Safest sex positions during pregnancy

safe sex positions during pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

So you just got pregnant a few days ago, does this mean no sex for the next nine months? Whenever it comes to pregnant women and sex, most people believe that it is not an option to have sex during pregnancy. But, to your surprise, this is not the case.  There are some safest sex positions during pregnancy that you need to know about. Having sex during pregnancy is completely safe and healthy. In fact, your sex drive might increase during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes. As far as the safety of having sex is concerned, until it is easy and comfortable for you, you can have sex the way you like it. But, there are certain recommended safest sex positions during pregnancy to keep things easy and safe for you.

Sex during different phases of pregnancy

There is no specific time period in pregnancy when you cannot have sex. Although during the last few weeks of pregnancy, it might become difficult for you to have sex. But until it is easy for you, you can do it the way you want to. However, there are certain good and, in fact, safest sex positions during pregnancy that will make it easier for you to not feel uncomfortable while doing it. There are total of three trimesters of pregnancy, and if you will follow some special pregnancy sex tips you will enjoy your time in a better way.

First Trimester

This is the time when your body has not changed a lot. The most common question that the newly pregnant women have for the doctors is, “Is it safe to have sex during the first trimester?” The answer simply is, YES! You can. And no, this won’t hurt your baby or cause miscarriage at all. Although it might be a little uncomfortable for you to have sex during the first trimester due to morning sickness and nausea, but if you are feeling good about it, you should go for it.

Second Trimester

The second trimester is the best time to have sex and that is why it is often called the honeymoon period of pregnancy. Sex during the second trimester is both comfortable and more pleasurable at the same time. It is the period when your body will be more sensitive to touch, including your nipples and breasts. It is also reported that at times women get their first ever orgasm while having sex during the second trimester of pregnancy due to the increased sensitivity of the body and increase blood flow.

Third Trimester

Having sex during the third trimester is very healthy and soothing as well. Many women are concerned about having early labor because of sex in the third trimester but this is not the case. Although third-trimester sex positions should be chosen wisely because the size of your belly can make it uncomfortable for you to have sex; but some safest sex positions during pregnancy eliminate this possibility as well making sure that you can have sex in a safe and healthy way.

Safest sex positions for pregnant women

Many doctors and researchers around the world have suggested different positions for having sex during pregnancy but the key is to understand what is most comfortable for you. You should talk to your partner and communicate for the best experience. Following are some of the best sex positions while pregnant.

Spoon position

In this position, you have to lie down on your side while your partner is holding you from the back and penetrating from behind. This is one of the best third-trimester sex positions as it will not let your belly make the sex difficult for you at all. The best part about this position is that your partner’s hand will be free to stimulate your clitoris as well. But this position will allow a relatively shallow penetration. If you like deeper penetration, this position might not work for you. But for the women who feel like their body is sensitive during pregnancy, a shallow penetration can prevent any pressure and pain in the first place.

You on top

The most difficult part of having sex during pregnancy is that the size of your belly makes it difficult for both you and your partner to be comfortable. When you sit on his top, you can prevent your belly from coming in between you two. This position allows for a deeper penetration for the people who like it. This position is suitable for all three trimesters of pregnancy. In this position, you do not have to open your legs too wide making it more comfortable. On top of it, your partner can watch you while having sex and this could be very stimulating for both of you. It is reported that most women love this position because it gives them the most pleasure and it is one of the safest sex positions during pregnancy as well.

Side by side

During this sex position, you and your partner will lie down on your sides facing each other. Side by side sex position is more suitable for the first two trimesters. Third-trimester sex positions should not include your belly coming in between you otherwise you will feel uncomfortable during sex. This position does not need a lot of energy and it is easy to decide how much penetration you want in this position. Moreover, this is also a very helpful way of experiencing better intimacy as you can easily kiss your partner while having sex.

Rear entry

This position is suitable for all three trimesters but it is, most importantly, one of the best third-trimester sex positions. You can use a pillow to support your body in this position and this will prevent the belly bump from coming between you and your partner. This position does not put any pressure on your body and you can safely have sex whenever you want. Although having rear entry sex gets difficult if you have swollen wrists, but in that case, you can support yourself against a wall or a couch.

On the edge of the bed

This is one of the most intimate and best sex positions while pregnant. You have to lay down by the edge of the bed and open your legs while your partner bends over you. This position can help you to have control of your own body and move according to what feels right for you. Moreover, you will be facing your partner and hence this position will be more intimate for you and your partner.

Reverse cowgirl

This position will not only be safe and easy for pregnant women but it will also make the whole activity more pleasurable and fun for you. You can control the depth of penetration and the rhythm of sex, hence making orgasm easier for you. You will sit on your partner while facing his toes and move on top of him. This position keeps the baby bump out of the scene and makes sure that sex is fun and comfortable for the pregnant woman.  All in all, this is one of the safest sex positions in pregnancy.


This position is the best while having sex during the second trimester. Although it works well in first and third trimesters too, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable to have sex in this position during the third trimester due to the size of your belly. In this position, you have to join your legs together and put them over your partner while he lies down on his side. This is one of the safest sex positions during pregnancy and is easy while you do not have to exert a lot of power while having sex in this position.

Tips to have safe sex during pregnancy

Although you have all these safest sex positions during pregnancy to make sex easier and safer for you and your partner, there are certain pregnancy sex tips that will ensure that you do not have to face any bad consequences of having sex during pregnancy. It is advised to not lie on your back while having sex during pregnancy like in the classic missionary position. This can cause the blood flow towards the head making you uncomfortable and dizzy. You should also know that it is at times normal to have bleeding or spotting after having sex but if you face anything like this, you should consult your doctor as well. There are certain times when you would want to call a doctor in an emergency, these include,
  • Pain after having sex.
  • Too much bleeding
  • Any other physical issue that makes you uncomfortable.
Taking good care of yourself is very important to have a safer and healthier pregnancy. ALSO READ: Best sleeping position during pregnancy

Reasons to not have sex during pregnancy

There are certain times when the doctors advise the couples to not have sex during pregnancy. But this happens rarely. The reasons to avoid sex during pregnancy include incomplete or abnormal placenta and other complications relating to pregnancy. If your doctor asks you to not have sex, it is advised to be open with him and ask him about the details. You would want to know whether you have to avoid just the sexual activity or you have to stay away from any kind of sexual arousal at all. Being open and asking questions can save you from trouble later on and make things better for you and your partner.

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