12 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

12 Weeks Baby is the Size of Lemon

An average normal pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks. We know that is a lot of weeks. But if you keep track of your weeks individually and set little goals for each week, this time will not seem too much. Continuing the tradition, we’re here with your weekly guide on week 12 with special emphasis on 12 weeks pregnant bump.

How far along are you in your pregnancy?

By this time, you must’ve heard the term “trimester” for an awful lot of time. We think it is necessary that you know what it is.

What is a trimester?

Your nine months of pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. Each trimester consists of three months. Baby at 12 weeks gestation is completing its first trimester. This means that you are three months pregnant and will be showing a 12 weeks pregnant bump.

What does the completion of the first trimester mean?

This means that you have completed one-third of your pregnant journey. Showing at 12 weeks is a sign that your 3 months pregnant baby size is according to its age. Completion of the first trimester also means that your kid has developed into a teeny tiny human being with the organs of a 12-week baby.

How does a 12-week pregnant bump look like?

12 Weeks Pregnant Bump

We know that one question is definitely revolving inside your mind. You’re probably wondering how much you are going to be showing at 12 weeks of pregnancy. Well, to be honest, 12 weeks pregnant bump is not as big as you might think. Some experts say that the size of your belly at 12 weeks gestation is equal to a grapefruit. Well, that grapefruit might be big or small and depends upon a number of factors.

Number of pregnancy

If this is your first pregnancy then 12 weeks pregnant bump will be prominent. You will begin to see the outlines of your baby’s body at 12 weeks gestation.  But if this is your second or third pregnancy, you might show a little less. The muscles of your belly have already stretched out from previous pregnancies and your bump might not be prominent.

Your weight

This is sometimes a big deciding factor in showing at 12 weeks. If you’re skinny, you might show earlier but not too much. Similar variations can be seen if you are chubby. All we’re saying is that 12 weeks pregnant bump shows in different sizes.

Changes in your body at 12 weeks

Along with showing at 12 week pregnancy, many other changes will also occur in your body. They are explained as follows:


We’re sorry to break this news to you but 12 weeks pregnancy stage brings with it bursts of headaches. We don’t know the exact cause yet but the stress of pregnancy alone on your body is strong enough to cause these headaches.


If you find your pants or trousers stained with clear white discharge, it is a good sign. Role of this discharge is protective. It stops infections from entering your body. But if the color of discharge changes to green, blue or if you sense any smell, contact your doctor immediately. You might have caught an infection.

Status of your morning sickness

You can finally take a breath of relief when your 12 weeks pregnant bump begins to show. This is the week from where your morning sickness will lessen. Yes! You heard it right!

Your prayers have finally been answered. The status of pregnancy hormones week by week changes and it is the 12th week where your hormones finally allow you to feel better.


Spotting at twelve-week pregnancy might have different meanings. It could be worrisome and at the same time, I could mean nothing. We suggest that you contact your doctor in case of spotting to keep your bump safe and sound.

Your baby at 12-week pregnancy

“How is my baby at 12 weeks?” is a frequent thought that could cross your mind. Whenever you see your belly, there are a million questions that you would want to ask. We’re here to answer all of those questions.

Increased activity

In the 12th week, your baby is going to be more active than before. It is in this week when the reflexes of your baby will increase. Are you confused about what that means? Increased reflexes simply suggest that now your baby is more active and when stimulated, will show reflex movement. Exciting, isn’t it?

Development of brain

Brain and spinal cord are the organs which control reflex responses. These responses can only be shown if there is a well-developed brain. So it is only logical that the development of the brain also occurs in the 12 weeks gestation period.

Development of the brain is a huge step forward for your baby. Brain, being the most important organ of a person’s body, controls everything and now your baby has one. Three cheers for your baby!

Digestive system

In this week, your baby’s tummy is going to be formed. Not only its stomach but other organs such as intestines, liver, and pancreas also develop. It’s a big week for your little one, isn’t it?

12-week fetus ultrasound

12 weeks pregnant ultrasound gender prediction
12 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender Prediction

Upon doing an ultrasound scan of your 12 weeks pregnant bump, you will notice that the movement and activity of your baby have increased. You will feel kicks on your belly and those kicks can also be seen on 12 weeks fetus ultrasound.

If the doctor strokes on your belly with a light object, you will clearly see a response from your baby’s body in the form of a kick. That’s your baby telling you that its brain is intact and he’s doing just fine in there.

3 months pregnant baby size

Another finding that you could see on an ultrasound is the size of your baby. Your baby is roughly equal to the size of a plum inside your belly. If the image on ultrasound suggests otherwise then there might be something wrong with your baby. Did you just lose your breath for a second? Hey! Calm down. Your doctor can notice any problem with the ultrasound before you do. So, don’t worry and let your doctor do the rest.

Things to consider in the 12th week of pregnancy

With the showing of 12 weeks pregnant bump, there are a few things that you should start doing and some habits that you must stop practicing. They are described below:

Healthy diet

Although there is no particular time to start a healthy diet, you must always eat healthily. However, in the 12th week, you must begin to watch out for your diet. When the second trimester starts, your baby will need a lot of energy. So if you want your 12 weeks pregnant bump to successfully convert into that of the thirteenth week, LEAVE THAT PIZZA RIGHT NOW AND GRAB A BOWL OF FRUITS!

Start doing Kegels

You must start doing these easy exercises in order to make your pelvis strong. Simply hold your breath and contract the lower muscles of your belly as if you were stopping yourself from peeing. Hold for a few seconds and then release. Perform these steps at least twice or thrice a day for 10 minutes and you’ll notice a difference.

Remove toxicity from your life

You know what we are talking about! Yes, that annoying coworker who constantly nags you about your due date, toxic relatives continuously asking you about the gender of your baby or even a habit that makes you feel bad about yourself later on; it’s time to leave all of that behind.

The 12 weeks mark the end of the first trimester. Take the start of your second trimester as an opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

What are stretch marks?

These are the marks produced on your body due to stretch. Stretch marks appear at different times in different ladies. They usually begin to appear when the 12 weeks pregnant bump becomes prominent.

Stretch marks can be seen on hips, buttocks, belly and even your breasts. They are formed due to excessive stretch on your skin and give an impression of skin thickening. Formation of stretch marks is totally normal and you should not worry about them.

Are stretch marks reversible?

Sadly, no! Stretch marks cannot be reversed. They might fade away with time but never go away on their own. Though you can use substances like Vitamin A, Aloe Vera and coconut oil on your stretch marks, they cannot be completely eradicated.

But hey! Embrace your motherhood and your body. These marks represent your femininity so wear them with pride.

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