11 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

11 Weeks Baby is the Size of Lime

11th week of pregnancy

The first trimester of your pregnancy is about to end soon. You are eleven weeks pregnant already and probably have lived this time to the fullest and enjoyed yourself. First pregnancy is definitely one of the best times in a woman’s life. You are creating a new human being inside your belly, isn’t it amazing?

But how much is 11 weeks in months? It is almost 2 and a half month already by the time you are eleven weeks pregnant. Things will start feeling like a routine from now onwards. You have completely absorbed the news. Everyone has lived their excited phase already. It is the time you can relax. Within a few months, you would have a small baby to take care of. No matter how eagerly you want to have it, the fact is that is a bit hectic thing to handle. Enjoy this time as much as you can.

What does your baby look like by 11th week?

11 weeks pregnant ultrasound
11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

It is almost time for your 11 weeks baby in womb to have developed completely. He would be a small little human being within a few weeks and then it will take some months to grow. At this time your eleven weeks pregnant baby has grown as big as a lime which is almost 1.6 inches.

Baby’s head is almost as big as his body at this point. This would change eventually and he will normalize. The baby weighs almost a quarter of a pound. Still very small but his organs have started working already. This cute little human will grow very fast from now onwards.

Your eleven weeks pregnant body

Changes in the body when you are eleven weeks pregnant depend upon the mother. Some women start gaining weight by now, while others still look very normal. If you work out regularly and keep your body toned, chances are that your stomach is still not recognizably pregnant.

The women who rest a lot can gain weight very fast. At times this excessive weight gain can lead to complications in the end. Keeping yourself well-nourished and healthy at the same time is very important to have a healthy pregnancy. When you are eleven weeks pregnant you will have following clear changes in your body.

The belly

Every woman has her own specific time to start growing belly. Most of the time the bump you might see on your belly is because of the bloating and gas that you would frequently get while pregnant. Women who are pregnant for the first time, do not normally show a baby bump when they are eleven weeks pregnant. This is because the skin on your belly is tighter. 11 weeks pregnant size of your belly is almost similar to your normal belly size.

The common reason as to why you might have a prominent baby bump when you are eleven weeks pregnant is that you might have twins growing inside you. Is your belly making you suspicious that you are going to have twins? If you get 11 weeks ultrasound twins would be visible by now. So get it checked and be ready for two guests instead of one.

The breast

One of the most prominent changes in your body would be the size of your breasts. They would not only get stiff when you are eleven weeks pregnant but also the size would increase noticeably. This is because of the changing hormone levels that will make the glands in your breasts grow so that you are ready to feed your baby as soon as he is born.

You need to go shopping for new bras now because old ones won’t fit in. But make sure you do not overbuy anything because this increase in size won’t stop until the next 30 weeks.

Eleven weeks pregnant symptoms

Nausea during Pregnancy

The best part of your pregnancy is just here. No morning sickness and uncomfortable feelings to keep you exhausted all day. But some of the things will persist till the end. Out of all the uncomfortable things that you might have to face during pregnancy, the following are the ones that eleven weeks pregnant women might have to go through.


Indigestion and heartburns are not going anywhere soon. You have to be very careful with your eating patterns. Do not eat anything too spicy and try to keep your meals smaller. Eating until you are full can make the heartburn even worse.

Include certain supplements in your diet to prevent heartburns from getting worse. Milk of magnesia can be very helpful in this regard. But consulting a doctor is very important as well.  


No doubt that pregnancy is not an easy thing. You feel pains in different parts of your body. There are regular discomforts that you are going to face and fatigue is the worst of them all. There is no need to push yourself harder if you do not feel that you have the energy to do it. Sit back and relax for some time. Rest can make this fatigue go away.

Your body will need more nutrients than normal when you are pregnant. If you are not taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals, it can cause extreme fatigue as well. If things seem to go out of your hand and you find yourself extremely tired all the time, ask your doctor to give you the right kinds of supplements.


Nausea and the followed morning sickness would be under control this week, but the heartburn can make you nauseous for some time as well. But this feeling is going to go away soon. Buck up mommy! You are doing all this for your baby!

Vaginal Discharge

Pregnancy becomes weird at times. You will see weird stuff happening to you. Watching random discharges from your vagina might not surprise you anymore. But these can get messy at times. It is a good idea to stock up on some panty liners. These discharges are going to be with you for some time now.


It gets embarrassing at times when you randomly have to fart a lot more than you would usually do. And these farts and burps could be smelly too. This is because you are frequently going to have gas problems now when you are eleven weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy hormones affect our digestive system and make the smooth muscles in your gut to relax. This is going to slow down your digestion and a lot of gas would be produced inside your stomach. But you can try to deal with this problem by avoiding foods that produce more gas.

Stay away from sweets, desserts and vegetables like cabbages, beans and legumes. Try to drink more water and eat fiber-rich foods.

Cramping in legs

Do you wake up at night because of a painful leg cramp? It is huge trouble to face these stiff muscles and pregnancy makes cramping even more frequent. Apart from the round ligament pain, 11 weeks of pregnancy will bring leg pain with itself.

Try drinking a lot of water and do stretching exercises. These will make your muscles relaxed and help with the painful cramps as well. Frequent stretching can help you in avoiding leg cramps all together as well.

Skin Darkening

Hormonal changes are going to mess up with your appearance a lot. When you are eleven weeks pregnant you might find discoloration and pigmentation on your skin. This is because of the hormones that are produced during pregnancy. These will go away after some time but you have to face them for a few months even after pregnancy.

Eleven Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasounds must have become a routine by now. Doctors will keep on checking whether or not your baby is growing perfectly. At times ultrasounds can help in the diagnosis of many diseases. 11 weeks fetus ultrasound might not be that much informative, but it can inform you about many dangerous complications if they exist.

In your 11 weeks, pregnant ultrasound gender would not be clear but you will get to know about it within a few weeks from now. The best news that you can get is that in the 11-week ultrasound twins can be seen clearly. If you are one of those lucky parents, get ready because welcoming two babies need more preparation than one.

Time for a babymoon!

The second trimester of pregnancy is just about to start. This is going to be the easiest time of your pregnancy. But after all this is over, you will have to give all your attention to the newborn. This means you would not get time to bond with your partner in quite some time.

This is the best time for you to plan a trip and go for a babymoon. Enjoy your time without having to worry about your baby. During the second trimester, you would be sexually and emotionally very active as well. You need some time off and you have to plan it now.

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