How to treat morning sickness during pregnancy

morning sickness during pregnancy
One of the very first few signs of pregnancy includes morning sickness and how to treat morning sickness is the first question in the mind of every woman. A pregnant woman is bound to have nausea or experience vomiting through the early days of pregnancy. Morning sickness during pregnancy is not restricted to the early morning and it can occur at anytime of the day. Most of the women stop experiencing it after the first trimester but until then, it is a pain that you will have to deal with. If you are pregnant or you’re supporting someone through pregnancy, you must’ve realized by now how it works. The early morning sickness, not wanting to eat or drink anything or vomiting whatever that has been eaten can cause a lot of distress to the expecting woman. Morning sickness during pregnancy is natural and there is nothing for you to worry about. In case, you experience excessive vomiting and cannot manage to keep the food down at all, you might want to consult your doctor and get a proper checkup. The doctor may suggest a treatment for the persisting nausea and it will work out fine if dealt with on time. Morning sickness is experienced by 50% of pregnant woman during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It Is the very first signs of being pregnant along with a missed period. Morning sickness is a result of increased hormones in your body. According to a research on, morning sickness during pregnancy is considered healthy for the mother and the baby. The doctors say it is a sign that the placenta is developing, and it is good for the growth of baby. Morning sickness can be daunting which is why there are several ways through which you can attain relief.

Why do women have morning sickness during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several changes. Every change has a certain side effect that is not known by anyone. Simply, there can be plenty of reasons why pregnant woman experience morning sickness, but nobody knows what exactly triggers it. Some possible causes of morning sickness have been enlisted below,

Rapid rise of estrogen

During your nine months, especially in the early days of pregnancy, estrogen level in your body rises rapidly and slows down as you move ahead. This is considered one of the many reasons why you experience morning sickness during pregnancy.

Enhanced senses, especially smell and sensitivity to odors

The hormones of a pregnant woman are on the verge of exploding during pregnancy or even during the monthly menstrual cycle. Researchers and doctors say that the hormones heighten the smelling sense of women. This is why you could smell a delicious burger that’s being cooked four blocks away. This could also cause nausea, but nobody can say which scent triggers it.


Stress is another cause of nausea. Your body is changing and there is nothing under your control anymore. This causes a lot of stress to many woman and thus, also triggers nausea for a few.

Upset stomach

A pregnant woman craves food even when she has just eaten a full steak. Eating too much or not eating at all can also cause you nausea and vomiting. Not exercising or going for a walk after eating also causes stomach disturbance resulting in vomits.


For some woman, fatigue causes fever. Due to excessive work and no rest, you can also experience nausea at times. Rest during pregnancy is very important and waking up fresh is also highly essential. If you do not wake up fresh, chances are you will be having a bad day. So, these were a few reasons that may or may not trigger morning sickness during pregnancy. Morning sickness and early morning nausea isn’t harmful if it isn’t excessive. But in case, the vomiting gets out of control and you feel really sick, you need to consult your doctor.

Are some women subjected to feel morning sickness during pregnancy more intensely than others?

Every pregnant woman has her own experiences when it comes to pregnancy. Some experience major cramps during early days, some have swollen feet, some feel dehydrated while some don’t feel anything at all. Some women always ask why they experience morning sickness severely while others don’t! Every condition varies from person to person and we cannot say anything for sure. This means, some women are subjected to experience morning sickness during pregnancy more intensely while some may not experience it at all. There are countless reasons for that. Our bodily functions may slightly differ from one another. Every medication and treatment affects an individual differently. So, we have compiled a few reasons that may explain why you feel sick early in the morning more intensely. You are subjected to feel morning sickness with greater intensity if you have similar circumstances as mentioned below:

You have a history in family of morning sickness

Your mother or you sister may have a previous experience of morning sickness. Experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy can be hereditary. So, if you have a previous history in the family, you may be subjected to it more severely.

You’re pregnant with twins.

Carrying twin babies isn’t an easy job. It requires a lot of strength and patience. Your body requires resistance and it may cause acute morning sickness as well.

You have a history of taking birth pills

If you have been taking birth control pills before, you may experience morning sickness during pregnancy as a side effect of that.

You get motion sickness

Do you get nausea while you drive, or while you are in the car? Those who have motion sickness experience morning sickness more consistently.

You have migraine

Migraine is another condition that may add up to your morning sickness. These are a few conditions that may explain why you get morning sickness so severely. If you have any of these conditions, that explains your question of why not other woman feel severe nausea as you do.

How do you treat morning sickness in pregnancy?

If you have been looking for ways of how to get rid of morning sickness, we may have a few suggestions for you. Morning sickness during pregnancy is inevitable and you cannot take medication for this. But what you can do is try these little suggestions to relieve morning sickness. Here a few tips for dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy.

Take smaller portions of meal

We are not going to suggest starving yourself in order to solve your issue about how to treat morning sickness. You require your strength to carry your baby and for that you need food. We only ask you to eat small amounts instead of big portions. Eat often but eat small. It’ll help your metabolism boost and you will not feel any sort heaviness. Most importantly, eat the right foods during pregnancy.

Don’t go to work

Do you work daily but during your pregnancy, there is a great chance that you may wake up and not feel good. So, instead of conquering the day, just stay in and rest. Otherwise, at the end of the day you will still be worried about how to treat morning sickness and still get no answers. You’re pregnant and you need to take care of yourself. If you don’t feel like working, then don’t work. Simple as that.

Make use of a fresh scent

Fresh scents always ease up nausea. Always place a fresh scent or a perfume that you like nearby. Whenever you feel that you may vomit, smell it and let the soothing sensation take over you. It will also drift your mind off of stress and nausea will go away.

Talk about your morning sickness

Just because you have to deal with it on your own doesn’t mean you need to be alone all the time. We are here to guide you on how to treat morning sickness. First and foremost, talk about it to someone, your spouse or best friend and let them know how you feel. Talking about what you’re going through really helps to relieve tension and stress.

Drink lots of water

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Also, drink fresh juices and eat fresh fruit. It helps your stomach stay healthy and fit.

Don’t eat junk food

As much as you love burger or a pizza, now would be the right time to stop eating them Trust us, if you have been finding answers to how to treat morning sickness, here is a bitter truth; these are the foods to avoid during pregnancy as much as you can. During pregnancy, your metabolism needs to work right and fatty foods are hard to digest. It may add up to your nausea and vomiting so it is better to avoid.

Have breakfast in bed

Do not get off from bed just as you wake up. Stay there and rest. It triggers nausea at once. Have breakfast in bed before you get up. It will help you get rid of morning sickness.

Stay well-rested

Take a nap whenever you feel over-worked. Try to rest whenever you can and do not exhaust yourself. Staying well-rested is an extremely important component in the list of how to treat morning sickness during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.


In the list of how to treat morning sickness, meditation holds a significant value. Taking your mind off your nausea may be difficult but it is another way for getting rid of it. Meditate and yoga, take proper guidelines before trying it. It really helps in relieving morning sickness, especially if done in a natural environment.

Give breaks between your meals

Do not overeat or use liquids while eating. Provide yourself some break before you eat again so it digests. Also, do not go lie down on the bed once you have eaten. Take a walk and let the food digest so that you don’t end up with a heavy stomach. These were a few tips on how to treat morning sickness that will help you to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy. We hope this article enables you to deal with your morning sickness. If you have any questions that you’d like answers to, feel free to comment below and we will get back to you.

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