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10 Weeks Baby heartbeat

10th week of pregnancy

You are 10 weeks pregnant already. But how long is 10 weeks? It is almost two and a half months of pregnancy. Time must have flown very fast by now. All the ten weeks pregnant symptoms are very obvious for anyone to see now. If you are one of those people who do not like sharing this news with anyone, you can’t hide it for any longer.

But the best part about the 10th week of pregnancy is that the signs of morning sickness have started to get milder. You are about to enter into your 2nd trimester of pregnancy within a few weeks now.

This will calm down a little bit from here. You have already absorbed the news by now. You are happy and relaxed and things are getting into a routine. Maybe this is the time to start planning things for the newcomer.

A few more weeks and you would know the gender of your baby as well. But you do not have to let your excitement wait for any longer. We would recommend you to buy unisex things, after all a baby doesn’t really care about the colors you buy for it. The key is to enjoy and keep yourself happy.

What does your baby look like by 10th week?

10 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Like every mother to be, your mind must always have this one thought going on, “What does my baby at 10 weeks looks like?” You can’t go and watch your baby every single day to know what is happening. But the process of development of the baby is very similar in almost all the pregnancies.

The changes in the 10 week old baby are very speedy. He is growing every day and changing with every passing moment. The 10 week old baby is as big as a strawberry.  Following are some of the changes that your baby might have gone through.

The organs

One of the most prominent features of baby development 10 weeks is that his heart has started beating already. Other organs like eyes and ears have taken shape as well. The internal organs are also in making. But they still have a lot of time to get formed completely.

The limbs

From this week, the hands and feet of your child have started developing. Fingers are growing longer. The web between two fingers has also started disappearing. Within a few more days, the baby would start moving his fingers too.


Your baby is too small right now and you will not feel his activity any time soon. But the limbs of the baby have developed a lot by now. He can move himself a little bit. You still have to wait for some more weeks until you can start feeling his movements inside you.

How much the 10th week of pregnancy has changed you?

As a pregnant woman, you must be thinking about these two things all the time “The growth of my baby week by week” and “How pregnancy is changing me”. On one hand, the growth of the baby is very fast but the apparent ten weeks pregnant symptoms are slower.

Most of the changes are positive. This is because your diet has improved a lot during this time. The hormones in your body will act in favor of your femininity. Having better skin and better hair would make you find this time even more exciting.

You would finally start looking pregnant by the 10th week of pregnancy. Some of the prominent changes that you would see in your body include changes in your skin and belly.

10 weeks belly

It’s finally the time when you have started growing it like a pregnant woman. Your uterus has now grown bigger; about the size of a large-sized orange. This means that a little bump would be one of the ten weeks pregnant symptoms.

10 weeks pregnancy symptoms

This is a happy time for you now. The signs and symptoms of the first trimester including the uncomfortable feelings of nausea and dizziness will start disappearing. But some uncomfortable symptoms would still persist. Relatively, this is the easiest time of pregnancy.

Some of the pregnancy symptoms are not very persistent. But why do pregnancy symptoms come and go like this? This is because of the fluctuations in hormones. The levels of changing hormones decide the appearance of many symptoms. Some of the ten weeks pregnant symptoms are as follows.


The size of your baby is increasing. With this, the size of the uterus and other organs also change and this puts pressure on your stomach. This makes the muscles in your stomach squeeze and the acids might flow back causing heartburn symptoms.

It is easy to deal with heartburn out of all the ten weeks pregnant symptoms. Take care of your eating habits. Do not fill yourself up a lot. Keep on drinking enough water. These habits will reduce the discomfort to a greater extent.


The child is yet not in your hands and you don’t have to wake up all night because of his crying but you would still be exhausted. Exhaustion is one of the worst ten weeks pregnant symptoms. This is because your body is already doing a lot of work inside. This will make you tired all the time. It is very important to take proper rest when you are pregnant.


Having stomach gas is one of those problems that you should not expect to go away. This is one of the ten weeks pregnant symptoms that won’t go away until the end. You have to deal with the discomfort but taking proper medication can help you a little bit too. Avoid the foods that produce more gas in your stomach. Taking care of your diet and noticing the changes is very important during this time.


The blood volume will increase with the growth of the baby. This is going to put pressure on your blood vessels and you will feel headaches quite often. It is a good idea to not take a lot of pressure. Try meditating and keeping yourself calm. You still have a long way to go mommy.  

The brightest one of the ten weeks pregnant symptoms

The signs of morning sickness have started disappearing already. You might feel a little nauseous once or twice a week in the morning. Morning sickness is not considered to be an important one of ten weeks pregnant symptoms. Now you will wake up more active than you did in the last few weeks. Largely this is because of the changes in diet and exercise.

It’s time to get new clothes

This is the time you should go out and start buying some new clothes. Old ones must be very tight by now. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will not stop changing. Your size will increase with every passing day. This means that buying too many clothes can put you in a trouble.

There are two options for you here. Either you should buy only a few new clothes, or buy the ones that are very loose and they would be used in the last month too. One thing that mothers do not understand is that you can still dress up while you are pregnant. Wear the clothes you like and keep your fashion game strong. 9 months are too long a time to wear basic clothes.

Work out during the 10th week of pregnancy

pregnancy workouts routines
Pregnancy Workouts Routines

Work out will not lose its importance until the very end. You might feel that you are unable to keep yourself regular at home. Find a class for a workout where you can go daily. There are many special workout sessions for pregnant women that you would want to take.

Also, this is a very important time for the couple to bond. You should talk to your partner and join some couple’s activities during pregnancy. This time is precious and you do not want to miss anything important at all.

10 weeks pregnant ultrasound:

Your appointments with the doctor must be regular from now onwards. It is important to make sure that you report any unusual symptom to your doctor. If something wrong is happening and you observe any symptoms of miscarriage at 10 weeks, you should talk to your doctor.

Your doctor would get your ultrasound done as well. The little baby inside you would be more prominent than ever. What could be a better sight than watching your little one growing inside you?

10 weeks pregnant ultrasound might also help you with diagnoses of any problem whatsoever. This is important for a healthy pregnancy.

You are ready for prenatal genetic testing

This is probably the right time to get your prenatal testing done. These tests would make sure that your baby is genetically normal. At this time, you can get to know about the genetic disorders that might be harmful to the baby.

You can decide to abort it if there is some serious problem with it. But this is also a great chance to be sure that you are having a healthy child growing inside you. These tests are very important and no parent should skip them at all.

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