Trying to get pregnant? Here are few things that you need to consider

Thinking about having a baby? Well, that is great news for you and your family. But before you go ahead with that, let’s talk about what to do when trying to get pregnant. Pregnancy isn’t something one can know completely. The life and body changing experience you have for 9-months is going to tell you a lot regarding the Dos and Don’ts of having a baby. But the first child, as they say, is always difficult to have, you need to prepare yourself from the experiences of other people. Google is filled with content that is going to tell you all about the things you need to do when trying to get pregnant. But if you’re looking for some solid insight. We are glad to be here for you in time of need. Getting pregnant isn’t easy. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind, activities to avoid, food to not eat and so much more. We have compiled some tips for you along with a list of other important points, if you keep them in perspective, you’ll be able to conceive in no time at all.

What are the things you need to consider when trying to get pregnant?

There are a number of things that create confusion for people who are trying to have a baby, such that how often does one have sex when trying to conceive, what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, what vitamins should a woman take, what vitamins should a man take when trying to conceive, and so on. If you pay necessary attention and be careful enough in the beginning, you’ll be getting rid of fertility and health issues regarding your own health and your baby’s. Your routine and habits, before you get pregnant, is what’s going to determine the lifelong health of your baby. People do not really understand this, but fact of the matter is that mother’s health is what determines how healthy her baby will be. Whether she is eating healthy or not, is she active enough or not and whether she is careful enough or not; everything matters. Your actions are going to determine what kind of pregnancy you will experience. Is it going to be a daunting one or an easy one! Many women, today, suffer through the condition of PCOS, many suffer through depression, others have difficulty while conceiving, some do not have the strength. All of this can be put an end to only if you are careful enough before you conceive. Here are a few things we would like to tell you to keep in mind, before we discuss all of them in detail
  • Quit smoking if you do
  • Consider taking important supplements
  • Figure out which days you’re fertile
  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Maintain a healthy sex life
  • Try to remain stress free
  • Abstain from drinking alcohol
  • Stay active
  • Maintain a balanced diet
As mentioned above, these are a few tips that you need to keep in perspective once you have decided you want to conceive. Let’s talk about them in a lot more detail.

Seek help and quit smoking

First and foremost, ‘smoking is injurious to health’ and it’s time you paid attention to this quote. Did you know smoking affects your fertility? and when we say your, we mean men and women. Smoking also affects the DNA of your baby. One of the common cause of complications during pregnancy is smoking. So, if you want to have a healthier baby, you must seek help and quit smoking at once.

Consider taking supplements

Do you have any weakness? Iron deficiency? Or do you lack certain vitamins that are necessary for the body? Some women lack Vitamins or have glucose deficiency. It is always essential to fulfill that need of your body. Consider taking supplements and complete the intake. You can always go for fruits and other natural supplements that are available in the market. Milk is an important source of protein and iron, bring that into your routine.

Figure out which days you are fertile

You must monitor your menstrual cycle and figure out how long it lasts. Majority of the women have their menstrual cycle of 28 days. The ovulation happens 14 days prior to your next period. This means that your ovulation will start on the 14th day of every cycle. You will be most fertile on the 12, 13 and 14th day of your monthly cycle. Have sex with your partner during these days to increase the chances of getting pregnant. You can also make use of certain positions to increase the chances even more. Another easy way to calculate your monthly cycle and figure your ovulating days is by using a period calendar. You can find plenty in Appstore or Google Play and they help out perfectly.

Reduce caffeine intake

Intake of too much caffeine can increase your risk of having a miscarriage. This isn’t just for women but for men as well. Caffeine is also harmful to the health of a developing baby, that is why it is one of the foods to avoid during pregnancy. If you and your partner are planning to have a baby, bring your caffeine intake down to 200mg per day. Not more than this.

Maintain a healthy sex life

Excessive or lesser use of anything is harmful. This also applies to your sex life. Maintain a healthy one and try to get checked for any STD’s beforehand. You can also try certain sex positions when trying to conceive. You may have heard the best sex position for getting pregnantis missionary or keeping the butt elevated. This helps the penis reach the cervix easily and thus, increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Try to remain stress-free

Some women get very stressed when they are trying to conceive. Of course, it is natural because you’re about to go through the experience of a lifetime. And not just women, men also face stress, and it may cause them to lose their erection during intercourse or get no erection at all. Try to remain stress-free and do not think too much about it. It is going to happen when it is supposed to. All you can do is try and hope for the best.

Abstain from drinking alcohol

If we are talking about foods to avoid when trying to conceive, alcohol is on top of that list along with substance abuse. Alcohol is extremely harmful to your and baby’s health. It also affects the fertility in men and women; so if you have been trying to conceivebut haven’t been able to because you use alcohol in your routine, that could be the reason. During the first trimester, most of the women don’t even know they are pregnant. Baby’s brain develops during these months, so you must quit the use of alcohol if you have been actively trying to conceive. We hope this sorts out your misconception regarding alcohol during pregnancy.

Stay active

Stay active and exercise normally. Go for a walk daily and try to lose weight if you happen to be overweight. Some women face problems because either they are underweight or overweight. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a normal routine.

Balanced diet

Have you heard there are a lot of foods that you should quit eating if you’re trying to conceive? We will talk about that as well but first, let’s just say, maintain a balanced diet. The best foods for getting pregnant include taking vegetable proteins, wholegrain, and unsaturated fats. But if you are a fan of cakes, biscuits, and burgers, eat them but only once in a while. Try to remain as healthy as you can and don’t think too much about the food you must eat.

Why is it important to avoid some foods and supplements if trying to conceive?

The fact that food and fertility are linked, it is as true as anything else in the world. It is highly important for you to say goodbye to certain foods and eatables because they are not just harmful to your health but to your baby’s health as well. It is always better to avoid some foods when trying to conceive instead of facing complications later. We will not exaggerate the situation, you do not need to stress if you have eaten any of the following foods recently but just to be safe, make sure you avoid them in the future.

Here are 5 foods to avoid when trying to conceive.

  • Soda
  • Low fat dairy
  • Deli meat
  • Bottled and canned drink
  • Raw animal products
This was all we had on things to consider when trying to conceive. Pregnancy is a miracle and it is a woman’s greatest privilege to experience it. Make sure you experience it in just the right way and do not end up hurting your baby or yourself. These are the smallest things that you will understand as you go through your 9-months phase but if you act upon the tips we suggested, you will be doing just fine. Make sure to avoid these foods and act upon what we suggested. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will happily get back to you.

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