Health Benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and the baby


Why is breastfeeding necessary

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in this world. It is the first point of contact between a mother and her child after giving birth. The health benefits of breastfeeding are so many that it is very important for mothers to breastfeed their babies.

Healthy family and emotional satisfaction are the biggest reasons to breastfeed your child. Are you a new mother and don’t know about the health benefits of breast feeding and have certain doubts about it? Well look no more because we are here to tell you what are the benefits of breast feeding.

Benefits of breastfeeding for the child

The health benefits of breastfeeding for baby are countless. It is the first baby-food that you will feed to your newborn. And trust us when we tell you that nothing can be better than breastmilk as the first thing that goes into your baby’s tummy. Breast milk is a liquid and is the perfect choice as the first source of nutrition. Its liquid nature makes it easier for the baby to swallow and shows many health benefits for baby, as listed below.

Protects against immune related diseases

The self healing system of the baby’s body is weak when it is born. It is possible that certain harmful elements in the body start a reaction and cause the baby’s body to harm itself. This is where the health benefits of breastfeeding play their role.

The first batch of  breastmilk is very essential for the baby. It is called “colostrum”. It can make your beautiful baby stronger and protects it from any internal harm that can occur. So while there is a chance of such possibilities, breastmilk protects your baby.

Reduces the risk of several infections

As mentioned before, your baby is born weak. And it requires certain help to make its immunity stronger. Feeding breastmilk is the best way to do that. It gives enough energy to the baby to make itself stronger so that it can fight off infections.

As compared to the babies which are fed cow milk or formula milk, breastmilk fed babies are healthier and are at low risks of infections. It can protect from ear infections, chest infections, stomach infections, etc.

Protects against various allergic diseases

This is a very interesting health benefit of breastfeeding. Since the baby has lived inside a mother’s body, it can recognize breastmilk very well and does not reject it as compared to other varieties of milk which are new to the baby. Feeding breastmilk protects the baby from allergic reactions which can occur if other unknown nutritional sources are given to the baby.

A baby is very little and weak to fight an allergic disease. Therefore, it is important that all mothers take care of this aspect and not feed anything new to their babies in the early months.

Less risk of stomach upset

We know that nothing makes your heart skip a beat faster than when your baby cries. And most of the times its because of stomach pain. And you often think that diet you’re giving to your baby is so simple to cause him pain.

Well, we have some news for you. No matter how simple a diet you give, it can still cause stomach upset. The only thing that is totally safe for your baby is your own milk.

Brings baby closer to you

As soon as you begin to feed your baby, the baby begins to recognize your face. And doesn’t it make your day when your baby looks at you with his shiny eyes and smiles? The baby will always look towards you whenever it is hungry, learning your face and touch.

Makes your baby smarter

According to a scientific study, if you do not breastfeed your child, it can decrease its intelligence by 5% And that is a lot! Don’t you want your baby to be someone with beauty and brain? So ladies, don’t hesitate to breastfeed your child.

Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother

There are health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers as well. Breastfeeding is so amazing that it helps the baby as well as the mother.

Lowers the risks of cancer:

Among the health benefits of breastfeeding, prevention against cancers is a significant advantage. Breastfeeding protects your body from some types of cancers. By milking your child, the chances of having breast cancers can decrease. So breastfeeding helps your baby and protects you from serious diseases too. Amazing, isn’t it?

Heals your body after delivery

Breastfeeding after delivering your baby causes your body to heal faster. It can decrease vaginal bleeding and help your internal organs to come back to their normal size. And we know that there’s nothing more than you want than feeling normal again. This is one of the biggest health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers.

Prevents post-partum depression

“Postpartum depression” might be a very strange term for you right now. But almost every one out of three mothers experiences sadness and detachment from their babies after giving birth. Those blues that you feel, they’re real and we believe you. One of the best ways to get rid of these feelings is to be closer to your child by breastfeeding.

Acts as a natural birth control protection

The health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers are countless. As long as you are breastfeeding your baby, you cannot get pregnant. Yes! You heard it right! It means no more monthly pills or harmful devices inside your body. Just keep breastfeeding your baby and stop worrying about getting pregnant again.

Saves you money

We already know that having a baby doubles or sometimes triples your expenditures. By breastfeeding your baby you can save the money you would’ve spent on formula milk otherwise. Besides, formula milk is not even as healthy as breast milk.

Brings you closer to the baby

Breastfeeding your baby reminds you of the nine months for which you kept it inside your body. It makes your bond stronger with your baby and is one of the biggest benefits of breastfeeding. And what on earth is better than the maternal love for your baby, right?

Decreases the risk of diabetes

Though there are chances for mothers to get diabetes in pregnancy, breastfeeding works the opposite. If you breastfeed your child your chances of developing diabetes decrease.  It also decreases the amount of bad fat into your body which is exactly what we want. Aren’t we right, ladies?

What is extended breastfeeding

It usually means breastfeeding after the age of 12 to 24 months. Experts recommend that you breastfeed your child for 6 months exclusively and then for 2 years along with other food.  There are many benefits of extended breastfeeding which are mentioned below.

Benefits of breastfeeding after one year

Emotional bonding

The memory of a child starts to form after 12 months of age. It starts to acknowledge his father, mother, and surroundings. Studies have shown that children who were breastfed after one year of age showed much better emotional bonding with their mothers. This is a benefit of breastfeeding for the mother and the baby.

Stronger immunity

 Breastfeeding after one year keeps helping the child to develop natural power to fight the germs. It also gets richer in proteins and minerals. Hence, your baby grows faster and gets sick very less often.

Nutritional values

After one year some babies don’t like the usual food that the mothers feed them along with breastmilk. This can make them weak and stop their growth. So to fulfill your baby’s nutrition according to its growth, breastfeeding is really important.

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What happens to your body when you breastfeed your child

Health benefits of breastfeeding your child are many. This whole phenomenon can cause some changes in the body.

Normal body functions

Breastfeeding releases some hormones in the body. These hormones help you move towards normal body functions which were modified during pregnancy and make corrections in your internal clock.

Weight loss

Also, among other health benefits of breastfeeding is weight loss. Producing milk inside your body needs energy. Breastfeeding burns calories and helps you reduce the pregnancy weight.  So, if you’re done with delivering your baby and want to reduce weight then keep breastfeeding!

What happens to your body when you don’t breastfeed your child

It’s your choice whether to breastfeed your child or not. If you choose not to breastfeed your child then certain problems can arise.


When you don’t breastfeed, the milk is still formed and gets stuck inside your breast. This can cause pain and a feeling of heaviness. It can be very uncomfortable.

Leaking of breastmilk

Along with pain, the breastmilk might begin to drip out of your breasts. This can be awkward for non-milking mothers on certain occasions.


Moreover, there are increased chances of infections in your breasts which is a condition nobody wants to happen!

All of the above mentioned things can be stopped if you breastfeed your child and enjoy the health benefits of breastfeeding. The sense of heaviness in your breasts, awkward dribbling and in some cases infections, they can all be put to a stop. If you are having doubts about breastfeeding you can discuss it with your husband, your midwife and you can even see a doctor about it. And if you are having trouble with the breastfeeding you can always use medicines, breast pumps and other methods.

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