All the things you need to know about C section

all you need to know about c section

All the things you need to know about C-Section:

What is a C Section?

The first question that pops in your mind must be “How to recover from C section?” But let us understand a few basics first. C section or caesarian section is the procedure by which the doctors would make an incision in your belly to deliver a baby out. But why is it called a caesarian section? This is because this technique is named after the story of Julius Caesar who was pulled out of his mother’s belly according to ancient history. This is a very common procedure and many women go through a C section instead of a normal delivery.

Why C section is chosen instead of Normal delivery?

C section is not a preferable type of delivery. Doctors always try that the baby is delivered by the normal labor process unless it is important to perform the C section delivery. The most common reasons for your doctor to recommend you a C section are that your baby is not in the right position inside your belly or there are other complications that might make it difficult for you to have a normal delivery. These complications might include having twin babies, high blood pressure of the mother, etc. If you are one of those women who gets really scared by the idea of delivering a baby normally, you don’t have to worry. You can also ask your doctor that you want to get a C section and get surgery instead of normal vaginal delivery. Also, we are always here to guide you on how to recover from C section if you just had one.

What is done to your body in C Section?

C section usually takes 45 minutes. You do not have to worry about the C Section pain as your lower body would be made numb during the surgery. Although mothers are awake during the procedure they do not feel any discomfort while the baby is being delivered. The doctors will cut your belly, take your baby out and then stitch you back. You might be wondering how many C sections you can have. Well, the number is not fixed but it is advised to not have more than 3 surgical deliveries.

Is C Section Painful?

This is the question that makes most of the mothers to be very scared. But giving birth is such a pleasant experience that you forget all the pain. Although the operation would be completely painless due to the local anesthesia after 18 hours the effects of all the painkillers will go away and you start feeling C section pain.  This is when the painful phase starts. But you can take some painkillers to ease the pain of the wound. But what matters more is the knowledge of how to recover from C section.

Recovery from C Section:

If you are to undergo surgery soon or you already have your baby delivered by an operation you must understand how to recover from C section. It takes almost 6 to 7 weeks to recover from a C section. The most important thing after any surgery is to take care of the wound. You should take all the precautions necessary for your speedy recovery.

·       Days in Hospital:

After C section delivery, you will have to stay in the hospital for a few days. You will be moved to your room after the operation where the hospital staff will keep a check on you. Things like your blood pressure and heart rate etc. would be monitored carefully. You will have machines attached to your body which will collect the urine and you would not feel the need to go to the bathroom. After a day these machines would be removed and within a few days, you would be allowed to go home.

·      Going home after C Section:

After you go home you have to take care of yourself until you recover completely. Take a shower within a few days is good but you should make sure to not rub the wound. You will only have a paper bandage on your wounds which you have to replace regularly. Make sure that you do not lift anything heavy until the wound heals completely. Taking all the precautions after c section is very important for a better recovery.

·      Taking Care of your newborn baby:

All the new moms have the responsibility of taking care of their newborn babies as well. But in order to recover after c section, you have to make sure that you get help with this task. You can hold your baby too but you should not be moving a lot. Make sure to keep the wipes and diapers by your side and always have someone to assist you while taking care of your baby.

·      Coming back to the normal lifestyle:

Coming back to the normal lifestyle after the C section is a slow process and it will take your time and effort. You have to stop considering yourself an ill person and start moving. Medical experts recommend that you do a little exercise or walk after a few days of your operation. This will reduce the recovery time and you will start feeling better too.

·      Bleeding After C Section:

You will have to wear a pad for the next few weeks because you would be bleeding even if you had a C section delivery. Many people have this misconception that they bleed only after the vaginal delivery but that is not the case. Your body has to remove the extra growths of your uterus that grew inside your body during the pregnancy. But the time period of this bleeding will be shorter than the one after a normal delivery.

·      Having Sex after C Section:

Everyone has a different rate at which they start recovering. But mostly it is okay to have sex after 6 weeks of your C section delivery. You have to consider your emotional and physical feelings and talk to your partner about it. Components of how to recover from C section has communication between partners as the topmost priority. ALSO READ: Best sex positions during pregnancy

Tips and Tricks for fast recovery:

There are a few tips that might help you in C section recovery and also help with the C section pain. If you will follow these tips, you will be able to decrease your recovery time and will start feeling better within a few days.

·      Take a lot of rest:

We understand that having the responsibility of a newborn baby on your head won’t let you sleep and take rest properly. But you should take a nap whenever you can. You should not stress yourself out. The easiest way is to sleep whenever your baby is sleeping. This will make it easy for you to take the proper rest.

·      Take care of your Wound properly

Taking care of your wound is probably the most important part of your C section recovery. You should make sure that you clean it up regularly and look out for any redness or extreme pain in it. Post-C section period can infect your wounds if you don’t take care of them properly.

·      Be Careful with your body:

You should not be lifting anything heavier than your baby. You should avoid the stairs as much as you can during the recovery time. Putting extra stress on your body can be very harmful to the new mothers after a C section delivery.

·      Exercise Regularly:

Many women just stay on their bed for a long time after C section. Medical experts highly discourage it in their response to “How to recover from C section?”. Because this can delay the process of your recovery. You should make sure to start exercising a little bit after a few days and be regular with it. You will feel all the positive effects on your body soon.

·      How to prevent scarring after C Section:

One of the main concerns in how to recover from C section is that of the scar. Your wound might recover after a few weeks but, as it is obvious, it will leave a scar behind it. The scar will also fade away with time. At times some women lose feeling in the area or the scar but it also returns after a few more weeks. You can apply certain home remedies or massage your scar as well in order to make it go away faster.

Side Effects of C Section:

All of the women who have to go through C section delivery are concerned about the side effects of C section. Although these side effects are not that severe they will affect you after the surgery.
  • You will feel shaky and dizzy for some time.
  • You might get painful constipation and you regularly have to take stool softeners.
  • Many mothers lose a lot of blood during the surgery. This can cause blood deficiency in them.
  • You might feel headaches, vomiting, and itching.
  • Lastly, there are chances of postpartum depression and detachment after C section.

When do you need to call your doctor urgently?

Taking care of yourself after the C section is very important and you should urgently look for medical help if you feel any one of the following symptoms is happening to you.
  • Prolonged fever.
  • Redness and swelling around the wound.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • A lot of breast pain.
  • Unusual discomfort and pain while urinating.
These signs might tell you about one of the major side effects of C section, i.e. infection. You not only have to make sure that you prevent infection completely, but you also have to consult a doctor immediately if you start feeling that you might have gotten one. Taking care of yourself is very important after any surgery, both for you and your baby.

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