. This movement might make you uncomfortable at times, but this is an extremely exciting feeling as well.

If you are interested in your baby’s body changes during pregnancy week by week then this might excite you. Now your baby is growing some hair too. These are called lanugo and they are meant to keep it warm. Hair will grow all around its face but they will soon go away. Only the hair on eyebrows and head will remain there when the baby would be born.

Your fourteen weeks pregnant body

This is surely the time that you and your body are going to enjoy. The morning sickness is gone already. Your fourteen weeks pregnant body does not need to pee again and again like it did in the first trimester.

Now is the time when you can’t hide your baby bump as a bloated belly anymore. Your uterus is now moving a bit up and it’s coming into your 14 weeks belly.

Another reason that you are going to enjoy when you are fourteen weeks pregnant is that your breasts won’t be as tender as the first trimester. Things will be easier and your body will feel more energized.

You will feel sexually very active during the next month or two. It’s a good time to connect with your partner. Many couples are afraid of the lack of privacy when they are pregnant. It is a good idea to enjoy before the baby comes.

Are you worried about weight gain?

What was the first thought that made you worried as soon as you got pregnant? Like many other women, you must be scared of getting those extra kilograms on your body after getting pregnant. No matter what you are told, it is not that easy to lose weight even after pregnancy.

When you are 14 weeks pregnant weight gain would also become an issue. This is the time when you can gain a lot more fats than you should. It is important to keep a check on your cravings. You have to get the proper nutrition but you cannot eat more than what you need.

When you are fourteen weeks pregnant you still have a chance to control yourself. Don’t let yourself eat a lot of junk food. Choose healthier ways to get nutrition. Besides a healthy exercise routine will help you in losing weight within a few weeks after pregnancy.

Fourteen weeks pregnant symptoms

If it is easy, doesn’t mean that it is not uncomfortable at all. There are some things that will bother you when you are fourteen weeks of pregnant too. After all, you are still pregnant. These uncomfortable feelings are not that intense and proper care will make you feel easy and free to do whatever you want.

Breast growth

Your breast is still growing when you are fourteen weeks pregnant. But the uncomfortable feeling would go away by now. From the fourth week of pregnancy till the 7th week, your breasts were getting tenderer. It was painful and touching them was very difficult too. But this discomfort ends by the end of the first trimester.

The second trimester will make your breasts bigger and the tenderness will decrease. The color of the nipples might get darker. Your body is currently producing and storing a lot of colostrum. It is a precursor of breast milk. Guess what! Your body is equally excited to welcome your baby as you are.

Increased appetite

This is the time when you will start eating a lot more than what you need. When women are fourteen weeks pregnant they are under the impression that they can eat whatever they want because they need energy. To some extent, this might be true, but overeating can cause severe complications later.

You need to understand that obesity can make delivery very difficult. Weight gain during pregnancy is also linked to miscarriages. At times many women miss the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms of miscarriage and have to face trouble later on.

Besides, a fat baby would not be easily delivered normally and you would need a c section. Keeping all these things in mind, it would be easier to control your appetite now.

A lot of energy

No more tired mornings for you now. You will get up with all the energy that you need. Fourteen weeks pregnant women have a lot of extra energy that makes them want to do exciting things. We would not recommend you to waste this energy. It would be a good idea to plan a trip with your partner and do some other fun activities.

During the second trimester, you would also feel sexually very active. It would be great to have some romantic things planned for yourself and your partner. After all, what could be a better way to use this energy if not in bed?

Round ligament pain

That sudden stabbing pain in your pelvic region might be bothering you while you are fourteen weeks pregnant; this is because the growing baby is causing the round ligaments and other muscles to stretch. This would cause sudden pain in the abdomen.

If the symptoms of round ligament pain are getting out of your hands, it’s better to see a doctor. Book your appointment and feel free to ask whatever questions are in your mind. Understanding what is happening to your body can make you worry less and become stress-free and relaxed.

Shiny and thick hair

Voila! This is the best thing that you can get. Who in this world does not have hair problems? It is one of the biggest issues that women have. But not anymore!

When you are fourteen weeks pregnant, your body will be supporting your hair growth very well. They will be getting all the required vitamins and minerals. Hair will grow thicker and shinier. There won’t be any bad hair day now. Style them the way you want and feel perfect.  


Unfortunately, this problem is not going anywhere. Although the intensity might be low, you will still get cramps while you are fourteen weeks pregnant. Drink a lot of water and you will have negligible symptoms of 14 weeks pregnant cramps.

Do not forget your exercise. If you are stretching every day, you might not get cramps at all. It’s all about your will and effort to stay healthy.

Divide the responsibilities already

Having a baby was an exciting decision. You are impatiently waiting to move forward from this fourteen weeks pregnant stage to the time when you have your little one in your arms. But this is not going to be very easy.

It is an unfortunate reality that all the responsibility of taking care of an infant falls on the shoulders of the mother. But this is modern time. Your partner might not be an entitled male who wants to leave everything on you.

You should talk to your partner and divide the responsibilities, especially if you are a working woman. You should negotiate over time when your partner would stay with the baby. If you leave these things on the future to decide, probably you would be burdening yourself.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that apart from breastfeeding there is nothing that a father cannot do.

For the first one month after delivery, you would be totally exhausted and that is the time when your partner must take a small maternity leave too. He should know that he might have to change the diapers and put the baby to sleep.

When both parents take care of the baby he would clearly grow up to be a better person. You are not just bringing a small child in this world; he is also going to be a part of this society. His upbringing as a good person needs the attention of both his parents and both of you should be ready for this.

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